Brutal experiments continue on pregnant wild horses!

Did you know that right now the Bureau of Land Management, under the Department of Interior is still funding cruel experiments on wild pregnant mares for population control?

Keep in mind that the National Academy of Sciences Report from 2013 stated there is “no evidence” of overpopulation. It’s the end of 2016 and there is still no evidence of alleged overpopulation and the thugs in control won’t do a headcount. They just want to keep abusing innocent wild horses and burros who should be living in freedom. Sickos!

The brutal tubal ligation research on pregnant wild mares in Oregon was stopped due to public outrage but that’s it. All the other tax-payer funded experiments on pregnant wild mares continue. They are cruelly experimenting on them now! Did you realize that?

The Department of Interior is giving away grants totaling up to 11 million dollars for population control experiments–on pregnant wild mares. Are these experiments causing pain and suffering and do they violate the rights of wild horses and burros to live free? Yes. This a wicked violation against their freedom.

So while everyone was distracted by real threats of killing and slaughtering wild horses, the brutal Nazi-like experiments–mostly with injections–continue . . .

America’s last wild horses should never be used as “lab animals”. Never. How is this even legal to experiment on federally protected wild horses?

Wild horses have been cruelly subjected to experimentation for decades. This cruelty has been going on for so long that the Bureau of Land Management and their supporters think this is “normal”. Experimentation on federally protected wild horses must be against the law but there is so much corruption within wild horse and animal advocacy that no one is stopping this! Those organizations who support using Pesticide PZP as birth control will not fight against experimenting on wild horses because they are still involved with PZP experiments or receive funding from those that are.

2017 is the time to fight back the evil cruelty inflicted upon America’s innocent and voiceless wild horses and burros! They should be protected from experimentation, protected from being sold to slaughter, protected from being killed and protected to live freely in the wild.

We’d like to protect wild horses from this abuse. Will you join us?


For the Wild Ones,

Anne Novak

Volunteer Executive Director

Protect Mustangs is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of native and wild horses.

13 thoughts on “Brutal experiments continue on pregnant wild horses!

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with each and every one of your arguments. I will share on FB and with those for whom I have email addresses any and all strategies you believe will stop the torment, confinement and brutal acts against equines.

  2. Stop these barbaric experiments immediately as you are spending tax payers money when the facts in 2013 say there is no overpopulation- these methods are hideous and cruel and are not supported by the public at large-

  3. please tell me exactly what and where other experiments on wild pregnant mares are currently happening?

  4. Stop the brutal treatment of wild horses. Let them live in peace. Horses should be on a national plaque making them a part of our national symbol. The primary site of evolution of horses occurred in North America, from about 60 million years until about 12 million years ago. They spread across the world at about that time, and ultimately became the means of moving of populations across large areas.

  5. A head count should be made immediately, and done at least bi-annually with well kept records, and by unobtrusive means, and kept an acceptable population variable which should be established permanently,
    relative only to the acreage where they are permitted freedom as an non variable established minimum figure,
    ( This means a count only of NON mined, untouched wild acreage that should definitely not be allowed to be reduced henceforth, if not expanded by charitable land conservation purchases–which is very desirable. We need more protected
    lands for these horses, and generally everywhere it can be rescued, because our human population is exploding out of control of reason or sane balance—causing great damage to eco systems world wide). As for birth control methods—only if needed—a better solution
    would be giving more land. Moreover, the birth control methods should be in feed not needles, and done
    minimally and they should be as humane as possible and visited ONLY on horses that are NOT already pregnant. Something akin to human birth controls, proven non harmful BEFORE used.

  6. They have been doing experimental surgery on mares since 2014.
    The Bureau of Land Management and the Dept of the Interior have been communicating information between one other for two years hidding this from us the American public.

  7. Will just sum up by saying this inhumane treatment just shows the evil in these supposed human beings. These people don’t deserve to exist as all of these defenseless beautiful creatures do. Shameful-we have to make changes to Do The Right Thing and stop destroying our world-Respect and Protect

  8. this a horrible sight , as these animals have done nothing to be used in a horrible way. they have made your land great and this is how you repay them. I have a name for your type of people and I am not allowed to use it.
    I am british and glad of it to be American must be well. bye use usless bunch of ***********

  9. The responsibility of our Gov”t. is to use our tax dollars to protect our wild horses and native mustang horses and burros . We do not want these tax dollars use for cruel round ups and cruel experimentation on them. Please reverse the past and release and free the ones that are in holding and the ones that are being experimented on. This is cruel and NOT what the American tax payers want our money used for.

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