Watch a newborn wild foal near Carson City

Pine Nut Wild Horses ©Anne Novak for Protect Mustangs

Pine Nut Wild Horses ©Anne Novak for Protect Mustangs

Wild and free is their world

Without Protect Mustangs’ and FoA’s successful 2015 lawsuit protecting the Pine Nut Herd from the roundup and forced drugging with pesticide PZP, this little foal and her band would have been chased by helicopters for miles. . . If she wasn’t abandoned then she would be ripped from her home on the range forever to live and nurse in a dirty pen with no shelter.

A few months later she would be separated from her mama. This would be too early for a wild foal to be weaned. She would be separated from her mama forever at that point with no one to comfort her when she’s sad or scared.

We are very grateful she was born in the wild.

(Video by John Humphrey)

Protect Mustangs is an organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

3 thoughts on “Watch a newborn wild foal near Carson City

  1. What a little darling!!! The foal’s facial markings are almost identical to her mama’s!

  2. A birth of Nature’s Wild Horses is a Precious gift,and each birth should be respect and Charish for the rest of its life.Because I believe every life or species has a job to do here on Earth in keeping it healthy for each and everyone of us.I know the Wild Horses are Priceless and matters to the Earth.They are magnificent and amazing and should be left free to roam where they belong, we can Co-Exists with them, an species that was always there for us Deserved our respect and compassion.The underpopulated Wild Horses are a sight to see when they are free and not threaten by men and the extinction that we are causing.Please we can learned from them just by watching them. Thank you.

  3. this is how we are intended to live —-at peace and in respect to all our brothers and sisters. the idea we can profit from destroying creation brings hard times on the mother earth trying to sustain us. what we do here—is felt there—–and to all we are related and regardless we are joined in the outcome to destroy control kill sell off or we also profit from the good medicine of being safe loving hopeful in control of our aspirations—–today we must pick a direction and walk it like never before. this life entrusted to us —the four legged and all other is hurting in our world and now is the time to be a force—stop this evil way of living around us. join alliances to balance the life trying to survive! stand up today—-make it different

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