Wild Horse Annie’s foundation in dire straights

Lantry, SD.

Near unprecedented drought in South Dakota has placed the historic International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros (ISPMB) in an emergency situation. There has been virtually no snow, there is virtually no grass growing and ISPMB is having to actually import hay from Canada at huge expense to feed their herd of about 100 Virginia Range mustangs.


Karen Sussman has two priorities. The first is to be able to continue to feed the horses in the preserve. A donor who had indicated that he was shipping truckloads of western hay to the preserve failed to come through. As a result, ISPMB is still having to raise funds to purchase Canadian hay.

The second priority is to reduce the herd by placing horses with other groups and responsible individuals. Karen is very reluctant to adopt horses locally due to their proximity to Canadian slaughterhouses.

Many of the horses are nice looking and are relatively friendly. If you or your group could help by accepting a few of these horses and/or assisting with hay expenses, please contact the ISPMB at http://ispmb.org or telephone 605-964-6866.

Historically the ISPMB has helped other groups with placing horses and now they need our help.



Footnote: This “problem” has developed into a full blown emergency. Additional anticipated snow did not fall and ISPMB has to relocate their horses by the end of March! Calling all advocates! This emergency will require a “team” response to be resolved.

PO Box 55
Lantry, SD 57636-0055