Michael Blake’s statement on the Calico roundup

Michael Blake with Twelve (Photo © M. Blake)

“The BLM’s disruption of wild horses in the beautiful Calico mountains of Nevada is more than removing animals . . . It is also destruction of the American West . . . for money,” writes Michael Blake, Oscar-winning screenwriter and author of Dances with Wolves.

2 thoughts on “Michael Blake’s statement on the Calico roundup

  1. 7 years of BLM private , “untrained” inhumane contractors getting paid at every level, round-up, trucking, warehouse stockyard feeding,trucking to,slaughter auctions, trucking across borders, money paid at slaughterhouses, 7 yrs x $ 66, MILLION per yr = $462 MILLION ! Imagine what COULD HAVE BEEN! With that $462 MILLION, This “round-up” takes fat, happy, free wild horses, who were not bothering anybody,AND eating for free on the public lands, GIVEN to THEM and r brutaly captured, warehoused,and 99% SLAUGHTERED ! for the amount of$462 MILLION! This despite millions of taxpayers requesting, protesting it to STOP They r ignored !! Bush signed this into action WITHOUT DUE PROCESS !, no vote of the people OR congress- This is taxation without representation , this is privitation use of UNTRAINED -INHUMANE-CONTRACTORS for profit ! AND it is a TRAIL OF TEARS ! A DEAD HORSE TRAIL! A GENOCIDE! A BLOODMONEY MAKING SCAM! Americans create a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT- FOR TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION! FOR INHUMANE, COSTLY PURPOSEFUL HARMFUL- MIS-MANAGEMENT , (calling it management )FOR PROFIT! This is what harm was done to the NATIVE AMERICANS, now it is the NATIVE AMERICAN HORSES & BURROS! SHAME! ON AMERICA!

  2. all for a quick buck, bet in a few months more cattle will be grazing on the range complex at taxpayer expense and congressmen and senators are probably recieving money for re-election from the cattle industry SHAME indeed!!!!!

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