Saved from Slaughter (Warning Graphic Video)

PM WY14 Saved May 2014 Neutral Zone

This is what Anne Novak and Mark Boone Junior saved the WY14™ from: (WARNING the following video is graphic)

Their families were slaughtered in Canada before we could find them. 

PM WY41 Chute

Please help the WY14™ Wild Horses heal from the trauma of the brutal helicopter roundup and the cruel slaughter of their families. The mustangs need your help to stay on the 260 bio-diverse acres where they have a sense of freedom until we can secure land for their eco-sanctuary. They also need hay supplemented for half of the year and especially now in the winter!

The American Wild Horse Institute is looking into population management to ensure the nonprofit organization runs a sustainable and responsible preservation project. Only one foal was conceived of and joined the herd since they were all rescued back from the slaughterhouse in 2014.

The WY14™ Wild Horses thank you and are so grateful for your help!

The American Wild Horse Institute is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. The Institute is run by volunteers. No salaries are paid. This way the money raised can go to the wild horses. Visit the website Tax ID 464516347

Note: The American Wild Horse Institute, the WY14™ wild mustangs, Protect Mustangs,  Anne Novak, and others have been viciously attacked since January 2016. Paid pro-slaughter activists and their “friends” infiltrate horse advocacy to destroy movements against horse slaughter. Their Hate Groups are well documented attacking anti-slaughter organizations. The attacks make The Alliance for Wild Horses and Burros stronger.

18 thoughts on “Saved from Slaughter (Warning Graphic Video)

  1. Hell on earth for these poor animals. No reason for this torture. What is wrong with humanity, for Gods sake … STOP the torture!!!

  2. These are such beautiful animals. They should be left alone. I suppose this comes down to another buck in someone pocket again. I hope these animals are saved. Man is just killing and killing, one day it will be that person time and I hope you go to hell with doing this to Gods beautiful creatures.


  3. You are cruel evil and beasts. And you don’t care which is worse. These poor animals are suffering and they have done nothing to you. But you are greedy for the old mighty dollar and give a dam. Shame on you discussting deplorable behavior. Leave the wild mustang and burros alone now.

  4. Leave those wild mustangs and burros alone. They have a right to roam free. You are being cruel evil and beastly the way you treat them. But for the mighty dollar pure greed. Discussting shame on you. You will have to answer for your cruelty.
    Put yourself in their place you evil beasts.

  5. This is a good foundation to build upon. The ideology and premise strong, and certainly carries forward Humane Principle’s toward our Wild Horses, and a showcase toward these endeavors. This is what is termed ACTION of a very positive and Humane Structure.

    This situation is void of all Pesticide PZP abuse, experimental situations involving sterilization and Pesticide PZP one-shot sterilization (HSUS, and others, and their pretense of Humane much different than the actual reality) . . . or any other type of profitable circumstances these corporations) not of charitable non-profits any longer) portray for donations under misinformation and lies actually.

    So here it is, Humane Principle’s placed into action — for, in total, the Wild Horses and benefiting Wild Horses. And this is what it’s all about . . .

  6. I am speechless and heartbroken beyond words. Our societies and cultures have “molded us” to allow and accept abuse of nature and animals because they have taught us to consider them inferior Compared to us, the civilized humanoid!!! From birth to grown ups, we are constantly bombarded through all possible means of communication with consumerism, misinformation, disinformation, driven by greed, financial profit and control.
    There are very few acts of kindness in this world that are shared and it has to be in support of large numbers of people to voice concerns and take any protective action for Mother Earth and the animals. There is no real education only what serves the system and its profits.
    Thank you for your courageous work and love and continuous support. Wishing you abundance of love and light in your work, may these majestic creatures be protected.

  7. Follow the money. Who is paying who how much? These are the answers that need to be reveled. Are Americans paying Alberta slaughter house to take these animals. How much do they get paid for each rendered animal. Someone is making money off of our animals. This needs to stop. Homes can be found for the animals, sterilization would be cheaper. But no one would make money. Shame on the USA government.

  8. Why is this happening to our wild horses. This is so wrong and our country should be so ashamed of allowing it. Chasing them down with helicopters is absolutely ridiculous. We should cherish these horses not send them to slaughter.

  9. this has been going on for too long – our mustangs should not be rounded up and SOLD into slaughter – especially since there are laws in effect that prevents this so called roundups. I’ve said it before – the passing of the public law 86-234, also known as the Wild Horse Annie act which prohibits vehicles and AIRCRAFT from hunting or capturing wild horses on OUR PUBLIC LAND. Also the Wild and Free roaming horses and burros act of 1971 passed by Congress and signed into law on 12/25/71 by President Nixon So I ask why is this continual going on????? Why does not the BLM respect and follow these laws – who is making money off of these slaughters. And, don’t tell me someone is not. This has got to stop – there has to be an investigation. Help our mustangs.

  10. What happened to the goodness and humanity this country was built upon. For God’s Sake==Protect these beautiful animals. If we don’t–who will. God Bless You Anne Novak and others who keep fighting for these beautiful animals. Please don’t give up the fight!!

  11. Why do humans feel they have the right to make decisions for animsls? Animals were not put her for man to torture and slaughter.


  13. Man loves being in control of animals; it makes his ego swell in spite of the cruelty he supports! The U.S. is so far behind with its lame animal cruelty laws, it is disapppointing and very sad! Keep writing Congress to get this embarrassing and tragic treatment of horses in this country stopped for good!! Many thanks!

  14. How do these people sleep .? It just makes me sick how the human race has become so desensitized to the slaughter and torture of animals. We can survive without meat . Makes me so sad that these beautiful creatures are brought to this and the fear they must feel . May god have mercy on their souls.peace be with them .

  15. Its amazing how we as individuals are so slow to learn the lessons of the past. How many chances do we need To protect Nature and our environment. When settlers started arriving in America it was estimated
    that the great herds of Buffalo was between 30 to 75 million.
    Lewis and Clark wrote in his log while in South Dakota’s white River in 1806 that:
    “The moving multitude…darkened the whole plains,” .
    By 1883 both the northern and the southern herds had been destroyed. Less than 300 wild animals remained in the U.S. and Canada by the turn of the century out of the millions that once lived there.
    AND NOW…we want to decimate the Wild Mustangs
    According to Western writer J. Frank Dobie, their numbers in the 19th century reached more than 2 million. But by the time the wild horse received federal protection in 1971, it was officially estimated that only about 17,000 of them roamed America’s plains. More than 1 million had been conscripted for World War I combat; the rest had been hunted for their flesh, for the chicken feed and dog food companies, and for the sport of it. They were chased by helicopters and sprayed with buckshot; they were run down with motorized vehicles and, deathly exhausted, weighted with tires so they could be easily picked up by rendering trucks. They were run off cliffs, gunned down at full gallop, shot in corralled bloodbaths, and buried in mass graves.
    What kind of People live in this Country of ours ? Why must we destroy our history. Why Does everything
    Have to revolve around GREED ?. That great organization BLM needs a reorganization. The people who work
    There don’t seem to care for the animals they are suppose to protect !

  16. How does anyone who is involved with this blood mafia do this day in and day out have a conscious and live with themselves.
    Everyone should be calling their Reps every day and getting on their ass’s to stop the roundups of Wild Horse’s and Burros.
    Push for the Safe Act to be passed.
    We have got to get her Safe Act passed for all of America’s Wild Horse’s and Domestic Equines.
    If we don’t get this Bill passed Iam afraid that horse slaughter will show back in America and we most certainly don’t want it back on American soil.
    Passing the bill will be a solution for the slaughter of America’s Wild Horse’s and Burros.

  17. How are we ever going to get the SAFE Act passed with the current administration? The President is turning everything upside down. When he destroys the EPA with the stroke of a pen how can we stop him from doing the same to the SAFE Act?
    God Bless these poor horses and the rescue groups that are trying to help them. Please don’t give up!!
    This whole thing makes me sick!! What kind of world are we living in? I keep signing petitions but I don’t have money to donate. I feel extremely helpless.

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