Outrage over secret documents planning to kill or slaughter 50,000 native wild horses  

Nevada mustang © Carl Mrozek

Nevada mustang © Carl Mrozek

Preservation group asks for pro-slaughter activist to be replaced on national Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Panel

WASHINGTON (February 10, 2012)—Protect Mustangs asks Secretary Salazar, overseeing the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), to replace the pro-slaughter appointment of Callie Hendrickson, for the ‘General Public’ position on the Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board with a neutral person. Hendrickson has a history of lobbying in support of slaughter and zeroing-out wild horses. Protect Mustangs is concerned that the BLM has given the green light to plans to kill and slaughter the more than 50,000 American wild horses taken off the range as revealed in secret documents including one found on Wikileaks.

“We are opposed to BLM’s outrageous decision to choose a pro-slaughter and anti-wild horse activist for the advisory board,” states Anne Novak, executive director for Protect Mustangs. “It is fiscally irresponsible to roundup and warehouse more than 50,000 wild horses but to slaughter and kill them is a heinous act.”

The preservation group and members of the public are gravely concerned the BLM is preparing to kill the 50,000 wild horses in holding according to secret reports from 2008 discovered by Dr. Pat Haight, President of the Conquistador Equine Rescue and Advocacy Program’s FOIA research. The report reveals planning for massive wild horse sales to slaughter and euthanasia on an epic scale that will wipe out the American wild horse.

Protect Mustangs recently learned about a Wikileak document titled Federal Lands Managed by the BLM and Forest Service issued to the 110th Congress in February 2009 discussing how to “dispose” of wild horses.

“In destroying the last wild horses, the U.S. government’s BLM is continuing to destroy the planet,” states Michael Blake author and Academy Award-winner for Dances with Wolves.

Protect Mustangs wants the BLM to honor their promise of ‘a new direction’—not continue to break the public’s trust.

“More than 80% of Americans are against horse slaughter,” explains Kerry Becklund, director of outreach for Protect Mustangs. “Wild horses are a national icon—they are beloved by the public from coast to coast.”

By taking the majority of wild horses off the land at great taxpayer expense, BLM created a fiscal problem. Some ask if it was to ‘help’ big business’ land grab. Now the mustangs are in the care of the BLM and killing them or selling them to slaughter is not supported by the American people.

“BLM is going against the public’s wishes by cruelly rounding up wild horses in secrecy and denying media access,” states Novak. “Are they now moving forward to slaughter and kill all the mustangs they took off the range? If so, this mustang massacre must be stopped.”

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Media Contacts:

Anne Novak, Anne@ProtectMustangs.org, 415-531-8454

Kerry Becklund, Kerry@ProtectMustangs.org, 510-502-1913

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Secret documents reveal plans to destroy America’s native wild horses in 2008:



Feb 2009 Wikileaks doc Federal Lands Managed by the BLM and Forest Service issued to the 110th Congress discuss how to “dispose” of wild horses: http://bit.ly/Asouv2

Petition to stop horse slaughter: http://chn.ge/ykkbJe

Science finds American wild horses are native: http://bit.ly/wPExYA

Hendrickson, the activist against wild horses: http://bit.ly/x4PpVG

AWHPC reports on advisory board stacked against mustangs: http://bit.ly/ypkkSL

ASPCA & independent poll shows Americans against horse slaughter: http://bit.ly/Acbi6n

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Protect Mustangs is an nonprofit organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

52 thoughts on “Outrage over secret documents planning to kill or slaughter 50,000 native wild horses  

  1. The BLM has continuously held themselves above the law by ignoring the wishes of the American people and by blatantly violating animal cruelty laws. They are violating the rights of Americans as well as violating the Constitution. The BLM is nothing less than a Nazi styled terrorist group, bent on the destruction of wild horses for the benefit of welfare ranchers and big oil among others. They have no concern for the welfare of wild horses and burros and don’t care if they violate any laws to achieve their aim. PLEASE STOP THEM BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!!

  2. This latest appointment to the Advisory Board of a known anti-wild horse person is an insult to all advocates and shows to what lenghths the DOI/BLM will go to wipe out our wild horses. It is an all out war against them under Salazar.

  3. Was never a doubt in my mind that this was the plan the entire time. When the 3 who removed the language allowing for horse slaughter to open back up and the roundups continued and less and less were being re released and how more and more pro slaughters were being added to the BLM. WE THE PEOPLE who pay all those salaries and support the land and the mustangs with OUR TAX DOLLARS. WE do not matter anymore. I think it is more than time for AMERICANS to stand up and clean out all government positions and start completely over with real working class people who care about one another. Deny any donations to be allowed to support or lobby or buy their way in. No more life positions in the White House or on Capital Hill. No lifetime retirement fund just because you served a couple of years. No other job on earth does this. Why should we continue to support them after they are out of there. Stop the Slaughter and People lets rise up and take back out Country and give those politicians who make it a life position the boot. Get rid of the ELECTORAL VOTE and let only WE THE PEOPLES VOTES COUNT. IF WE THE PEOPLE allow the BLM to get away with killing the Mustangs we might as well start flying a COMMUNIST FLAG and give up! NOT ME, I WILL FIGHT TO THE LAST BREATH AND DROP OF BLOOD I HAVE>

  4. This is ABSOLUTELY REVOLTING!!!! SALAZAAR—NEEDS TO GO! HE IS A WASTE OF GOOD AIR!!! I want to know what these Horses have done to him (IT!) to make him HATE THEM SO MUCH?! He is a sick, sick person—a SOCIO-PATH that likes to make defenceless CREATURES SUFFER!!! WE DON’T WANT OUR WILD HORSES TOUCHED!!! LEAVE THEM ALONE!!! GO TO HELL SALAZAAR AND HENDRICKSON!!!!!— IN A “HANDBASKET” NO DOUBT!!!

  5. What a travesty! In light of recent controversy over the mismanagement and the euphemistically termed, ‘Gathers’ of our Wild Horses and Burros, how can BLM expect the general public to swallow the appointment of a woman,Callie Hendrickson, who is known to be both pro slaughter and for the extermination of our Wild ones? It’s extrordinary that someone, anyone who is known to be completely knowledgeable but neutral on these issues, has not been hired to keep controversy away from the door of BLM. We need to have this hire reversed immediately. Things are going badly for our Wild Horses and Burros now as never before, and the general public would be a lot happier if this year could be started out on an equal basis.We would be most appreciative to recieve the cooperation of BLM in this matter…

  6. Yes the public will not stand for slaughtering the protected wild horses, I have been out talking to people and they won’t let that happen!!! Comments are LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!!!!!!!

  7. why does man think he has the right to slaughter everthing that moves on the face of the earth!!!….. LEAVE THEM TO ROAM FREE!!!…. man introduced the horses to this land for their own selfish needs! Why do animals always pay the price at the hands of humans barbaric ways!

  8. I am stunned by the amount of complicity involved in those who are trying to kill our heritage off. Who do they think they are? Those wild horses and burros belong to our children’s children’s children. NO ONE has the right to murder them. In fact they had no right to take them off the range in the first place. The whole concept of multiple use has turned out to be welfare ranching, reckless drilling, mining, and fracking, and a nightmare for the horses whose land has been stolen from them. Where other enterprisess exist, horses are distinctly not welcome. That isn’t multiple use, it’s single use in favor of everyone over the horses. It sickens me that our government has come to this—conspiring to kill our beloved wild horses and burros based on a sleazy, sneaky rider stuck into an irrelevant bill the night before it was to be voted on. Now, thanks to the Burns Amendment, we pay for ranchers to use OUR public land while they whine about the horses. The horses have more right to be there than the ranchers or their messy, destructive, methane-farting cows. No one ever talks about how much range degradation is due to cattle. (Most of it.) Everything gets blamed on the horses. And now that the BLM has stupidly stampeded tens of thousands of them into holding, the horses are bearing the brunt of more whining about the expense of their upkeep. Well, they didn’t cost a dime on the range. The smartest thing the BLM could do would be to turn the horses loose on the range where they belong. Unfortunately, they just aren’t that bright.

  9. I have met and spent considerable hours with at least two of the “government employees” or consultants who are a part of this document; the suave slick, and seemingly caring “gentlemen” who pretend to be horse lovers under the guise of “DVM” or “Wild Horse Specialist.” Our tax dollars were spent while sitting in a room plotting to kill OUR horses.

    I have personally seen the condition of thousands of captured horses held in LTH and STH and am appalled. These documents only confirm my belief that a larger plot for destruction of these majestic creatures has been in the making all along. Meanwhile they suffer awaiting their fate on death row.

  10. Leave nature alone! let the Mustangs be free and don’t take away their rights. The Human race needs to see what mess they have created and save other species and stop all these selfish acts. It is getting you nowhere as you can see!!!

  11. Finally, confirmation of what we have believed to be true of the BLM. This is a travesty and the BLM must be stopped. These horses are native to North America and are a natural part of our landscape. Outrageous and infuriating!

  12. No veterinarian that supports the AVMA will step foot on my farm, or make a dime off me till hell freezes over. There is NOTHING humane about the slaughter of equine, never has been and never will be. I do hope the AVMA realizes that 80% of the citizens of this country are hard core set against this and also realize that the AVMA stands like the rest of this predatory industry to line their pockets off the blood of our equine, while condoning poisoning of innocent people across this globe. They aren’t the only vet association, just the only one supporting this cruel industry, all in the name of GREED. The politicians that support this industry can look to be finding a new career. We are fed up with the dirty boys!

  13. Veterinarians for Equine Welfare aren’t in the pockets of this corrupt industry. They remember the oath they took as veterinarians. The throw away mentality of these less than human beings is beyond disgusting. We have Federal laws in place to protect our Wild Mustangs that the BLM is violating in the name of greed. They thumb their noses at the tax payers, as they collect their paychecks. It’s high time they were all fired.


  14. if we dont stop them…the human race may be next. blunt, i know,but is it another step toward the one world order? you decide.

  15. YOU ARE SO RIGHT!! We have not been able to get our anti horse slaughter bills past because of the pay offs of Congressmen/women. Just see how only 3 Congressmen voted for horse slaughter against what more then 80% of American’s are against. We need to make Congress accountable. They are not supporting our bills, the bills 80% of American’s want because we are not paying into their war chests; its as sinple as that. This is not how government is suppose to work. We need to get the 80% to stand up now!
    I feel that the BLM is gathering more right now before the funds run out and are planning to send the wild ones to be the first victims of the newly reopened horse slaughter industry. We can not let the first plant open.

  16. I would like to see an updated document.
    Is there no requirement for public access to ‘Federal Lands Managed by the BLM and Forest Service issued to the 110th Congress discuss how to “dispose” of wild horses’ meaning what have they passed lately ?
    This is outrageous, and glad to see it in print.
    In essence, we have known this all along, as portrayed by their actions, that so blatantly disregard the vast amounts of evidence compiled by wild horse and burro advocates, scientists, biologists, etc, etc, etc
    they are forever disrespecting the original Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971, by only addressing those aspects that serve their needs. Bending them, under oath and twisting facts to supports their perverse agenda.
    I add my request that Secretary Salazar, overseeing the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), to replace the pro-slaughter appointment of Callie Hendrickson, for the ‘General Public’ position on the Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board with a neutral person. This latest appointment only confirms their cowardly, self-serving plan.
    Is there an unbiased adult, not on the payroll, who can put a stop to this ? Politically correct concentration camps, decimation and genocide is still concentration camps, decimation and genocide.
    ~ nana

  17. I agree there needs to be a big change in the government with these so called politicians,and i agree the Electoral vote needs to be taken out of the government & let “WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” take back our rites as Americans to fight for what is rite, Quoting-MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL, we all know it takes money to survive there is no doubt about that,but to do away with the Wild Horse or any thing wild is so wrong, They took the land from the INDIANS and now they are trying to take away the Wild Horses,There is too much Corruption in our government some thing must be done to change it for the better of the American People. I ask that All Americans stand up and be counted and not let OUR GOVERNMENT do this to the WILD HORSES..Please Vote and Support our WILD HORSES they are our Legacy…

  18. This plan was being put into action a bit by bit… latest bit, stacking the Wild Horse Advisory Board with horse-killing advocates such as Callie Hendrickson, whose resume includes National Cattlewomen’s Association, and the Farm Bureau..both avid proponents of horse slaughter, and exterminating the wild horses and wild burros.
    This has been the Aim of the Cattle Happy Ken Salazar since the beginning. We will protest this and they will get away with it over our dead bodies.. think the NRA is rabid.. You’ve not seen anything yet.

  19. Right.. I’m taking words from “what’s his name’s” NRA promise. Over our dead bodies… time to stand up.. No more praying for a miracle, or trying to convince Congress to do something to protect all horses from slaughter and the Mustangs from losing their homes (and their lives, it seems). 80 % of the American People are with us. Come to OKC, April 3rd.. and we will decide what to do next.

  20. The BLM, the wealthy, the livestock and hunting industries, the horse slaughter industry, the coal, oil, natural gas and renewable energy developers are all co-conspirators in the annihilation of the american wild mustangs and burros. Watch as mustangs/burros continue to be rounded up en masse and placed in long term holding under total BLM control and as the slaughter ppl are setting their stage. Watch as welfare ranching continues to prosper. Watch as roads crisscross the range to make way for mega construction vehicles creating dust and destruction for miles and miles while we become energy independent. Yes, there is a master plan… look you will see it.

  21. will someone please publish the identities of each and every murdering s.o.b. involved from the top right on down to the pilots and killbuyers. please. we , the people deserve to know!! THIS IS WAR against our living symbols of our American freedom!!!! these horses are responsible for our very existence as a great and free country!!

  22. the very day the tv news announced congress overturning ban on slaughter inspections i watched my neighbor sneak out after dark with a fully loaded truck like this one and the unmistakable pounding of horses inside. they claim to keep bucking horses, but i heard from a former employee they kill them. Horses Are Not Meat!!!!

  23. As heinous and shocking these documents/plans are, it’s not surprising, really, knowing the corruption, greed and tyranny behind the BLM and Secretary of Interior, Ken Salazar, a rancher himself! They have manipulative, destructive and cruel agendas to serve and protect ranchers, the oil, mining and hunting industries, politicos and conglomerates who benefit from the rape of Mother Earth and murder of her amazing and beautiful creatures.

    Indeed, there is NOTHING “humane” about slaughtering nonhuman animals. Whether horses, cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys…Nothing! BLM’s “management” – cruel helicopter roundups, removals and warehousing of mustangs, and soon their planned “humane” murder/slaughter – of wild horses serves NOT the wildlife and their habitat, but the proliferation of wild land destruction and the torture and killings of innocent and defenseless beings.

    The People have spoken clearly. They want ethical, responsible, sustainable and holistic protection of wild horses, burros and wildlife and their habitats. BLM and Ken Salazar are criminals that deserve to go extinct!

  24. Shamefully and sadly all true. Damn them all! The human race is Earth’s cancer and deserves to go extinct.

  25. slaughterhouse Sue I can smell your rotten stench behind all this . Let the devil have his due, Listen up bitch you leave our American horses be. They were here before you , and you can by all that is Good and Holy in this land they will be here after you go to Hell , you Harlot.

  26. Enough what does it take for this to stop. Emails, petitions, court hearings, letters to our elected officials, letters both electronic and written Still this continues. How do you people justify this raping of America and sleep at night. You are destroying America and stripping it of our wild herds, resources, ecosystems,foliage, farms and ranches that were in families for many generations. Must you destroy everything. God help us you are an evil, greedy, unethical, and demonic force. I am sending a prayer out tonight at 10:00 Eastern time for God to intercede as only a Devine Intervention will stop you. Please all tonight join me with Asking God to bind the greed and Cruelty surrounding the BLM and their corporate sponsors who are destroying our country and these symbols of America in Jesus Name.

  27. Murder is murder. The livelihood of Native America is stolen and now greed prevails to slaughter these precious mustangs. This is not our civilization. Third world countries act like this and have no regard for life that has been around for 50 billion years. . Will you destroy everything good that’s left, for your fun and gain? What’s next? Cannibalism? I hope you look in the mirror and regurgitate at your idiotic deeds that will eventually destroy everything good in this country. Your grandchildren will hate and despise what you. I am ashamed to breathe the same air as you.

  28. I am a Canadian..stating over and over that the gov and the BLM have an agenda to annilate the mustangs for a couple years now…Asked over and over the mustang advocates do more than send emails and letters …anyone can read the advocates writing letters and sending emails wasn’t doing any thing for the mustangs…I’m sure them emails and letters gave them BLMers plenty of chuckles…I’ve stated that the penned mustangs were going to become an expensive un- needed cost overhead that some department would say ship them to slaughter…There are lots left in the wild but most are sterilized, so they too, will soon be gone…It’s a sad chapter in history but history has been wrote that the wild horse of North America was extinct ..this time man is going to make sure it is done…Done before science proves that the wild horse never was extinct..just out of sight from man for generations..hidden in the hills from the predication from prehistoric man..but the modern man will make sure they were hunted to extinction..AND the modern hunter has no care about the wild horse..they have instructions to rid the lands of them…the wild horse of Canada has the same fate…we have less than 2000 left in all of Canada…And still being hunted..We, the wild horse advocates of Canada did the same thing..thought someone in our government would stop the slaughter…The last of our wild horses are still penned and shipped to slaughter….It’s only a matter of months and the trailers will be loading the mustangs also…before the next election…Then the newly elected Goverment can say we had nothing to do with the wild horse annilation….

  29. Thy shall not kill! None of us have the right to kill another living being, humane or animal. All over greed! You cannot take it with you and will be judged when your time comes.

  30. The BLM, led by Salazar and his sidekicks use taxpayers resources to manipulate the public, block “real” advocates & boost cattle and sheep ranching, while systematically annihilating the wild horses they are slated to protect. Protection isn’t part of their agenda as evidenced by the brutality of the helicopter roundups. Shrouded in secrecy and heavily guarded by the “good ol’ boy” code of dishonor, perhaps we should ask Congress to change the name of BLM to $alazar’s A$$ ($alazar’s Aliance for $ecret $laughter).
    I don’t believe any of the members of the BLM National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board gives a damn about horses. If they cared about horses, they would resign in protest of the horrific cruelty caused by BLM’s mismanagement!
    The appointment of Callie “KILL”Hendrickson certainly sends a clear message that $alazar will do whatever it takes to rid the West of wild horses.
    The betrayal is even more twisted in the appointment of the other two members. Boyd M. Spratling, DVM reappointed to a second, three year term, is a disgrace to his profession. His license should be revoked for not DEMANDING the cruelty of the roundups alone, be halted. Finally, the ultimate betrayal by would be advocate, June C. Sewing, Executive Director of the National Mustang Association.
    Conversely , this is posted on the website of the National Mustang Association:
    1-888-867-8662 (TNMA)
    PUBLIC LAW 92-195
    It would seem, every member of the BLM’s National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board should be turned in! Maybe then we could start over with a real plan of action to protect the wild horses and burros of America!

  31. Go tell that to all the mustangs in them pens….explain that theory to all the dead foals mothers after the BLM ran them to death…God gave us the animals to use…not slaughter…and the sooner U keyboard advocates stop crying on the computers and get out there and do something like rally’s in the thousands at DC for them mustangs, the sooner something mite get done for them….letters and emails for over 10 years have stopped nothing….no I’m wrong…it still is allowing the Goverment to round up and slaughter the mustangs…

  32. Hasn’t anyone already figured out that all the Mustangs in permenate holding are not in permenate holding but gone to a slaughter house?
    Think about it: A horse that has 3 stricks goes to a kill buyer, it doesn’t make it to permenate pasture! SOOOO, the older horses are in permenate pasture too? I DON’T THINK SO! Get smart people, DEMAND TO SEE THE PERMENATES IN HOLDING! THEY AREN’T THERE!
    We need to tell BLM we know where those horses are going & stop that as well

  33. We must stop this cruel run away train…It is not only horrific cruelty but it is a abomination to what these evil, greedy ones are doing to our wild horses & burros !!

  34. I added this BITCH RANT to a petition I signed against the round-ups as well as sent it to the President & Mrs. Obama!

    This has got too stop!!!

    First of all, I would like to know “WHAT” these Wild horses are doing wrong for you to do what you do?? I have yet to see or hear an explanation that deserves the inhumane treatment of these wild animals! They are NOT like a wolf or cougar killing farm animals, they are not destroying property that people care about. So, other than our Government making money by having them slaughtered and shipped over seas to Japan I don’t think you can give any of us a legitimate reason to do what you are doing! It’s all about politics and money just like everything else! MAKES ME SICK! I will NOT VOTE EVER AGAIN in the country that I used to be proud to live in! For what? None of you do what you say you’re going to do anyway, you only say what we want to hear when running for office then stab us all in the backs when you get in! You’re all a disgrace & should be ashamed of yourselves!

    Now, back to this topic, have any of you actually watched one of these “ROUND-UPS” If you haven’t, I suggest you look one up online and tell me how you feel after you do! How would you like to be separated from your family in that way? How would you like to be taken from the only home you’ve ever known? How would you like to be hit by a helicopter and stung by rocks and sand and scared 1/2 to death doing so? How do you sleep at night!

  35. this makes me sick to my stomach to think they want to kill these beautiful horses who have lived wild and free for most of their very lives and now they want to kill them probably to make room for more freakin cattle cause that’s where the money is. this is american’s shame and so disappointed in mr. obama for not staying true to his word on the subject he has the power to put in an exectutive order and change it before it ever starts. he will not be getting horse lovers votes this time around!hard to believe there used to be 2 million wild horses just a few years ago and now we are lucky to count 30,000. i will never eat horse they are not meant to be eaten remember in the bible it states “we are only to eat animals with split hoof”? i do. but that’s not why i won’t eat it. love and respect them to much. what the hell is next on the list dog or cat? we are not some foreign third world country, just pisses me off to think about it!

  36. Today nearly all kinds of wild animals belong to the endangered species. Mustangs, wolves, bears, cougars, they all are in the way of humans. Why the hell can humans not tolerate them? They are part of the Creation and we have to accept that. Why don`t we can divide the natural habitat? Do we have to demonstrate that we are the more important, the more powerful and the more cruel predator? (and the most foolish one?).

  37. This is disgusting. Stop voting for politicians who support these kinds of policies and hire individuals who make these horrendous decisions.

  38. Why are they killing all our National Wildlife. They will be extinct as well as all other species that was killed off.

  39. it is Evident that there has been
    an intentional – Stockpiling of
    Innocent Wild Horses .
    As an Avid Activist in this Venue
    A mere 6 years .
    My Sisters &
    Brothers have been fighting this
    fight for many years . .
    Whats being done here to
    Our American Icon is of
    Nefarious Intent
    We forgot how important and Necessary Horses and All
    Creatures are for a Healthy
    Pangaea .
    Im outraged at the fact this is
    Not in the interest of the Horses ,
    Or the People that Love , Live
    & defend them .
    We must fight to keep
    Our Horses Safe from
    Welfare Cattle Ranchers , and
    Kill Buyers . Who see this as a
    Very Lucrative venture .
    The Equine Must be Protected
    At All Cost
    Minimum if 10 Year Moratorium on
    All Gather / Roundups
    This is a Betrayal of Holocaust
    The American Horse is
    Not Food nor Feral
    Pass The Safe Act Now ‼️


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