Help Save America’s Last Wild Horses!


Did you know that wild horses used to roam freely in the San Francisco East Bay? Paleontologists found indigenous wild horse fossils in the Caldecott Tunnel when they were digging the 4th bore. Those wild horses disappeared.

Right now the last of America’s wild horses are being managed to extinction. The truth is they are severely underpopulated on public land. There is no head count! Only fake “estimates”.

Please sign and share the petition for a Congressional investigation, freeze on deadly Roundups and head count on what’s left:

Lobbyists are pushing to forcibly drug wild mares with Pesticide PZP, made from slaughterhouse pig ovaries for population control with YOUR tax dollars. Lobbyists call it a “vaccine” as if fertility were a disease when it’s key to species survival. The National Academy of Science reported there is “no evidence” of overpopulation. No evidence.

Guess what? PZP Pesticide sterilizes wild mares after multiple use. The lobbyists think each mare should contribute “only one foal” to the last remaining wild herds. This is nuts and goes against Nature and survival of the fittest.

Join more than 104,000 people asking to Defund the Roundups, stop Pesticide PZP, and Stop the Slaughter! Please sign and share:

If you want to see and photograph some of the last wild horses in the wild only one hour from Tahoe contact me 😊

We need volunteers to help in many ways including writing, editing, photography, graphic design, public speaking, field documentation, fundraising, community outreach, program design, legal, event planning, rescue, adoption, etc. Please contact me by email (

Together we can save America’s wild horses before it’s too late!

For the Wild Ones,
Anne Novak

Volunteer Director

Protect Mustangs is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of native and wild horses.

13 thoughts on “Help Save America’s Last Wild Horses!

  1. Why is it that Americans must destroy? Please do not harm these animals. They are more entitled to freedom than we are. Please help them!

  2. I have a idea that just might get the mustangs that are in holding if there are any left in holding put back on the range where they belong. President Trump is trying ti save money by getting rid of laws that cost money by just having them on the books. When he finds out what it is costing to keep the wild horses in holding at ranches all over the country he will put a stop to it. If your organization could contact someone in his organization and tell them that by putting all of the horses back in the areas where they were rounded up from the horses could feed themselves which would stop the millions of dollars it takes to feed them that the BLM claims it costs each year. If the horses have not been shipped to slaughter that is, I have suspected for a long time that they were slaughtered and the only ones the public sees are the ones kept as a front to show the public at different times and adopt out a few. Because if Trump ordered the BLM to turn the horses loose they would have to do it. Because some of the round ups I saw from the huge number of empty acres out there with nothing on it which ran in the thousands there was plenty of space for different herds to be turned loose in area like this. That would put a stop to the constant fights with the BLM and their experiments.

  3. Use of pesticides kill a lot of things we do not need the sterilization of mayors let nature take its course these are beautiful herds of animals and they are free please leave them that way don’t try to help them mother nature does not need your help.

  4. Bureau of Lying Manipulators (BLM) Once you extinguish these herds, there is no replacing them. Another governmental agency not listening to the will of the people. Management by extinction and using pesticides is a moronic inhumane idea developed by some miscreant. Harsh words for harsh actions.

  5. Dear Anne!

    We need to raise money for a big big sanctuary for them. Happy to help. There must be some celebrities that care for Mustangs and can donate enough money to protect them.

  6. Yes, sterilize the lobbyists and all who work against these beautiful animals!

  7. If only people would realize , the best way to help is your VOTE! Do your homework before going to the polls. Plants and animals don’t stand a chance with the new predator administration.keep calling your congressman.

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