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Update on our petition for shade and shelter for captive wild horses and burros

Last year I had several meetings with BLM staff to bring shade to the captives at Palomino Valley Center (PVC). I hoped it would set an example for other facilities without shade as well.

BLM staff wanted to try a specific shade structure to ensure it would work for the facility. They told me there was no money in their budget to buy it. I offered to quickly raise the money for the trial shade structure to fast-track the process.

Sadly the BLM’s Washington office created a lot of red tape and delays. The window for the 2015 hot weather trial period ended.

My hopes were to have the PVC shade trial completed in 2015 so by the summer of 2016 the pens would be filled with shade structures providing relief from the hot weather and triple digit heat-waves.

In the wild, equids can move to cooler zones. In the BLM pens they are trapped.

Now it’s 2016 and summer temperatures are starting to climb. . . I hope there won’t be anymore dead wild horses in the pens this summer. Previous heat-waves have been tragic.

Please email this petition to everyone you know and ask them to sign and share it. Let’s keep the pressure on BLM to do the right thing.

After all, BLM made more than $4 billion in profit last year. Funds should be made available for BLM to purchase trial shade structures themselves right now! The least BLM could do is to provide shade to the iconic captives struggling under the pounding sun.

Together we can turn this around!

With dedication,

Anne Novak
Executive Director

Mission: To protect and preserve native and wild horses.

Petition to bring emergency shade and shelter to captive wild horses and burros:


Protect Mustangs is an organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

4 thoughts on “Keep the pressure on!

  1. The BLM has no excuse for allowing this; these animals need shade! This issue has been going on for too long and this should have been taken care of years ago. I will be sharing the petition and making phone calls; I have personally contacted a company that would install shade structures for a fair price and I will be submitting that to PVC for their consideration. The BLM CAN AFFORD SHELTER! the horses should not be allowed to suffer and die from the scorching heat! Thank-you Anne for sharing this horrific neglect on the BLM’s part; they certainly do not care nor do they have any compassion for America’s Wild Horses and Burros!

  2. The horses at BLM should be in part sun/ part shade and plenty of space in theirs pins, but in reality these wild horses are in overcrowded pins, no shade and not cleaned.The BLM should have the same requirements we have to adopt.The public should set those requirements just like the BLM does the adoptees.This is my requirements for BLM sense you insists on rounding the wild horses up for the cattle industries.I want no PZP experimenting,I want shelter,Food,proper vet care,water and shade provided and no overcrowded pins.Pins should also be kept clean.I have been to your land BLM I seen the care that is being done for them and it is hardLy nothing.I would rather you returned these horses in their homes, set them free,you did not have this right, they are not yours,ours,or the State they belong to Nature, And Natures takes care of its own children.

  3. Do those damned BLM idiots have to be knocked on their dunderhead heads to put some sense into them? Hey you jerks that are working for tne BLM! You are the stupidest pieced of garbage that were ever spewed out of a woman. I don’t think your kind was even “born”! You all were issued on carbon paper and they ran off brainless duplicates, year after year after year!

  4. Basic necessities for all equine including our Wild Mustangs in holding pens. Feed, water and shelter. In the wild these Mustangs are able to move about freely and get to places of shade and or relief from the extreme weather. In the heat, they seek shade and in the winter they seek shelter from the elements. Watching the news today, I noticed that there were excessive heat warnings going out in Nevada, but who is going to assure our American Icon can get any relief from these extremes??? The BLM has put our Wild horses into holding facilities string that they are excessive out in the wild. We are required to prove to the BLM, if and when we adopt a Mustang that we have adequate fencing, shelter, feed and watering capabilities. Why are they not being held to these standards, and allowing the captive Mustangs to suffer??? The Government turned down free assistance in providing this and we the people, who foot the bill for all they do had no say, do not understand how they can allow this suffering to continue??? This has got to be remedied immediately. There is no reason that the BLM, after taking in 4 billion last year could be facing a 1 billion dollar deficit. Provide what we are required to provide to these majestic animals, the basic need of shelter from the excessive heat and winter weather. This should have been done before even putting the Mustangs in holding. It seems as though not all of the basic needs of these creatures was though of when deciding to rip them from their homes and families. We have watched as many have perished over the years due to this negligence and will not tolerate it. Build shelters for our Wild Mustangs!!!

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