Roundups for research: Animal cruelty funded by tax dollars

PM Roundups for research Meme FB

How did the little burros die in Utah?

Is this how you want your tax dollars used?

While looking through the Bureau of Land Management’s 2016 tentative roundup schedule we noticed that several wild horse and burro roundups in Utah are for “research’. Some wild horses in Utah are being forced to wear hazardous radio collars around their necks so the BoLM can study herd migration, etc. This should be illegal according to the 1971 Protection Act but the BoLM, represented by the Department of Justice in court, is getting away with atrocities. Utah is a very corrupt state with strict Ag-gag laws and biased judges in federal court. We witnessed that firsthand when Protect Mustangs and Friends of Animals tried to stop the Sulphur Roundup in 2015. It seemed like the federal judge was part of the BoLM club.

This is what we saw on the roundup schedule:

PM Roundups for research 1


PM Roundups for Research 2

So how did the burros die?

PM BLM Investigating Burro Deaths Utah


Protect Mustangs is an organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

9 thoughts on “Roundups for research: Animal cruelty funded by tax dollars

  1. This is very sinister what is happening in Utah with the few remaining wild equids and must be stopped. Such false self-righteousness and smug complacency involved here and these people are out to absolutely crush the wild horses and burros and their human supporters. This is evil! Also illegal.

  2. We find Logical Solutions and their pro-slaughter people active in this and other similar situations. The humane society functions behind closed doors with similar situations as well. Ethics and Humane Treatment of horses or other wildlife for that matter, simply does not matter to these people. They represent the bottom of the barrel of advocates and any humane organizations — in total.

    What we can do, within a Grass-Roots effort it to not, I repeat, NOT SUPPORT such groups — Nor BLM or the Forestry for that matter!

  3. Sickening and wrong. I can’t believe more people aren’t upset about this.

  4. Please stop the slaughter of all these mustangs and all wild horses for good now.

  5. all i want to say is leave the experiements along with the round ups alone. how awful for the horses and burrows.. i am saddened beyond words.

  6. It is wrong to treat these animals so cruel,and there will come a time when you will have to answer for it.

  7. The photo above, of the little burro being heinously tortured, sickens me right down to my very soul! Wild horses and burros were not placed on this earth to be playthings for white coat waste. They are wildlife that need to be left alone, in their natural habitat, to fulfill their role in the ecosystem. The definition of BLASPHEMY is as follows: 1. irreverence towards something considered sacred. 2. Impious utterance or action concerning God or sacred things. The miracle of life, be it human or animal, is the most sacred gift we have been given. We can thank the corrupt BLM and our corrupt “government” for being a source of depravity in our society. Not an honorable soul among them! Nothing but Godless bastards!!!!!

  8. Barbaric and wrong …..torture inflicted on any helpless being should be prosecuted by law. Not rubber stamped by our government!

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