Would the Bureau of Land Management shoot to kill wild horses and burros from Helicopters?

Aerial killing from helicopters

Brumbies are Australian heritage wild horses. Witnesses found them shot and killed (Copyright protected)

Is America next? Will BLM chase wild horses from helicopters? (Brumby photo)


Aerial slaughter kills thousands of Brumbies (wild horses) in Australia. Copyrighted photo.

Aerial slaughter kills thousands of Brumbies (wild horses) in Australia. Is America next?


Young Brumby shot from a helicopter in the massacre. Photo p-rotected under copyright.

Young Brumby shot from a helicopter in the massacre. Will BLM do this too if given the “tools”?



When Rep. Cynthia Lummis (Wyoming), suggested “Lovely Euthanasia” in the House subcommittee on wild horses and burros was she revealing their plans?

As long as helicopters can be used to “manage” wild horses in Nevada they would have the right to attack our beloved wild horses and burros from the air and slaughter them.

Go to the Nevada BLM meeting on motorized vehicles if you can. The hearing will be held on Thursday, July 28, at 6 p.m. at the Bureau of Land Management Battle Mountain Office, 50 Bastian Road, Battle Mountain, NV 89820.

Send in your comments and copy your senators and representative on your email and handwritten letters.

f you cannot attend the hearing, written comments must be mailed to the BLM Battle Mountain District Office, Attention: Shawna Richardson, 50 Bastian Road, Battle Mountain, Nevada 89820 and Email to: bmfoweb@blm.gov and be received by August 8, 2016.

Here is where you can get the email addresses of your elected officials: http://www.contactingthecongress.org/ Blind copy (BC) them on your emails and go see your elected officials to request they intervene to stop the BLM from killing wild horses or rounding up underpopulated herds.


Protect Mustangs is an organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

18 thoughts on “Would the Bureau of Land Management shoot to kill wild horses and burros from Helicopters?

  1. I know one thing from the time I found out what Australia was going to do their wild horse herds just because somebody complained I have no use for that country. Thousands of of people from around the world wrote letters begging them not to kill these horses. Before they were rounding them up a hauling them to a slaughter plant several hundred miles from the area over bad roads so I guess they got tired of that so some politician decided to kill them on the range instead. That is what happened to numerous elephants in Africa a number of years ago because they were getting into crops instead of coming up with a way to scare off the elephants off they decided to shoot them from the air.
    The film showing some of the killing was filmed from a chopper the only part of it I saw was the killing of a female with a calf that looked to be around 2 years old the calf was left a orphan I doubt if it survived, I never witnessed something so cruel in my life I hate that whole continent. Now the African elephant is slowly going extent because of poaching.
    That BLM needs to dismantled and some decent managers put in charge.

  2. WTF is wrong with people when their only response to any PERCEIVED problem is to slaughter it?? When they start to think that they have more rights than any other living creature?? When their greed drives them to kill kill kill?? Leave the DAMNED animals alone!! They have a right to live in peace!!

  3. Save these precious animals from slaughter. How could you allow such a thing to go on?? These animals have a right to life!! They were here before you or I. Are you going to run them off their land & kill them like you did the Indians?? You had No right to do that either, this was there land first. God put them here & you had No right to steal their land, kill their Buffalo, & what we didn’t kill, herd them on to reservations. If anybody owned this land, it was them!! We almost wiped out their whole race. What was right about the way we treated them then or now?? All the history books are wrong. They should be rewritten to tell the truth. How we murdered them, stole their land , and literally starved them to death. Not to mention how we lied, cheated, & broke every treaty we even entered into with them!! How did that happen in our great United States, land of the free?? They weren’t free. We never talk about it, we should all be ashamed. You think you have the right, if you don’t want something or someone around, to just kill it & get rid of it?? Because you say so?? What right do you have?? Leave these beautiful animals alone, like you should have left the Indians alone!! God put them here too, they are his creation just like you & I. Let them live!! This is their land, they were here first before the greedy land grabbers went after them!! So don’t sit in your posh little office paid for with my tax dollars & make up laws that I have No say so about & act like this is ok!! Because it is not, you have No right to kill them with my tax dollars & you sure as hell, DON’T speak for me. Just because you’re in office, doesn’t give you a license to kill!! You kill these poor defenseless animals, you’re going to lose your job!! We will see to it!! What kind of vicious, violent, people are you?? STOP the senseless MURDER!!!!!

  4. What is Lovely about euthanasia Rep. Limits???? Stop the MURDER!! Call it what it really is!!

  5. BLM in direct violation of their job description to steward air, land, and water environment and all wildlife on it abuses their position w/ the government and moonlights as mercenaries for oil, mining, and cattle ranchers. All BLM pesonal should be immediately terminated and banned permanently from all employment that involves animals in any manner. Said enterprizes hiring the BLM intend to exploit the environment w/ many toxic effects placing the environmrnt, wildlife, and humans in peril and death. Those companies and BLM should be charged w/ terrorism and conspiracy to commit murder.

  6. They stop at nothing. They are eradicating wild horses to take their assigned range lands. Greed wins again.

  7. Thinking people have a heart, heartless people cannot see beyond their own noses and thus don’t think. The lives of these animals are just as important to them as our lives are to us. Animals make this world a beautiful place, people that don’t think are making it an ugly place.

  8. Leave the horses alone and make the ranchers buy their own grazing land

  9. Okay PEOPLE! Time to dig into who this woman IS! I looked it up. According to my Google search… she is one of THE wealthiest congressional representatives today. Most of her finances a were from REAL ESTATE, land holdings dealings. Now ask yourself this, what and HOW would a person or group benefit from clearing the land of wild horses? DO THE MATH. She is vile and despicable considering she clearly does not have the animal’s best interest at heart. What, to me is even more PATHETIC is, that she labeled this ” lovely”. Dear GOD… makes me want to puke… I am an independent voter and sometimes sway towards the republican side. But there is NOTHING beneficial to any here… except her own pockets. Let’s do the research…. I bet the lands she wants cleared has some oil, mineral or real estate value that is in a holding pattern… or pending… or some damn thing. Sickening is this… Remember good ole.. jeez what her name. ? Oh yea… Palin! Shooting wolves from a chopper…? Did she get elected? DUH nope. Three nickels bet this one has land holdings… worth boatloads more if horses gone.

  10. These clowns are on your payroll, but what they are proposing is not at all funny.

  11. People who have no respect for the rights of other species to live their lives in peace disgust me. The BLM is entrusted with caring for our land, water, and wildlife using our tax dollars. Instead they are bought & paid for by the greedy mining, fossil fuel, and cattle industries. I hope to see the day when these corrupt BLM agents and the corrupt industries who own them are sentenced to prison for the destruction and suffering they have caused. I am also forcing myself not to comment to Rep. Cynthia Lummis regarding her repugnant remarks about lovely euthanasia. I am choosing instead to feel sorry for her, because she is obviously a very stupid woman.

  12. Murdering our wild equines for fracking and welfare ranchers. The BLM needs to be disbanded for failing to to the job it’s supposed to do. The equines are supposed to be protected under federal law but are ruthlessly slaughtered, rounded up, left to die in extreme temperatures, family structures shattered, experimented on in Nazi fashion. They need to be returned to their home ranges and the welfare ranchers sent home.

  13. PUT the assholes out in the wild see how fast they can run from the helicopters and see if they make it out alive let them know how it feels.

  14. We should not forget that this country was settled on the backs of horses and burros. There was the pony express, they were our only source of transportation for many years, they pulled wagons of supplies and helped build the railroad, they plowed the fields so farmers could raise crops, teams of horses pulled tree stumps and were vital in other logging enterprises, there are stories about heroic war horses that saved lives during war times, Not only are they hard workers, we enjoy them for recreational purposes riding companions. They are beautiful to look at. After all that how can we just toss them aside as a nuisance and exploit them and not care for them properly and honor their service to us? Why do we put people in charge who don’t care about their welfare and who only want to eliminate them? Why aren’t humane persons elected to run BLM the way it is supposed to be run? Isn’t this organizations purpose to protect wildlife?

  15. It’s not the wild horses that are “overpopulated,” it’s the humans who have over run the planet and with their greed and rampant development and addiction to meat (thus livestock grazing have threatened the wild equines. BLM, don’t terrorize, persecute and kill our wild horses and burros and do not “manage” (= kill) them from helicopters. What a rapacious, barbaric species are humans.


  17. “Lovely euthanasia” is an oxymoron. There is nothing lovely about it, and it is the last resort when trying to end the SUFFERING of a terminally ill/badly injured animal! These horses and burros are perfectly healthy! I agree with other posters, why is the only solution for managing wildlife to kill them off???! What lazy unimaginative, uncreative humans!!

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