Utilize wild horses to reverse desertification

Instead of mimicking nature in the American West, we need to utilize America’s last wild horses to help heal the land. Alan Savory’s method mimics wild herds, but keep in mind that instead of costly roundups and removals, herds of wild mustangs can be used to heal the land that has been ruined by overgrazing cattle and sheep. There are thousands of wild horses in holding that can be returned to public land to help reverse desertification and save the taxpayer close to $70,000,000. annually.

Dolly Varden Springs, in northeast Nevada, is a good example of land that has been ruined by decades of sheep grazing using poor management methods. The degradation at Dolly Varden Springs, highlighted by filmmaker Ben Master’s visit with the Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board, was blamed on wild horses when the truth is excessive sheep grazing was the real culprit and the land hasn’t healed since that fiasco.

Princeton University researchers in Africa proved that raising cattle with wild herbivorous animals improved livestock. Read about Dr. Dan Rubenstien’s studies in Wildlife and cows can be partners not enemies in search for food.

If Alan Savory’s method works, then how about sharing the land with wild horses to build healthy ecosystems so both public land grazing permittees and wildlife can thrive?

2 thoughts on “Utilize wild horses to reverse desertification

  1. Wild horses actually improve, maintain and rengerate growth for the public lands naturally. Protect and save wild horses. They play an important part with nature!
    Stop removing wild horses, let them be free to be wild & roam the public lands without man destroying them. ❤❤

  2. BLM stop killing the wild horses and burritos . These horses belong to the American people. Have your forgotten you work for us the taxpayers? Your unbelievable latest cruelty of sterilization by ripping out the mares ovaries is so shocking I am still in tears. You will be stopped and pay for the crimes you have committed against animals.

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