PZP Extremists Attack

As you know, I speak out to uphold the protection of American wild horses on public land and I’m against Pesticide PZP–made from slaughterhouse pig ovaries to be shot into mares. Now I’m getting attacked by PZP Extremists.

Why are they are stalking the WY14™ wild horses rescued from the slaughterhouse, trespassing, taking photos/video of private property to lie about the WY14™, spreading lies about the onsite caregiver (senior citizen and volunteer), inciting hate with their lies, to bully, coerce, and make threats because they are in the mob-mentality mode?

PZP activists show pictures of guns on Facebook. They lie to incite hate and it result in threats towards me involving guns. . . The onsite caregiver feels threatened as well. . . Do they realize their harassment and stalking of a senior citizen is also elder abuse? Is he in danger now too?

These activists, PZP representatives and their followers are participating in Hate Groups. Radical extremists who attack those who have a different point of view. Some of the people are employees of a government agency.

The PZP activists are getting in bed with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to manage wild horses to extinction. If their Pesticide PZP isn’t going to sterilize wild mares, attack their immune system and ruin the last herds in America, then why are they harassing and threatening me for speaking out against it?

Keep in mind the National Academy of Sciences said there is “no evidence” of wild horse overpopulation. Ask yourself: Why are the Pesticide PZP Pushers and BLMers lobbying for Pesticide PZP to manage wild horses to extinction?

Remember that the study on PZP by Knight & Rubenstein (2014) found that ” … three or more consecutive years of treatment or administration of the first dose before sexual maturity may have triggered infertility in some mares.” These findings are particularly troubling. They suggest that, actually, only two consecutive PZP-treatments may be reversible. Except, that is, in the case of fillies who have not yet reached puberty — they could be sterilized by just one injection.

The Pesticide PZP lobby wants only “one foal” allowed per mare before she’s sterilized from darting her with Pesticide PZP–over and over. . . Lobbyists try to downplay the fact that Pesticide PZP sterilizes after multiple use. How many wild mares are sterilized now?

For the Wild Ones,
Anne Novak
Volunteer Executive Director
Protect Mustangs


Protect Mustangs is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of native and wild horses. www.ProtectMustangs.org

11 thoughts on “PZP Extremists Attack

  1. It is absolutely appalling that these atrocities are being brought to bear upon these proud, wild creatures who are beautiful icons of America. Why would a group seek to annihilate an entire species? These foul predators sound like hateful, violent people who have perhaps tired of playing their ghoulish video games and are now seeking live prey to take their blood lust to the next level. Horrible, horrible people who should probably, themselves, be exterminated…not these proud, lovely horses.

  2. All the captive wild horses at BLM should have access to shade and shelter with plenty of space and water in clean pens. Why not at BLM’s Palomino Valley? The pens are dirty with no shade and no shelter. The BLM should showcase the same requirements that are set for people who adopt. We the people should set the requirements for the BLM. My requirements would be no PZP, no experimenting, no sterilizing, no more roundups, clean pens and shelter, water, food ,head counts and vet care. I would have the BLM put the wild horses back on public land where they belong. They were happy there. BLM you should not round them up. They are underpopulated. The wild horses belong to nature and she takes care of her own. My tears fall for the wild horses. Darlene Abbott

  3. We need resolutions to the lies about over-population of our WILD HORSES and assumptive destruction from them of America’s Public Lands — Pesticide PZP and the HSUS snake-oil (i.e. Pesticide PZP), feeds right into the situation of Congress moving quicker to rid our Public Lands of AMERICA’S WILD HORSES — THERE IS NO DOUBT, THOSE THAT TRAFFIC THIS SNAKE-OIL TO THE PULBIC, UNDER THE GUISE OF POPULATION CONTROL, ARE CURRENTLY DETROYING AMERICA’S WILD HORSES — BY NOTG JUST THIS LIE, BUT BY DEFAULT CONCUR THAT OVER-POPULATION EXISTS — IT DOES NOT EXIST AND BLM OR THE SNAKE-OIL PEOPLE CAN NOT SHOW IT DOES EXIST AT ALL!

    As a matter of fact, they cannot show anything in the matters of positive situations from the use of their SNAKE-OIL on AMERICA’S WILD HORSES!

    We have asked for results from these snake-oil sales people repeatedly, and all we got was name calling and hatred, ignorantly, spewed toward us!



  4. Exactly my thoughts also.. If the pesticide PCP is not dangerous two our Wild horses why would there be such a big fuss made by these extremist? That says just about everything as far as I’m concerned. There certainly is no overpopulation and they are breaking the law and I believe it will not be long before the FBI will be right there by your side in the meantime keep a list of the names because if anything happens to you or those helping you we will know just who to look for as will the FBI.

  5. Why would a so-called wild horse or burro advocate concede to tampering with the reproductive systems of underpopulated wild horses and burros instead of standing up courageously to demand that our public servants truly enforce the Wild Horse and Burro Act, instead of caving into the traditional enemies of the wild horses and burros? Are they giving up? Are the pusillanimously conceding to the lies and vicious misinformation campaign against the free and naturally living horses and burros? It certainly does seem so! Please get a hold of my book The Wild Horse Conspiracy and check out my website of the same name to know the greater truth/story concerning what is happening and why this is so very wrong, and how this can be made right by restoring the herds and employing Reserve Design for truly long-term-genetically viable, ecologically harmoniously adapted, and naturally self-stabilizing populations/herds — herds we must restore not make into semi-domesticated thwarted and tortured animals, as is entirely contrary to the true and core intent of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act!

  6. Who are these LOWLIFES? Why is this not on any news stations like. Good Morning America etc.? I donate money to this cause against horse slaughter and the SCUMBAGS AT THE BLM!! Don’t hear a damn thing about this bullshit stopping! I also questioned Senator Pat Toomey and he thinks the BLM is doing a great job trying to find homes for these horses and them taking care of them!! Wake up Government, people are sick of this kind of animal cruelty. Stop taking money from these special interest groups running this country. There has to be away to make this story known to all the American people so they can see what the HELL is going on with these horses. Maybe something would be done about it. Get the names of these lowlifes threatening the people trying to help these horses and make them public.

  7. Any Horse groups who are pushing Pesticide PZP are pseudo advocates or outright fakes. Any horse people pushing PZP are either Naive, Cowards, hypocrites , or outright killers.

    PZP is Extinction. Keep Wild Horses Wild and on America’s public lands and Wilderness. Get the Greedy lying Beef industry and other greedy oil and fracking industries OUT.

  8. There has to be an ulterior motive for these clowns to go to the extreme and use chemicals like Pesticide PZP to be shot into mares. How disgusting and inhumane. These people are not human, cannot possibly be human. And now resorting to joining hate groups and stalking the WY14™ wild horses saved from the slaughterhouse? My God they have crossed the Rubicon and something has to be done urgently. I have news for the so called journalist who advised Anne that she has no legal case against these pieces of garbage floating around us and contaminating us and the Mustangs. Anne actually has a legal case against them because it is illegal to trespass on someone else’s property. Maybe it is not illegal to take photographs but it is illegal to trespass and especially to trespass and threaten a senior citizen. That’s going way over the line. It is common sense and we don’t need a legal journalistic brain to advise us what our rights are. This case reminds me of a stalker stalking his victim and the police cannot arrest him because he has not yet committed a crime, like murder. Is that justice? No it is far from it. This is very serious with what is happening. I am appalled it has gone this far. I don’t like to say this but hate groups seem to be prevalent in our country. I have lived in several countries overseas and I had never come across such a thing as hate groups. Maybe these people are aliens from another planet where hate instead of love is their religion.

  9. I am 100% against pesticide PZP–made from pig ovaries that get injected into mares. Its barbaric, disgusting and wrong, there is no need for this and it has to stop. Free horses, Free lands NO-PZP

  10. How very sad that when we go out and save the wild horses and realize what PZP does to them we are then threatened like Anne Novak and her hired man. To me this is more than harassment this is a threat and when someone threatens your life I believe the law should be right there and each one of these people should be taken in 4 harassment and threatening

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