Rep. Stewart (UT) uses the rare skinny mare and foal photo from Cold Creek, NV. to push for state control of wild horses. Do they want to slaughter the American mustangs?

May 25, 2016

April 27, 2016

Well this is politics isn’t it?


Wildlife advocates see an attempt to bypass a congressional ban on selling animals for slaughter (Salt Lake Tribune):



Protect Mustangs is an organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

5 thoughts on “Rep. Stewart (UT) uses the rare skinny mare and foal photo from Cold Creek, NV. to push for state control of wild horses. Do they want to slaughter the American mustangs?

  1. Solution? There is no problem with the wild horses running free in the land they were born in. So why do we need a solution? What solution??? All of a sudden even the wild open spaces are under government control and even the horses become a problem for the pockets of these freaks that we call our government. Let’s face it. It’s all about money. Follow the money and you find the solution. Let’s get rid of all these beautiful wild Mustangs that adorn the American scene and American countryside for the sake of filling up our pockets with another 30 pieces of Silver. History has been repeating itself since ancient times and it will continue to do so until something catastrophic happens to turn humanity into real humans. Right now I am doubting the fact that we are human with all the crimes committed against innocent animals. Taking horses to slaughter is an abomination. You might as well take humans to slaughter. There’s no difference. Cannibalism exists or haven’t you heard??????

  2. I pray that my comment is read because I can tell you that the picture used of a skinny mare and foal was not the condition of the entire herd of horses. They were being fed by humans, stupid humans, which prevented them from doing what should have been done and go up into the hills where the forage was plentiful. One has to question, was this intentional, so there would be an excuse to round up these horses? I say yes, as this has been done before and the greedy people supporting the special interests and welfare ranchers will do anything to get the horses removed from land that was promised them in 1971. The fact that the Mustangs are not overpopulated is very well known, but the BLM will throw out numbers that say otherwise. Who is your scientist providing this information, who is your wildlife ecologist saying this, where is the factual proof??? There are none because they do not have any factual information which is why we demand a 10 year moratorium on any and all round ups, birth control, and experimental birth control. We the American Taxpayer, who pay your salaries, demand this because the land does not belong to the BLM, DOI, House, Committee, senate or anyone but the American Taxpayers. This land belongs to US, these horses belong to US, you work for US. No decisions should be made regarding their welfare should be made without hearing from US. You people are not GOD so stop trying to be him. These creatures are here for a reason and must be left alone, treated with the utmost respect, dignity, and care. Going into this Memorial Day weekend, we must not only remember our two legged service members who gave their all but our four legged ones as well who carried many of these soldiers into battle and died themselves. They deserve every bit of respect and dignity we can give them.

  3. What we as a Society, as a civilization, as a people, is when misinformation, a lie, or ignorance exists within a decision making process, then we all have a problem — accepting either of the above simply devastates, not resolves the problems.

    Then we move to the problems, that are not problems at all, and the wild horses if left alone would, in reality, be no problem at all . . . So out of all of this we have an over-population of cattle on Public Lands – which is beyond a doubt destroying our nation’s environment; we have taxpayer money in the billions supporting an industry – welfare ranching – with subsidies and other categorical taxpayer based budgets also in the millions, which primary is based entirely on falsified circumstance and subsidies arrangement; and we have 2 government agencies so corrupt, so ill-equipment to mange either our Public Lands appropriately, as well as our wildlife on Public Lands — and both Bureau of Land Management and Wild Life Services, so costly, so corrupt, no ethics, no humane principles involved, nor administer their programs with Laws prescribed to do so (they ignore these laws ad regulatory methods) and actually, in truth, only conduct their management principle’s toward Special Interests rather than the American Taxpayer, and at taxpayer expense — all involved bank millions $$$$$$ except the taxpayer, which obtains nothing at all — not even the attention toward what the taxpayer’s want —

  4. Mr. Stewart appears to have another agenda altogether…..this is just a piece of the puzzle that when put together represents Rep. Chris Stewart from the State of Utah as wanting to have total control over the public lands there as well as the right to remove all Wild Horses to allow for more cattle. He needs to get out of the political arena because the public can see right through the real intentions! There is no drought out West anymore, and the Sage Grouse has been taken off of the Endangered Species list, so neither one of those issues can be used as evidence of overpopulation of Wild Horses and Burros. He is attempting to create something showing that picture that simply isn’t the issue here.

  5. Natural Horse in the Wild is VERY important to the Horse to keep them Natural like nature intended from day one ..

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