Heroines Honored on 40th Anniversary of Wild Horse Annie’s Success

I’d like to introduce you to Karen Sussman who is the heroine and Executive Director at Wild Horse Annie’s foundation, The International Society for the Protection of Wild Horses and Burros. For decades she has carried on Velma Johnstons’ work to protect the beloved wild equids in America


Also I would like to present Ginger Kathrens, Executive Director at The Cloud Foundation. She is the wild horse advocate who has documented Cloud The Stallion (PBS Nature) for more than 16 years. Kathrens is the only person to have documented the life of a mammal from birth through life in the northern hemisphere and is hailed as the Jane Goodall for wild horses. I enjoyed working with Ginger Kathrens for the past two years and want to honor her.


We are grateful to have so many other heros helping the movement to protect wild horses and burros and want to thank everyone. Together we shall work miracles.

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