Utah cattlemen and ranchers explain their point of view

Do you know Utah ranchers & cattlemen want to get control of federal land? They don’t seem to like BLM or wild horses!



“That horse, as bad as I DESPISE that horse on the desert, is untouchable under federal law,” says David Ure, director of School Institutional Trustlands Administration, Utah




“We are not welfare ranchers. We do not take one dollar of state or federal assistance on our ranches because we believe that every time you take money you didn’t earn, somebody earned money they didn’t get,” says Darrell Spencer.

It’s unclear which of these ranchers is a ‘welfare rancher” but Darrel Spencer says he’s not one of them.


Protect Mustangs is an organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

19 thoughts on “Utah cattlemen and ranchers explain their point of view

  1. They want OUR public lands. THey say nothing about how many cattle are destroying OUR public lands and water ways. They hate OUR wild horses.

  2. Take a back seat, ranchers! You’re nothing but government moochers leasing OUR land for pennies on the dollar. Well, you know the price of everything and the value of NOTHING. Our Wild Horses & Burros are irreplaceable; and your cattle? Not so much. You do NOT have a say in this that’s greater than the general public, and the majority, of which you are not, would like to keep public lands sacred.

    If you need to lease OUR land, you must have too many cattle. Cull ’em.

  3. Sorry, but it’s extremely difficult (ok, impossible) to feel badly for these people…they want the horses out of there so they can have their cattle grazed there instead…so their cattle can go on to be killed…
    These ranchers are acting like horses are vermin…
    Good for the animal right’s activists who stand up for the horses!!!

  4. You ranchers are selfish and without morals. To think that you have more rights than we Americans is wrong. And the fact that you feel your needs are more important than the saving of these horses just shows you don’t care about anything but yourselves.

    If you need more land how about you go somewhere you have to pay for that land and stop taking this land that the American public have said over and over that we want to the horses belong there. They were there before you were.

    So move on and leave these horses alone.

  5. Welfare ranchers are those ranchers whose entire business plan is based on using our public lands for grazing and who rely on taxpayer subsidies to prop up their operations. Welfare ranchers include those Mormons who believe that our western states were given to them as their promised land by their God. Welfare ranchers also include some of the wealthiest individuals and corporations within our borders, as well as some transnational corporations and even some foreign government entities. The BLM caters to welfare ranchers as their reason for appropriations and bureaucratic jobs, ready to remove any wildlife that interferes with welfare ranching, regardless of federal law intended to protect our wild horses and burros on our public lands.

  6. Cattle ranchers cheaply grazing on Federal Land and they have the audacity to want the American Wild Horse gone so they can have the land….same with miners and oil people. All of these people are jerks and I totally disrespect them. Matter of them I dispose them and have for years. Same for the Wolf that cattle ranchers want gone…………..as far as I am concerned you moved into someone else’s home and you should be prepared to take no lumps no matter what they are. I stopped eating beef twenty years ago because I learned how cattle were mistreated and killed. I do not want to contribute to any animals suffering, so I quit just quit eating beef. American eats too much beef anyway. Back off and shut up.

  7. I beg of u…please leave the wild horses alone!! This is their home and deserve to stay!

  8. Stop pandering to cattle Ranchers, they have no right to public lands, the horses do. Grow a backbone and stand up to these ranchers.

  9. I have gotten so tired of this constant battle – there were several million acres set aside for our wild horses and burros and it was not prime range land – this is what Wild Horse Annie fought for – and here we are some almost 40 years later still fighting the fight she started – it seems to me these ranchers think that none of our western public lands should be owned by the govt – it shd for some reason belong to them – this is not the 1800’s when you could go out and settle on land and it was yours – yet that seems to be the mentality of these ranchers – that somehow the govt is cheating them out of “their land.” Grow up people – this land belongs to all Americans – and to our wild horses and burros – i suppose if you get rid of the wild horses next you will want all the other wildlife gone like deer, bighorn sheep, elk that also share these lands and the bison too which you think carry cattle diseases and don’t as they are a separate species from cattle – but you don’t believe the scientists who have proved this – I am sick of one small group of people that think they can run our govt and take govt land as theirs – I quit eating beef years ago – because of high fat content – in case people haven’t notice, in areas where wild horses and burros were removed we now have huge wildfires because nothing is eating the brush that burns – cattle do not eat brush – but horses and burros do.

  10. It’s always about money. This land they want is “our” land. We the people want the wild horses there not cattle. Wild horses, wolves, bears etc. are part of our world and they belong on this land,free to roam. Ranchers must take ownership if you’re going to have cattle, buy your own land and keep your cattle off public land. End the BLM’s reign as they have become pawns of the ranchers and are not protecting the horses that Federal law requires them to do.

  11. Cattlemen and Cattlewomen have a different mindset when it comes to protecting our wildlife. They simply do not understand that it is not ALL about their cattle. Other animals need to be considered. They cannot seem to wrap their heads around that. They do not understand, or maybe it’s because they just do not care about our eco-system. This is not JUST about our wild horses…it is about any of our wild animals who need to drink the water or forage to survive in their habitats that they feel are in the way of their cattle.
    The story of the Tule Elk in California is a sad story of Cattlemen putting up an Elk fence to keep the elk from getting to their water and food supply. These elk do not migrate, and because of the fence the ranchers put up, over half of the Tule Elk population has died. This was just wrong on the ranchers part. See…they do NOT care about our wild animals. They are a very self centered group of people. Because of this, I have NO sympathy for them. They do not deserve any.

  12. maybe all of us who love wildlife including our wild horses and burros shd just quit eating beef – hit them where it hurts – i the pocket book – unfortunately too many americans love beef plus its shipped to other countries

  13. If they did not pay for the land it is not theirs , it belongs to the animals and horses and our country, !!

  14. this is just a sad case of money hungry people who don’t have any moral decency in the world. all they care about is their own pocket books. the wild horses and burros were here on this earth long before the cattle ranchers. The wildlife should be left alone so they can roam free on these public lands as the federal law states. The wildlife is to be seen and enjoy, not to be destroyed if the cattle ranchers want their cattle to graze, they should go somewhere else. these lands don’t belong to the ranchers, they belong to the American people to enjoy. someone has to put a stop to the greedy ranchers and the BLM. All the BLM and ranchers want to do is grease their dirty palms, no matter what it takes to fill their pockets/ The horses and wildlife and burros deserve a better faith. Set the horse and burros free. If anyone has ever seen what these ranchers do to their cattle is very troubling and disgusting. It is very sad for these poor animals to be sexually abused and tortured by these scumbags. go out and check the investigations that were carried out on these ranchers.

  15. The horses been here before the RANCHERS &BLM this id to these greedy RANCHERS if you can’t afford to feed your cattle on your own land don’t have any The horses belong here they are part of America BLM YOU ARE A DISGRACE QUIT CATERING TO THE RANCHERS SHAME ON YOU

  16. No more roundups. All ranchers are taking government money, because they live on lands that all Americans have a right to for generations.

  17. Janice…
    Wouldn’t that be great?! Unfortunately, I think too many people would want to keep those steaks on their plate before they would be willing to think about or really care about what happens to the rest of our wildlife…

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