WARNING: Wipe-Out Plan Exposed!

Traitors of the cause?

Are the big money animal and wild worse non-profit organizations in bed with BLM, Big AG, Cattlemen, the Farm Bureau, etc. to push for huge roundups and removals of wild horses and population control based on an overpopulation lie? Have they been using the overpopulation lie to fear-monger the public that it’s either death/slaughter unless their plan based on Pesticide PZP and other one-shot sterilization chemicals are used?

Now they have come out of the dark shadows and are asking the Appropriations Committee for close to $130 Million of your tax money for their “Plan”. It’s called “The Path Forward for Management of the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Wild Horses and Burros.”

They want to cash in on Millions of tax dollars for big roundups–yes they are asking for roundups but calling them “gathers” to soften the cruelty. They also want heavy population control and to warehouse wild horses in pastures and private sanctuaries funded by tax dollars. Of course, these sanctuaries will request donations for admissions to see and photograph America’s last wild horses if they would even let you in. Right now for no admission fee, you can see wild horses living on public land–if you can find them. Of course, overpopulation is a lie.

Their conflict of interest is obvious. The supposed “steak-holders” are selling out America’s last wild horses and it’s disgusting. One is the registrant of Pesticide PZP (see photo below) pushing for population control chemicals. It seems they would like to corner the market and run the wild horse and burro program. Another is a nonprofit organization who it seems received more than 400,000 from the Feds in a population control experiment on wild horses years ago using Pesticide PZP, etc. And the list goes on. . .

Yes, it true. These animal and wild horse nonprofits are in bed with BLM’s plan to get rid of America’s last wild horses because as Robert Redford said it’s about the competition for “resources” on public land. Ask yourself, “Who is really funding the wipe-out?

Keep in mind these organizations selling out don’t represent the American public who wants America’s last wild horses to be treated fairly and left alone to live in freedom and in peace. Nope. These groups were cherry-picked because they seem to share a greedy thirst for money!  Many other nonprofit organizations, experts and scientists weren’t invited to the roundtable intentionally to avoid opposition to this heinous plan. . .

Remember members of the plan have paid lobbyists working behind the scenes–greasing palms to get what they want. With the 2020 elections coming up there are a lot of hungry politicians who need campaign funding so this is a bad time for wild horses who are being sold out by lobbyists and those who hired them.

Below is the list of those who authored the plan asking for large roundups and removals, to hold wild horses in private sanctuaries funded by tax dollars, run adoptions, sterilize wild horses, leave a few photo ops on public land as part of a cruel breed control experiment, etc. and ultimately taking away their freedom to be wild based on the overpopulation lie to fuel their cash-cow. The question is, what is their cash cow and why is the State of Utah such a big player in the national wild horse wipe-out plan?


American Farm Bureau Federation

Society for Range Management

Humane Society Legislative Fund

Public Lands Council

Return to Freedom Wild Horse Conservation

National Horse and Burro Rangeland Management Coalition

Eureka County, NV County Commission Office

Humane Society of the United States

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association

Beaver County, UT County Commission Office

American Mustang Foundation

Utah Governor Office

You can read their horrid plan ‘s Wild Horses & Burros

Gonacon™ and other sterilization methods will be used.

The Big Ag groups who signed onto the plan aren’t betraying their members because their position against wild horses has been clear for a long time. Do they have more integrity than greedy animal and wild horse nonprofits who have been fooling the public for decades? Have these animal and wild horse groups always been working behind the scenes to round up and control America’s last free-roaming wild horses and burros?

Pay attention to what you read, see hear. . . Be a voice for the voiceless wild horses and burros who need you!

Take a Stand! Sign and share the petition for a headcount of America’s last wild horses and burros: https://www.change.org/p/u-s-senate-investigate-the-wild-horse-burro-count-in-captivity-and-freedom Debunk the overpopulation myth to protect America’s last wild horses.

Remember the traitors are asking for more big roundups. Never forget they are trying to cash in on the overpopulation lie, cash in on your tax money and ask for more roundups.

For the Wild Ones,

Anne Novak

Please Share this important Petition to Defund the Roundups: https://www.change.org/p/defund-and-stop-the-wild-horse-burro-roundups

4 thoughts on “WARNING: Wipe-Out Plan Exposed!

  1. The forage allocated to privately owned livestock on public lands managed by the BLM in the western U.S. would support at least 750,000 wild horses and burros, enough to empty all of the off-range corrals and long-term pastures fifteen times over. The current wild horse population is about ten percent of that.

    There is no wild horse population crisis, only deceit and greed on the part of the ranchers, their overlords, cheerleaders and political allies.

    1. Get the horses off the range.
    2. Sell their food to public-lands ranchers.
    3. WHB Act nullified.

  2. The treachery of these mainstream animal-welfare groups is finally out in the open. That’s a good thing. They have shown us who they are. We now have clarity. We can make an informed choice which side to join: The betrayers, or the true advocates.

    Betrayers agree with BLM’s claim of an overpopulation, even though that claim is based on falsified data. Betrayers agree that 20,000 wild horses a year should be removed from freedom. They promote aggressive use of sterilant-pesticides on those few wild horses that remain.

    Their motivation? To get ahold of millions in BLM grant-money. Their goal is to secure contracts with BLM to solve a concocted crisis. To this end, they are pushing Congress to increase BLM’s budget by $50 million to carry out this false-flag operation.

    Betrayers and their co-conspirators want BLM funds to operate “sanctuaries” where zombie wild horses will be kept. They want BLM’s money to run the adoption-program. They want BLM’s money to conduct birth-control darting with PZP (ZonaStat-H), the product that HSUS registered with the EPA. In short, the betrayers’ goal is to monetize the mustangs. And, they hope that you, the public, will thank them for exploiting the wild horses while they advance their own financial interests. As for BLM, it stands to reap a windfall too. The Agency would be allocated additional administrative funds proportionate to any increase in its budget.

    True advocates reject the overpopulation lie. They want wild horses to stay wild, to be left alone, to live free, and to remain with their families on the range or in the forest. True advocates let the public know about the many ways in which wild horses benefit the environment. One of those valuable benefits is reduction of the fuel-load. By grazing down the dried-out grasses and brush that can get ignited and burn hot, wild horses reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires. This fire-prevention benefit alone is worth billions, yet it would cost the taxpayers nothing. Wild horses work for free.

    True advocates have principles. They fight for what’s right, often at great personal cost, and despite being maliciously defamed by the betrayers. True advocates are not in it for the money. They are in it to protect the wild horses.

  3. I am outraged by the BLM ‘s roundups of all the wild horses and by them not listening to the American people, and what we want. I am one of those American people that want the world to know the truth and betrayal that is being forced upon us about the wild horses…I want BLM to stop making decisions on how to manage the wild horses, Stop the lies that they tell. All the lying is the be used to cause the extinction of an underpopulated species. A species that is being persecuted just for the money or greed that they/ Gov., Cattle industries, oil industries, and others. I Am outraged by BLM actions. The Pine Nut/ wild horses roundups that are going on now should be STOPPED. There are groups that also want to discredit people who are trying their best to save these wild horses and keep them free, running wild as they should be. I want Nature to take care of all the wild horses, not us, or BLM. Who In the hell gives them this right? This BLM’s roundups are not necessary, they should be level/ put out of business. We know the wild horses are underpopulated. We know the wild horses are American Icons. We used the wild horses to fight our war, to be our transportation, our plows, and our companion. So don’t YOU think the wild horses should live free, now? I think we owe them this freedom. But now here we go when they need us most giving up on them, not protecting them. What gives us the right to remove them from their land, their home, their families? Why are we in charge of their lives? I am outraged by our treatment of the wild horses, the disrespect and lies that are being spread like some kind of disease assaults against a beautiful species. Please stop the damage BLM has caused and set them free. We just need to Co-exist with the wild horses on the public land/ their home. I am Outrage with the BLM, BLM was created to protect not destroy, The law said to protect the wild horses and burros. So now BLM ‘s commitment is to break this law??? I oppose BLM and their actions. The roundups, PZP, and any removal of the wild horses. This is abused and they should be arrested or level. God bless the wild horses. We should always Co-Exist with the wild horses and follow the science. The wild horses are innocent of any lies that are or was being told about them. I want my children and grandchildren to be able to have wild horses running in the public lands, for everyone.

  4. It is indeed horrendous what is being planned for America’s last wild horses and wild burros! This plant 10 years to AML is based on maliciousness and dishonesty and we must resist it and stop it. It is a perversion of the true and core intent of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act that was unanimously passed back in 1971 and remains the law of the land. To do this to one of the best laws ever passed would be a shame and a disgrace to America. We must fight this for the future of the wild horses and burros and so much of all of life depends upon our winning this crucial battle against the dark, greedy, selfish and hypocritical side of humanity! See my latest alert on http://www.thewildhorseconspiracy.org for how grossly unfair and unjust the so called Appropriate Management Levels (AMLs) actually are!!!!

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