Spin-Doc paid for with tax dollars spurs wild horse advocacy


Studs at Short Term Holding (Photo © Cynthia Smalley, all rights reserved.)

Their Story of America’s Wild Horses and Burros

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has spent an extreme amount of U.S. tax dollars to make a Spin-Doc to justify wild horse and burro removals while protecting THEIR jobs and the vast monetary interests of the oil, gas, water and mining corporations on public land. This slanted infomercial, they call an “internal premier”, will be aired today on the BLM internal Dish network.

BLM employees are being brainwashed so they can respond to media investigations, Congressional inquiry and outraged members of the public with the BLM spin–feeling it’s “the truth” because they saw the documentary.

Instead of providing government transparency, as requested by wild horse advocates and members of the public, the BLM has produced their Spin-Doc to avoid transparency all together.

Will they mention the 2008 secret talks to kill thousands upon thousands of wild horses in holding or sell them to slaughter in their “documentary”?

We hope BLM employees will see through the veil of subterfuge in the broken program that does not protect America’s wild horses but has a history of being involved in trafficking mustangs to slaughter since 1973.

With BLM ramping up their efforts to sway internal, Congressional and public opinion, it’s time to take the offensive in this mission to save the mustangs and ask for what we want.

Let’s promote the wild horse documentaries already out there (Cloud the Stallion, Wild Horses and Renegades, Saving America’s Horses and others) through our social media channels, friends as well as with other local and global opportunities.

We can create buzz about the documentaries in post-production like Jan Liverence’s, Ellie Phipps Price’s, Wendy Malick’s and others.

Members of the public along with wild horse and burro advocates can help new documentaries (short and long) get out there quickly by lending their support.

Let’s power up. All groups and all wild horse advocates are all needed and deserving of support.

Let’s find new ways to raise money for worthy projects and embrace the abundance in the Universe so we are united–knowing we will all have the money we need to accomplish our pledge to save American wild horses.

Today we need to shout the truth louder than before–in new creative ways–circling the planet.

Stop the roundups! Stop the removals! Stop selling wild horses to slaughter! Return wild horses from holding to the HMAs to heal the land–creating fertile rangeland–so all (livestock too) may prosper.

Stop wasting tax dollars to fund the BLM’s broken Wild Horse and Burro Program–zeroing out America’s iconic wild horses. Save the mustangs now!

(© Protect Mustangs, all rights reserved.)



Spin-Doc http://www.blm.gov/ntc/st/en/broadcasts/blm_s_new_documentary.html

5 thoughts on “Spin-Doc paid for with tax dollars spurs wild horse advocacy

  1. excellent! I’m with you. There are so few Burros left and yet the projected removal figures are jaw dropping..round up costs…more so. So many Herds of Wild Horses are already zero-ed out …the land is still rightfully theirs as written in the 1971 Wild and freeroaming Wild Horse and Burro act…lets put them back were they belong, its the most economical, ethical, choice, with thousands of citizens calling for the safty of the horses to be restored….by the way that link for the BLM Documentary was impossible to navigate for any non employee.

  2. These are the things we need to do. Craig has outlined them in his book and maybe a review of that is in order. People have talked enough and it stalled us out for 2 years. For over 3 years there are those of us who have put forth projects for raising funds and there are sound reasons for going in several directions. Now this needs to be done; Celebrating the wild ones in the field and working for access to LTH in order to document all the individuals. We must write legislation. We a need to learn and talk about the creation of public/private sanctuaries where bloodlines of various HMAs can be saved and we need to increase our numbers and bring groups together to go for grant money which could give us a fighting chance. Extricating the WH&B Program from BLM would also be the way to have a future for our wild ones.
    Recommit and do more and become active and supportive of goals the entire advocacy can participate in and contribute to. Don’t wait for others to do what you can help us get done! Advocates do not talk enouh and t

  3. We have been stalled out for over two years and we must move this campaign into
    high gear and begin to be truly productive for the wild ones and captives. From celebrating them the way Melody Perez will do this summer along with Craig Downer as they travel and visit Wild Horse Festivals popping up around the country to writing air tight legislation and getting advocates working on the very corporations who have taken and occupy the lands the wild horses are on; compensation and money needed to move horses or to maintain them where they are. How do we raise enough money to create sanctuaries where bloodlines can still thrive? We must have meetings; a series of them and we need to find more resources than we have yet tried to do. Holding seminars on the HMAs at greatest risk would give the opportunity got hundreds to see the horses on their ranges as well as learn what the whole story is by seeing what is going on first hand. There are many ways for us to proceed that will help us prepare for what ever the fate of the wild ones will be. We should have had grant money for an umbrella organization by now. This is essential. We all need to be legitimate and above reproach so we may proceed legally to bring this fight to a close with our wild ones being the winners as well as the American people and a bit of public (or private) lands maintained for them always.
    I challenge Wild Horse Advocates to recommit and create a working central ‘office’ that will tackle every aspect of this campaign that has been overlooked for so long! Give your time and mind as well as your heart for constructive work to cover all our bases!! We are far from this at this time. We need to get active NOW.

  4. The photo above is of Lightening and General at Palomino Valley in 2010.

  5. Using documentaries to give voice to the frustration of long caring wild horse lovers would also be insightful for America to see and hear who we are…. just like your friends and neighbors!

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