Do they gain your trust then betray you?

Stop the Roundups!

Judas horse

Do they walk near wild horses often with their camera so they trust them? Then one day they shoot them with Pesticide PZP for population control–when there aren’t enough left in the wild.

Do they tell wild horse lovers that Pesticide PZP is so safe they “could drink it” when they already work for the BLM?

Was it the Emmy, the money or the politics that made them quit fighting for wild horse freedom?

First they pitched their buddies at the BLM for a Pesticide PZP Pilot Program then they switched to a position with the GonaCon® Experiment.  Why?

Since when are vegans pushing for slaughterhouse pig ovaries to be mixed into a pesticide and shot into wild mares? What kind of vegans are they?

They call themselves ‘family planners” for wild and free wild horses when they should call themselves salaried Spin Dr.s pushing pesticides and labeling wild horses “pests”–the worst thing the could have done to this native species.

We will not tolerate the lies and the back-room deals to eventually sterilize our beautiful wild horses–indigenous to this land.

They collaborate with the BLM and do not represent the horse loving people of this land that they try to fool.

Go back to your world focusing on money, power and fame. Leave our wild ones alone. We must protect them for the generations to come. . . for the keepers of the land, animals, sea, sky and stars. . . Go back to your money that cannot buy happiness, love nor peace.

Leave our wild horses alone.


~Anne Novak

Protect Mustangs is a 501c3 nonprofit organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

15 thoughts on “Do they gain your trust then betray you?

  1. it is common discussion now—-we ask why the PZP??? show us where there has been a round up stopped because horses are darted with this substance there are so many questions about! Show us where there is an over population issue??? The answers are empty—-because it is all about contracts and BLM money buying off advocates who know better! Just another form of experimentation —– do You really think it stops here???

  2. We should never have betrayed them.They were our history.Please let there be Wild Horses in our future,run free my beautiful friends.

  3. I agree with you 100%. These people are out to kill all all the wild horses and they do it with zest. There are many people in this world today like the BLM who love to inflict pain upon animals and these ones have a so-called legal reason to let it be done which consist of nothing but lies. Are wild horses are indigenous to this country. I just want to know how anyone can torture an animal in the United States of America and get away with it like the BLM does along with hired cronies who are Liars and pretend to be Animal Advocates. Cut me a break all of you who are against the saving of our Wild horses. They belong to us not the government and maybe it is about time people in America are made aware of this. Especially our president. I would be surprised that he even gets anything handed over to him. I think we should send him some of the pictures we have on how these animals are being treated.

  4. You say P7P and GonaCon are safe. Why are there any independent or independent research on the long term and side effects of use these two chemicals.
    The Pennsylvania Game Comission used P7P in the late 70’s and early 80’s as a exspirement on deer to control the growing population of deer. It found in test results that repeated use of P7P lead to sterility in those deer that darted continuously.
    The U.S Government holds the patient on both of these chemicals and could it be that if there where to be independent study or research that Government doesn’t want the public and horse advocates to know the truth that both of these chemicals are harmful and that after repeated use had long term effects and side effects.
    Why does the BLM continue to want up horse’s that have been darted with P7P. Why does the BLM continue to argue there’s a over population problem when in fact that is a false statement.
    Let me say this I have illness that there is no cure. I have been given exspiramental drugs and chemicals. I have long term side effects.
    Any drug and chemical that is and has been designed by humans in a laboratory there are side effects and long term side effects.

  5. So is this saying that The Humane Society of the United States, HSUS, is lobbying for the BLMs horrible actions?

  6. I ask this because they sit on the WAG board in Washington State and they just voted to murder innocent Wolves that were used as pawns by the wicked McIrvin Cartel.
    HSUS is not Our friend and we discontinued donations to them over this farce they play.

  7. I will take the response to Scott Moorman. What we have found are several extremely questionable circumstances. In fact, the HSUS leads the general taxpayer-public down the road of misinformation — similar to the government agency they support 100%, the BLM.

    First and foremost, the over-population of wild horses on Public Lands does not exist — cattle over-populate the Public Lands by, one technical Report stated 547% Statistically over Wild Horses who’s population on Public Lands is less than 1%. What we are saying here is Wild Horses, say 450 on one HMA (HMA’s by the way illegal definitions but used often by BLM, and keep in mind HSUS supports the definitions to sell their Pesticide named PZP — their trademark and patent, and they obtain many, many $$$$$ of donations and grant money for the situation) does not do the damage of 8,000 to 10,000 cattle on the same HMA — it is ridiculous to assume so. But HSUS states they save Wild Horse — IN REALITY THIS IS UNTRUE IN TOTAL, giving Birth Control drugs to a species of animal that is near extinction, is certainly a conflict in anyone’s book in the matters of saving them — except the HSUS, who makes a lot of $$$$$$$$ on the situation, and other non-profits who support BLM.

    Then we look further into the donations the HSUS receives, essentially receiving donations due to the Misrepresentation and Misinformation they give to the general population of people who donate to them. The more information noted and found by many donators, on the subject of the Pesticide PZP, and we find they have stopped donating to HSUS.

    All the while the HSUS states we are haters of them, that bring up the questionable things they do, as if our facts, statistics, and science means nothing to them, even though the facts, statistics, and science are of quality and truthful, and contrary to what the HSUS states — as they are right and everyone else wrong, so we must be just haters attacking them. Which is truthfully false, as we have in America the right to discuss in Public any type of provable corruption, as well as the truth when misinformation is spread throughout the Public for personal or in this case, increased profits for the HSUS non-profit organization — i.e. grants and donations, etc. from the corrupt BLM . . . and they have been caught using bully tactics toward people previously, that simply state the truth, but contrary yo HSUS actions at the time . . .

    There is a lot more we can go into, for example behind closed door meetings, suddenly there is an extra four or five Wild Horse Roundups, or a Bait and Trap Roundup, horses die at each, and we find they were extra roundups for pesticide PZP use — and as they, HSUS, stated and told the Public Taxpayer, don’t worry, the PZP will Save Wild Horses. That is the LIE of LIES, and HSUS and other NON-PROFITS continue making $$$$$$ off the PZP and Wild Horses — as the Wild Horses becoming closer to extinction, the HSUS is using Pesticide PZP, support its use and making $$$$$$, all the while, and as I stated, THE WILD HORSES ARE HEADING TO EXTINCTION VERY FAST — any questions? Be happy to answer them.

  8. I am so disappointed that such a great Nation still keep killing native species. I have always born in my mind that a leader should deffend the weak and choiceless from exploitation and cruelty. However, going thruough these disiturbing pieces of news about pesticides is incredibly shocking and unacceptable!

  9. I know HSUS personally through an executive with whom I worked very closely some years ago in the HSUS Maryland branch. I was his assistant at the time and as I became more intimate with the politics of that organization I became appalled at the amounts of money sent for donations that were used and abused by the so called elite executives. To begin with they were paid six-figure salaries and much more in gifts. Also the donations were used to pay for trips to countries where supposedly there was wildlife that needed help. Whether they extended the necessary help we have no way of knowing. We do know that they flew first class at a tremendous expense which did not appear to impress them. They dined at the most expensive restaurants in Washington D.C. and other cities they visited. In other words people’s donations were the catalyst for the executive elites to live a life of luxury. I have no idea how the animals fit into their lifestyle but somehow they managed to fool people who continued to send their money to HSUS for the animals they loved. The employees who were paid meager salaries were the only ones who really cared and loved the animals. Somehow excessive wealth gained at the expense of the innocents corrupts the soul and even if there were good intentions at the start they soon vanished. This is the truth as I know it and witnessed it first hand. As I mentioned above there were those of us who truly cared and would go to any lengths to assist the animals. I know I did and I still do, and especially our beautiful horses that are part of the American heritage. People without a soul do not recognize such ideals but we will fight for our horses come hell or high water. We will not allow callousness and insensitivity to take them away from us. We are all united in this and we will do everything possible to save these spiritual beautiful magical beings.

  10. The problem seems to be that BLM scares people into accepting PZP as an alternative to bizarre hysterectomy experiments. PZP is a terrible drug that should never be used on our wild horses. Nobody uses this on their domestic horses.

  11. It is, indeed, lamentable, and not only lamentable, but reprehensible, how so many who claim to be for the wild horses and caving in to the “overpopulation” myth put out by the government officials and private citizens even those working for supposed wild horse and burro organizations. This is simply “pusillanimousness”, meaning “lack of spirit”. We must stand up against what is wrong and for what is right, for the true, core intent of the WFHBA that was unanimously passed. It represents the true and noble America, not this farce that is currently happening, this bowing down and conceding to the wild horses/burros’ worst enemies, those hypocrites who claim to be their friends and defenders, but are “selling them down the river”, as the black enemies used to do to the blacks. In the words of Voltaire: “Ecrasez l’infame!” (Crush the infamy!)

  12. The BLM can never be trusted they have lied too much and done too much harm, Say NO to PZP – Say NO to Animal Experiments and most of all Say NO to the BLM, money grabbing, land grabbing weak spineless cowards. Protect the horses and save them all.

  13. The “BLM”…for sale to the highest bidder! Who’s the winner this week! The livestock industry? Gas and oil industry? Logging industry? For the right price, those BLM boys will remove any and all wildlife for you! “Public lands” you say? What public lands?

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