BREAKING News: The BLM is pressing charges against 2 American citizens who attended the Yuma burro roundup on June 10th.

Roundup helicopter (Photo © Cat Kindsfather, all rights reserved,)

Update about the situation June 13th

Dear friends of wild horses and burros. I want to share the latest information from the Bureau of Land Management about the incident at Yuma. Below is an email from Tom Gorey

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Today’s statement:


This investigation is ongoing and charges are pending, and until finalized, we are not providing additional information.  Court documents are typically a matter of public record and should be available when charges are finalized through the courts.  When the venue is confirmed, the BLM will be able to respond to requests for this information.



Yesterday’s statement:


On June 10, 2012, two public observers were contacted by BLM Law Enforcement Rangers outside the designated viewing area. One of the individuals (MROZEK-MALE) had been previously asked on numerous occasions to leave the viewing area based on his failure to comply with instructions from law enforcement officers. The other individual (HAYDEN-FEMALE), who was in a restricted area, was asked repeatedly to move to the designated viewing area, for her safety and the safety of those involved in the gather operations, and she refused to comply. Rangers had to make physical contact with both individuals to gain compliance. Both individuals were detained pending charges. Both individuals were placed in air conditioned law enforcement vehicles.  Both individuals requested medical attention. Ambulances were called at their request. One individual was transported by ambulance. One individual was evaluated and released at the scene. Charges are pending against both individuals.



Here is an article just published at Horseback Magazine:

More information coming soon.

3 thoughts on “BREAKING News: The BLM is pressing charges against 2 American citizens who attended the Yuma burro roundup on June 10th.

  1. I heard about this last night. Things were very fluid. Post was removed so news media wouldn’t it.

    Just stayed tuned.

  2. Cheers to the advocates that had the nerve to stand up to the BLM to see what was happening to those burros. I’m not promoting revolution here but I see no harm in what our brother & sister did at the roundup site. Now the BLM wants federal charges against them, well maybe more of us need to have the courage to peacefully standup for our wildones.

    Afterall, the BLM time and time again get a free ride with their mis-management or technically dishonest mgmt. What ever happened to the case pending against the BLM for picking and choosing a contractor with no experience without putting it out for bid?

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