Advocates Protest Wild Horse Removal Near Reno Nevada

Written by Michael Wolfe of  Reno’s 2 News

“…there’s other alternatives…another solution”



A group gathered in south Reno to protest the removal of wild horses.

The small group of wild horse advocates camped out along Veterans Parkway in south Reno Wednesday morning. Several police officers were also on hand to ensure it was peaceful.

The protesters say once the horses are gathered, they could be sold at auction and possibly slaughtered by the buyer.

They say they understand the safety concerns of property owners, but also say they want a better solution.

“I can feel for these homeowners. I really do, but there’s other alternatives and that’s all I want, another solution to this problem,” says Frederick Rodriguez.

We also talked with the property owner.

They tell us the horses can be dangerous if they get too close to cars or homes – and they are simply following the Department of Agriculture’s instructions.

“We comply with their direction instructions explicitly and what these people would like to do is turn them loose. And we’ve had to say ‘no, you cannot go on our property and turn those horses loose, the State Department is on their way to pick them up,’” says Perry Di Loreto.

Di Loreto also said if the advocates have an issue with the removal of the horses — they should raise them with the state.