PUMPKIN (#0140) needs a home before she gets a second strike!

PM IA Carson PUMPKIN #0140 July 2016

HELP Save PUMPKIN a 4 year old Owyhee mare from Nevada. She seems like she will mature into a keeper of the wild wisdom <3

BLM says:Sex: Mare Age: 4 Years Height (in hands): 13.1

Necktag #: 0140 Date Captured: 01/12/13

Freezemark: 12620140 Signalment Key: HF1AAAAAE

Color: Sorrel Captured: Owyhee HMA, Nevada

This is an untouched mare with no training.

***VIDEO AVAILABLE AT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQ_9SYONvI4&list=PL7uK5ZRPbzb_6A5fhomhaucJj7cZCwNW6&index=36

NOTE: This mare is only available through the Internet Adoption. She is not available for advanced viewing and can not be adopted directly from the Northern Nevada Correctional Center.

This horse is currently at the Northern Nevada Correctional Center in Carson City, NV. For more information please contact Jenny Lesieutre at jlesieut@blm.gov or call 775-861-6594.

Pick up options (by appt): Palomino Valley, NV; Delta, UT; Elm Creek, NE; Pauls Valley, OK; Ewing, IL.

Other pick up options: Waterloo, IA (October 21); Unadilla, GA (November 4).

Adoption confirmation for this animal must be finalized, by email to BLM_ES_INET_Adoption@blm.gov, no later than Noon Mountain September 15.

Contact us if you have any questions or need help problem solving regarding BoLM’s Red Tape. Contact@ProtectMustangs.org www.ProtectMustangs.org

Don’t let shipping hinder adopting GAIA (#8402). You have options. There are groups like Fleet of Angels who help hauling rescued horses for a low cost. GoFundMe or YouCaring are Crowd-Funding sites that can help you raise the money for GAIA’s haul to her new home in California or New York with a rescue or traditional hauler.

It’s generally cheaper to haul 2 horses so please consider adopting a second wild horse so GAIA would have a wild cousin with her forever.

America’s mustangs are going to stop being rounded up at some point soon. The Congressional sell outs to fracking, the TPP, etc. want them managed to extinction and quickly! We all saw them in action in the shamefully biased House subcomittee meeting on Wild Horses and Burros on June 22, 2016.

This is your chance to welcome a pair into your life forever and protect them from a horrible fate.

Remember sharing is caring.

PM Pumpkin #0140 Caron IA Height

Protect Mustangs is a nonprofit organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

9 thoughts on “PUMPKIN (#0140) needs a home before she gets a second strike!

  1. She is really beautiful. love red heads. 🙂 Gorgeous mane. & such a soft face !!
    Somebody Save Her NOW!! I can’t but will Donate? <3

  2. These wild horses are not for everyone. Unless someone has horse savvy and can take the time to tame one and at a late age that is even more time, I would suggest they all be let free to roam the ranges where they came from.
    Remember the word, WILD

  3. Dee ~ that would be great but the wild is exactly where she was rounded up from by the BLM and in the place where she is at. I wish she and all the other wild horses rounded up and in captivity were in the wild and left alone ~ and for the cattle ranchers to stop putting all their cattle on the land and complain their cattle don’t have sufficient grazing due to the wild horses (which is not accurate and just greed/power of the ranchers). There are more wild horses in holding pens then in the wild. So ~ the BLM rounds them up ~ provides inadequate care of th while there ~ and then ships them for slaughter as well. So ~ I agree a horse savvy person is ideal to get a mustang ~ but it is not the horse’s fault for the position the BLM has put them in in terms of the 2nd and 3rd strikes. It’s quite deplorable how we treat these horses.

  4. @Dee, it is true, a wild horse is not for everyone. That is why so many end up in auctions and in kill pens. Those same adopters will treat a domestic horse the same way – no trainer and no training and then dump them. Horses, not unlike dogs, do not train themselves. They must be worked with daily. That being said, 4 years is a YOUNG horse and ideal for training, with the assistance of a TRAINER. We have a lovely 4 y.o. BLM mare at our stable who was wild caught and underwent 30 days of handling and ground work with a TIP trainer and within a year, she is now being entered into beginner level dressage shows. She LOVES them. Her owner is only 19. True, not all wild horses are cut out for domestic life, but a far greater percentage take to domesticity willingly with a patient, kind and gentle owner and trainer and do amazing things. Please don’t sell these horses short, they are extremely bright and intelligent and capable of learning to do anything.

  5. Thank u Denise for giving such good insight into how these beautiful horses end up in this position.

  6. That mare is mine.
    I staked aclaim onPumpkin.
    The New Mexica Livestock Boardis well aware of that.
    I have spoken to Barbara several times.

    These people are cagey and evasive.
    They Do Not return calls in a timely fashion.

    I will pay for transport of pumpkin And Gaia. And I will pay $3.00/pound.

    I don’t want to slaughter them.

    I just want them to be home with me.

    I really need help with this.

    This is an SOS.

  7. Ideally I would like to check the herds.
    Before those people try to steal the Native American wild Horses and Burros for slaughter.

    I Do Not want 1 more horse or burro shipped to Mexico. Ever Again.

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