PREVENT Pre-Existing Deaths at Taxpayer-Funded Roundups

BLM Stampede = Death

The Triple B wild horse roundup starts after the 4th of July holiday weekend. More than 800 native wild horses will lose their freedom and their independence. They will be ripped from their families and chased from their home on public land in the last wild places of the American West.

What is a “Pre-Existing Death” at the taxpayer-funded roundup? These roundups are run by the Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) who hires helicopter contractors.

Are all the broken legs or hoof injuries caused by stampeding wild horses for hundreds of miles in the 1,608,530-acre herd management area going to be categorized as “pre-existing conditions”? Are they attempting to cover up the truth when the Feds kill America’s legendary symbols of freedom?

Is the BLM trying to manipulate the death count to hide the cruel carnage?

4 thoughts on “PREVENT Pre-Existing Deaths at Taxpayer-Funded Roundups

  1. BLM has and will continue to try every method to undermine Laws set by Congress for the American People. BLM and it’s employees are to their thinking beyond the Laws. Not one has ever been charged for animal cruelty or been charged for causing the death or injury to the People’s Wild Mustangs. Not one has found the person or person’s shooting wild Mustangs. Not one person in BLM respects the Law on wild mustangs. Congress as a whole won’t act as it’s not noticeable to the American People. They value the Party over the People. The main Media dose not cover as to them it’s not News nor in their interest to report. They support themselves not the People. Only one News Media is not telling lies, but they’re focusing on Washington and the other Media Lies. It will take a wake-up call to the People for this to change, sadly more Mustangs will suffer, they must not be forgotten. My voice to my elected Officals fall on deaf ears. As so many others have in our elected Officals. I support by voice to all the People’s Voiceless, the American Wild Mustangs.

  2. Helicopter roundups are extremely INHUMANE, terrorizing Horses, running them for miles, destroying family units, causing fatal injuries, etc.  Some Horses end up being slaughtered in Canada or Mexico.  Instead of removing Horses, we should be looking at Cattle grazing.  Cow and sheep graze these lands and are the “true” reason our Wild Horses are being destroyed.  Many Cattle ranchers use these lands paying MINIMAL FEES yearly.  Energy Extraction industries also should NOT be primary users.

    Wild Horses promote natural BALANCE.  Countries from around the world have begun REINTRODUCING Wild Horses, recognizing their unique and abundant BENEFITS as a  species within the ecosystem.  It appears the United States fails to recognize what most other countries already realize.

    Let’s STOP this NOW.  We must stop going backwards. Our children’s children will never view a Wild Horse in all its splendor.  These magnificent Animals must be saved, and roundups must END.

    Another UNCERTAINTY is the BLM itself.  The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) in its 2013 report on the BLM, strongly criticized the BLM on the unreliability —  and lack of rigor —  of its methodology and figures.  This means we must draw an even wider safety-margin, or margin-of-error on the part of the BLM, in setting the AML, and that any AML set by the BLM must be vetted or at least approved by the NAS.

    The basic strategy of the HSUS-ASPCA plan does not seek to raise the AML.  It still relies on the BRUTAL helicopter Roundups as a population control measure, which still incurs huge expenses, and it still uses the captivity method which has proven expensive and unsustainable and still requires building more and more holding facilities year after year  —  NOT GOOD for the Horses.

    Incredible as it may seem, the HSUS plan made NO mention of TWO important factors:   —   cattle and predators    —  NOT GOOD for the Horses.

    We MUST FORCE the BLM — Protections for our Wild Horses first and foremost on the Agenda.


        1.    Of the current cattle grazing on public land, BLM is to remove Cattle and NOT Horses, for a reduction of cattle numbers of about 12%; and raise the grazing fee for the remaining cattle by 12%, if BLM must, to offset the revenue loss.
        2.    BLM to transfer the vacated grazing allotments to the Horse (roughly equating 2 cows to 1 horse).  This raises the AML (Appropriate Management Level = maximum allowable population) for the Horse from the current 26,600 by 125,000 to a new total AML of 150,000, which constitutes a +600% increase for the Horse.  Remember, this means NO in-breeding.  This will allow all current Wild Horses on the range to remain on range, meaning, NO MORE ROUNDUPS.

        3.    BLM to release all current captive Horses back to the Range, preferably back to their original Herds.  The resulting total Horse population will then be 5,000 below the new AML.  BLM now has the OPTION to place part of the withdrawn Cattle into the now vacated Holding pastures which offer richer grazing than the ARID public lands.

        4.    BLM to CEASE all roundups and CLOSE most Holding facilities, especially the EXPENSIVE holding corrals, thus releasing >$60 million from its $80 million annual budget for on-range field work, such as mild maintenance-contraception to keep the total population below the new AML at all times, as well as on habitat protection and restoration.

    PLEASE, for years, our Horses have been getting the short end of the stick, especially by those who spearhead Horse and/or Animal organizations, which clearly does NOT make any sense  —  we don’t know what’s going on —  whatever it is, it MUST STOP. 

    It’s time to PROTECT the Horses  —  they, like us, want to live — they have every RIGHT to live — we MUST —  and SHOULD    —  support them in this.

  4. The HORROR against our Wild Horses MUST STOP — most of the land MUST go to our Wild-Life, this includes our Wild Horses — our eco-system depends on them.

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