Wild horse fans worldwide outraged over photos showing cruelty in Nevada

3 week foal under attack

3 week foal under attack by hired security ~ picture by Bo Rodriques

Reno Wild Horse Advocates are not only outraged by the Nevada Department of Agriculture’s war against the Virgina Range horses but also the documented cruelty exhibited with the manhandling of the these wild horses upon capture.

R.T. Fitch received testimonials and pictures regarding the inhumane practices of the Ag dept. and developer Diloretto from outraged advocates.

Included, here, are two photos of hired gun security cruelly manhandling a 3 month old foal at the Ag Dept trap on private land.  This needs to stop and it needs to stop now.

We strongly encourage you to call, email and/or fax Nevada’s Governor Brian Sandoval,


Office Phone: (775) 684-5670
OfficeFax: (775) 684-5683


photo by Bo Rodriques

and let him know, even if you do not live in Nevada, that you do not approve of the state’s attack upon the Virginia range horses and that you will spread the negative news far and wide until such actions cease.

Likewise, please contact the office of the Department of Agriculture’s Director Jim Barbee and express your concern.

Office Phone: 775-353-3600
Office Fax: 775-668-1178

Please remember that these captured horses will go to auction and historically, if not rescued by advocates, will be purchased by kill buyers and go to slaughter, that is a given.

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