What’s in the mounds, craters and pits at American wild horse holding facilities?

The public wants to know.

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Special thanks to M and JC for the photos.


Protect Mustangs is an organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

47 thoughts on “What’s in the mounds, craters and pits at American wild horse holding facilities?

  1. too many questions —- horses missing—-does the public understand???? over 1500 horses missing—can’t be located—accounted for —gone in JULY! This run away BLM paid for with our tax dollars must stop—we must take a stand——WHAT are these mounds and what has happened to horses help captive in these death camps???? Our icons—–help hostage no oversight—–no records—–

  2. There us something very bad and wrong going on here, it needs to be looked into immediately

  3. So the truth is getting unvaled! Where do people think all these families and there children go so quickly? BLM is genocide to the horses and burros of their lands ! Who the HE’LL do they think they are ! GREEDY, SELFISH JERKOFFS !!

  4. This looks from the photos that many of the mustang horses may have met with death and been buried in the pits. Sad ending to them and what a horrible loss of innocent life. Time to get a warrant to investigate what all of those shadows in the ground are and if they are the mustang horses then this needs to be investigated as how they all go there and charge the people responsible. Get to the bottom of this and find out for certain.

  5. Revolting to say the least. If in fact horses have been shot and buried then an outrage and stampede by Americans should take place.There are killers among us.

  6. As an American citizen and professed animal advocate I am horrified that these beautiful horses and burros are treated so shabby.The American people DO NOT want these animals trested this way. Time for the crooked BLM to be dissolved. Get these animals shelter, food and good care!!!!

  7. this must be stopped, the govt allows it…this is very dangerous practice for an already troubled culture…please, we must get it controlled and stop the sadistic, cruelty.

  8. The BLM definitely has blood on their hands. Without oversight this killing will not stop. Trash the BLM, it is useless for any positive actions and bring in a governing group who actually have the horses and burros best interest at heart. The unchecked slaughter has got to stop.

  9. This is alarming – explains that horses supposedly going to ” Midwest Sanctuaries” have gone into death pits- how in hell can this happen unnoticed?? This is outrageous and please find out the truth!! Send this to media- and senators!!

  10. Yes these are the cover up of putting down of animals and buried !! So Wrong, when they have land that is their’s to run wild and Free on… Shame on BLM!!! But this is what they are known for, Never have heard any truth from them over the years, 2012 was when we started to keep these Wild Horses and Burro’s wild and free, and you see what happened to many, so many being experimented on now too… It is just Not Right!!! Unite and Stop the BLM and Forest Service Power of removing our wild horses and burro’s and doing this to them, It IS SO WRONG!!

  11. I am so sick and tired of this administration
    on both sides of politics and the “power of the pin!” Not one of them care what we want or think about our wild horse & burro’s. I have called Washington and signed petitions for this to stop. Our government is not for the people any more! Leave our Mustangs and burro’s alone! I do not want my tax money paying for round ups, transports and slaughter! Shame on all politicians who do not put a stop to this! You all make me sick.

  12. It cost tax payers Millons of dollars for the BLM to do round ups & then feed these animals that do better in the wild, it’s horrible that the cattle farmers pay off to keep the free lands for their cattle instead of our wild mustangs! It’s is horrific of how you round them up & worse when they end up at slaughter or killed at holding facilities!
    This is just another way our corrupt government works in our country! Choke this crap down our throats without our approval!

  13. I’ts time blm shows us everything!!! and listens to what we want. .. these are the American People’s Horses NOT blm’s

  14. Come on you bunch of sick BLM Nazis!! Tell us how you murdered the wild horses and burros then buried the dead bodies in those pits! Just like Hitler’s evil SS, you round up innocent victims then kill them and bury them in mass graves. This will not end well.

  15. Does anyone know why the BLM hold facility in Spanish Springs NV is empty and has been for several months? I drive past this “prison” everyday. Just before they became empty this facility was virtually full.

  16. I am ashamed at our Government for the treatment of these precious

  17. This needs to stop before it’s to late who from the white house is going to stand up to what we are saying about our beloved horses that are going to be so missed our history lost not the first time we all know what I’m talking about sad for all in the government for not hearing us they can do the same to us think about it thank u for listing to me

  18. Are there no photos of the pits and mounds while they are actually being made? I think therein lies your answers. I hate to assume, though my imagination would be inclined to, that these pits and mounds are burial grounds. I know that the disposal of our wild horses (and others) is wrong in so many ways, but if one is to fight a battle and expect to win, they must be equipped with the truth. I would like to know more about this, so if there’s more documentation or photo’s, I’d like to see them. THX!

  19. We certainly need answers to this & it needs to stop! There needs to be accountability. This is OUR government! OUR taxpayer $ . How could this happen. WE must all support this movement & demand answers!

  20. The Question
    What is this , And Yes –
    Where are our Horses going
    on Taxpayer Dollar .
    The BLM needs to be policed .
    No to States rights for Animals
    Transparency is essential & Federal
    Protection needs to remain
    We need Answers ☑️

  21. If you have time to comment, you have time to write letters..to your congressmen, the media, tv networks, newspapers. How else will the public know ?

  22. How can we find out what the mounds hold????? Can we petition the BLM to tell us or inspect the mounds????, These horses and burros belong to the American people NOT the crooked BLM!!!!!

  23. There ha got to be something we can do! Call our legislators? The media ?
    I have written letters to the BLM, but as they are the willing whores of the cattle industry, I know *that’s* a lost cause. But there as got to be *something* !

  24. These sites are horrific, this is a heartbreaker to think the worse but dirt filled mounds are burial sites. Where are all the horses from Palomino Valley that were removed recently, including those rounded up in secret, others taken at night from holding pens. Where are they? The government is responsible, your politicians know what BLM does. The public MUST understand their government is a not a humane, nor people enterprise it is a huge business enterprise.

  25. Call the White House and Your Congress people…Keep calling untill we are heard! I sent a letter to President Obama. He probably never saw it. But I was sent a typed letter on White House stationary thanking me for my concerns & blah blah blah……..
    Can’t our groups ,Cloud Foundation & AWHP Sue the BLM!!! Get someone in there
    to find out about those photo’s mighty suspicious!!! Makes me dang MAD !!

  26. That better not be what I think it is; blood and bodies of wild horses. Please help us stop this!! Join the march on DC 9/22/16!!! Put an end to this madness once and for all.

  27. Can’t make it to D.C. but will have something in Austin, Tx. area If it ever cools down! Something sure is fishey at the BLM area!!! I am sooo sick of it.. Has any group tried to speak with DOI , Sally Jewel ? She’s part of the problem with over sight of our wild horses & how BLM seems to have no REAL policy. I have heard BLM people really do not want to listen, They need to be educated !! This whole thing is criminal !!! 🙁

  28. Just read horses around Las Vegas died for lack of water.The water was shut off to them!F-ing BLM ! F-ing ranchers causing the horses and burros to suffer.F-ing country that does nothing to protect them!!!!!!!

  29. Shared with: Well, Wild Horse Warriors why don’t we go find out what’s in the mounds, craters and pits? Let’s not speculate. Let’s get to the bottom of it. It’s apparent to me that this is more than horse manure composting, and if the mounds contain dead wild horses, the BLM will have a reason. They will refuse to admit that chasing wild horses to death with excessive speed, over excessive distances and excessive force has killed many wild horses, the elderly, the injured, the young foals. They’ll refuse to admit that causing excessive stress by separating their family bands, removing from their native lands (Trail of Tears) and shipping long distances is the cause. They will refuse to admit that providing no shelter or shade from blistering heat and freezing cold has contributed to their deaths. ‪#‎KeepWildHorsesWild‬

  30. You know, I think a class action suite (sp?) is a great idea !
    Can the Cloud Foundation do this?

    BTW, I just called The White House at 202-456-1111,
    my Representative and contacted the BLM at;

    BLM Washington Office
    1849 C Street NW, Rm. 5665
    Washington DC 20240
    Phone: 202-208-3801
    Fax: 202-208-5242

  31. Dealing with the BLM is like dealing with the devil. The horrendous atrocities against horses, burros and other animals is unrelenting they have no conscience about this illegal destruction of wildlife. Petitions, phone calls, etc., has not worked, they stay on their agenda of eradication. It gets only worse, since viewing the photos taken of the various areas in the West you can see horses enclosed in round pens, strange looking mounds and pits. Surely, these are burial pits.
    It looks (to me) that BLM is not accountable to anyone, are they really part of the Dept. of Interior, or are they purely a self contained non-government corp. working as contractor’s for the gov’t. The Interior says and does nothing about these criminal acts. What do we really know aside from the fact that the destruction goes on and on and a quicker and secretive way. This is just too much. What shall be done?

  32. You know, I think a class action suite (sp?) is a great idea !
    Can the Cloud Foundation do this? Let Hillary Clinton campaign people now go to her campaign site.

    BTW, I just called The White House at 202-456-1111,
    my Representative and contacted the BLM at;

    BLM Washington Office
    1849 C Street NW, Rm. 5665
    Washington DC 20240
    Phone: 202-208-3801
    Fax: 202-208-5242

  33. This is heinous EVIL to our Wild Horses. I am sick beyond sick.
    I am certain the White House is behind this. O’bama signed Marshall law documents in May and now the Wild Horsrs are suffering more than ever.
    Read articles on Google it clearly states he can do what he wants to the people our possessions and livestock.The White House has been bombarded for years over our Mustangs. They have not stopped any of it.
    This is Barbaric and what lies ahead for America.
    I cannot wrap my head around such Evil.

  34. Is this were our hard earned money is buying. I am insulted and outraged by this just from the money standpoint. And from a humane standpoint this is asinine, inhumane, and cruel. Clean up your act BLM the American public is on to you and now we want answers and expect sound decisions from day forward. This is totally unacceptable I will be watching you next I will be calling you daily if I have to. Leave the horses alone you are just lining the pockets of the greedy,

  35. BLM only knows about abuse & killing. They do not have a clue what is a proper way to take care of these mjstangs. Most is just plain idiotic & Corruption !!!

  36. It’s very difficult to speculate what is what from these photos…I do not advocate for the BLM…however, I do wonder if those of you commenting, threatening lawsuits, and cursing the ranchers are horse owners? How many contribute by adopting, contribute dollars or volunteer time to equine shelters? Stop complaining and do something to actually HELP THE HORSES !

  37. Help the wild horses. with Action, get off your butt and Adopt a wild horse or donate $$ to the Sanctuary’s & rescues!! Go and see them, they have very smart ,loyal to family and just so beautiful!! and Yes, I do the above ! Thanks 🙂

  38. Every horse has a number or freeze brand! Make them accountable for those numbers! TAKE A COUNT

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