Land Grab Roundup will Wipe Out Nevada’s Wild Horses to Make Way for Mining and Liquid Natural Gas Fracking

BLM plans on conducting a wild horse roundup in eastern Nevada
ELY, Nev. – The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will begin a wild horse roundup near Ely, Nevada on or about July 8, 2019. The purpose of this roundup is to use taxpayer dollars to appease Cattlemen as well as the mining and Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) fracking industry, etc. There is no evidence of overpopulation it’s just a big fat greedy lie.

Wild horses torn from their family bands and homes on public land, will be made available for adoption or sale as a means of “disposal” through the BLM’s Adoption and Sale Program. In the past, the BLM has sold thousands of wild horses to alleged kill buyers such as their buddy who purchased at least 1,700 native wild horses to “use in the Mexican film industry.”

The BLM is claiming the population of wild horses in the proposed roundup area, known as the Triple B Complex, was estimated at 3,381 as of March 1, 2019 – more than ten times above the target population of 474-889 wild horses. Advocates who crunch numbers such as Marybeth Devlin find this impossible because wild horses don’t have litters.

After years of land degradation from overgrazing cattle and most especially sheep, the BLM and their P.R. division spin lies and fake news once again. They claim, “… By balancing herd size with what the land can support, the BLM aims to protect habitat for other wildlife species such as sage grouse, pronghorn antelope, mule deer, and elk. Removing excess animals would also enable significant progress toward achieving the Standards for Rangeland Health identified by the Northeastern Great Basin Resource Advisory Council (NGBRAC).” Know that the NGBRAC is made up of opportunists who want to cash in on the land, water, resources or government funding for the wild horse “problem”.

Of course, former Secretary of Interior, Ryan Zinke, has joined the board of U.S. Gold Corp., who is involved with mining and exploration of liquid natural gas, etc. Even the Elko Daily reports:

“The rapid transition from the highest levels of the executive branch to the corporate boardroom is raising questions about possible conflicts of interest.

It comes fewer than four months after Zinke left a cabinet position overseeing the country’s oil and gas, coal and other natural resources and those companies that profit off their extraction.”

Read more about Zinke’s alleged conflicts of interest here:

Keep in mind that Zinke, while in office, allegedly made deals to remove America’s wild horses from public land–to free it up for mining, fracking, water grabs, etc. Just #FollowTheMoney because now it’s so obvious as the public watches it play out.

Now here’s the funny part–the BLM has not proved to the American public or elected officials that there are “excess” wild horses on 1,682,998 acres of public land in what’s known as the Triple B Complex near Ely and Elko. After allegedly being seduced by big dollars, Zinke said there were too many wild horses while in office and therefore it supposedly is so.

Who suffers as a result of all this greed? The innocent wild horses do of course.

Roundups are cruel, period. Injuries and deaths are commonplace. Native wild horses suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after being chased by helicopters, stampeded into traps, then ripped from their families and their native land. Because the BLM views American wild horses are soul-less animals and pests, they don’t care and they lie to claim they do. The BLM strives to hide the cruelty from the public to avoid outrage that travels like wildfire–thanks to the social media.

The Triple B Complex is located in the BLM’s Elko and Ely districts on public lands administered by the Wells and Bristlecone field offices. The roundup may also take place in areas outside the Complex where wild horses have moved in search of food and water after being fenced out of their rightful access to food and water on public land. The BLM claims they will leave 2,581 wild horses in the Complex once the roundup is completed. The truth is the BLM inflates the population estimate to justify removing a high percentage in order to wipe out the majority of wild horses in the resource-rich Complex. The roundup is expected to last approximately 20-25 days at huge expense to the American taxpayer. Are you aware of how much money roundup contractors rake in?

The BLM states that members of the public are welcome to view the daily roundup operations, provided that it does not jeopardize the safety of the animals, staff or observers and that it does not disrupt gather operations. The BLM will escort the public to gather observation sites located on public lands. The BLM anticipates that viewing opportunities will begin on or about July 9, 2019, weather and logistics permitting. Those wanting to view roundup operations are asked to notify Public Affairs Specialist Chris Hanefeld at (775) 289-1800 prior to the desired viewing date to be added to the attendee list and to receive specific instructions on meeting locations and times.

Some high-tech behind the scenes horse advocates, who aren’t asking for donations, believe the BLM’s contractor “pre-gathers” and therefore stampedes wild horses much further than they would let the public know. Of course, the BLM and everyone in on the roundup game won’t tell you the truth.

The BLM is conducting the roundup under the DOI-BLM-NV-E030-2017-0010-EA Antelope and Triple B Complexes Gather Plan Environmental Assessment decision signed on December 21, 2017, when Ryan Zinke was the Secretary of Interior overseeing the BLM. Access the Decision Record and determination of the National Environmental Policy Act adequacy at

Once the roundup is underway, the BLM will post roundup reports and wild horse death reports as well as additional information on its website at For technical information, contact Wild Horse and Burro Specialist Ben Noyes at (775) 289-1836 or

19 thoughts on “Land Grab Roundup will Wipe Out Nevada’s Wild Horses to Make Way for Mining and Liquid Natural Gas Fracking

  1. Please have mercy on the wild horses and burros. Please stop trying to justify every round up, every PZP, Every slaughter by saying they are starving, sick or overpopulated. Please the wild horses deserves to be freed. The wild horses has always been worthy of are respect and loved. We owe them this.

  2. These round-ups are ridiculous. I hope my tax money is NOT being used! These round-ups represent how greedy and inhumane we humans are! It’s kind of funny how everyone is preaching to be kind/respect others well I think that is impossible when we can’t even show kindness/respect towards animals!

  3. Please, please leave these beautiful heroic animals alone. Nature will step in if need be. People are the worse kind of animal wanting to control and ruin everything. These horses deserve better, They are a natural beauty that is served our country from the beginning of time.

  4. Stop the greedy cattlemen from destroying the natural and free roaming animals. There is plenty of land for all. Cattlemen don’t want to pay for feed – they expect everything for free – but yet the prices they charge for their meat is ridiculous. Nothing but greedy, selfish people.

  5. Is there anything that the tax payer (public) can do, besides signing petitions and calling official to put a permanent stop to this disgraceful, money grubbing deadly plan of theirs?
    I for one, cannot witness the pain and agony these poor animals endure during this planned horrific event, therefore I’m asking what can I do to help STOP 4 EVER this and future evil plans to destroy one of the most iconic symbol of the West, our dear and gentle wild mustangs? There has to be something that the 90% of the public can do to stop this from happening year after year, and address the tax money use, channeling it perhaps to rehab all the poor souls that already have been held hostages under inhumane condition in the BLM facilities.
    Please tell me that we all have hope to prevent this from happening, now, not in a decade when it will be way too late..
    Every time I read about this, I can’t stop feeling helpless in the fight against the BLM money grabbing mentality and the fact that my tax payer’s money is used against my will to torture and inflict pain and ultimately death for these gentle and almost gone sentient animals that ask nothing of us but to be left alone on our public land to continue to do what they have done a long time …roam and run free..
    And by the way, I keep on looking for this outrageous number of wild horses everywhere I had the chance to go on the Public Lands and see no evidence of anything bigger than lizards and the occasional desert turtle, and yet I’m reminded everywhere I go, NOT to feed the Wild Horses and Burros or pay a fee of $500, if I dare to do so… I can tell you that in the past 25 years that I’ve been reading these signs I have yet to see a Burro or a Wild horse roaming these lands (even from a distance), these sings are a constant reminders of the huge slap in the face and the deceit the BLM has created to mislead the Public and continue to go about their business of rounding up and and slaughtering of the same creatures they pretend and claim to protect. It’s a shame if we are going to lose these magnificent wild animals for good, only because we didn’t mobilitate or done everything in our power to stop this ongoing massacre.!

  6. The Wild Horses are the Taxpayers…BLM needs to go and a staff hired by we the people and nominating those who know and understand the Wild Horse needs to be appointed to make any and all decisions..BLM is a lying bunch of uneducated non equine no good murderers…..
    These horses are ours and I demand this senceless act stopped. Period…

  7. Man destroys EVERYTHING!!!…that God has made that’s beautiful… due to the greed of the dollar bill! The Government is killing us with all the processed food and hormones that are added to our food… and let’s not forget the damn pesticides that have tainted our vegetables! “Mankind is destroying MAN and animals…. THE WORLD PERIOD!!!’

  8. Stop killing the horses out of greed! They have a right to live of free lands!!!

  9. Jean Trippe…yes your tax dollars at work. Wranglers and lobbyists getting paid.

  10. This must stop. The rape and plunder of the public lands must not continue. These horses deserve to live in peace. The abuse of the systems by special interest…” Welfare Ranchers” must end. You are not fooling anyone.

  11. Please stop this insane and cruel act. Wild horses are to be protected not eliminate. There are way too many conflicts of interest here. There are beautiful horses near Ely in an area that is beautiful to hike. Leave these horses alone. There aren’t a ton of them and they aren’t bothering anyone. What is wrong with people?

  12. YEs, and PLEASE don’t forget that it is also an enormous land and forage and water Grab by the Cattle and Sheep Ranchers, who want everyone to think they are innocent — but they are NOT!!!!

  13. Please stop rounding up the wild horses. Please stop trying to get the public land that they live on to oil industry and cattle ranchers. This is outrageous.
    am outraged by the BLM ‘s roundups of all the wild horses and by them not listening to the American people, and what we want. I am one of those American people that want the world to know the truth and betrayal that is being forced upon us about the wild horses…I want BLM to stop making decisions on how to manage the wild horses, Stop the lies that they tell. All BLM’s lying is to be used to cause the extinction of an underpopulated species. A species that is being persecuted just for the money or greed that they/ Gov., Cattle industries, oil industries, and others. I Am outraged by BLM actions.Please stop these actions and show respect and compassion for another species. Thank you. lWe just need to Co-exist with the wild horses on the public land/ their home. I am Outrage with the BLM, BLM was created to protect not destroy,

    Rounding wild horses is wrong and should never be done. This is abused and BLM should be arrested or level. God bless the wild horses. We should always Co-Exist with the wild horses and follow the science. The wild horses are innocent of any lies that are or was being told about them. I want my children and grandchildren to be able to have wild horses running in the public lands, for everyone to enjoy.Please do not cause anymore injury or death to a beautiful species. Please let them live a free life.

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