Mustang Monday™: Call your senators and representatives – request they Stop the Roundup$

Mustang Monday™: Contact Congress 10/1/12

Take Back the Power (© Protect Mustangs Photo © Cynthia Smalley)

Email, fax or call your senators and representatives to let them know that you want the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to stop selling our wild horses to alleged kill-buyers. Ask Congress to stop the fall roundups and freeze all others until the slaughter driven corruption is flushed out of the BLM.

Be sure to let YOUR elected officials know how you feel. You may choose to share these articles (below) with them.:


“They aren’t placing enough wild horses through adoption so they need to put a freeze on roundups,” said Anne Novak, executive director of Berkeley, Calif.-based group Protect Mustangs. “Killing them is not a solution. Selling them to slaughter is not a solution. They need to be responsible for their actions and stop the gluttony of roundups at taxpayer expense.”




“They are selling me mere hundreds now,” he said. “If they sold me 50,000, I guarantee I could do something with them. I would go to Canada. I would go to Mexico.”