Protect Mustangs’ investigation creates furor, advocacy group requests #Shade4Mustangs

Video Investigation reveals wild horses are dying in the heat wave!

As a result of public outcry, the Bureau of Land Management is holding a public workshop at the Reno City Council Chamber in Reno, Nev., on Aug. 6 from 5:30 to 9:00 p.m.

Tune in to participate via Webinar if you cannot attend in person. Registration information is here:

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4 horses died during the last heat wave but only 3 deaths (A,C,D) could be related to the heat wave. (see email from BLM below). Strangles is a respiratory illness (Equine Distemper). Horses with repiratory illness have a higher chance of death when enduring a heat wave, because they are already having difficulty breathing and the heat aggrivates that.

BLM’s Debbie Collins responds to Anne Novak’s email:


So, I am listing a response to the specific questions you submitted to Jeb below:1.  How many unbranded foals, etc. have died from June 27 to July? Jeb has already provided you a response to this, but at this time no records are kept on unbranded animals that die.3.  For the listed time period, what were the dates of any deaths, how old were the horses and what were their id #s?A. #12620475 – 1yr old Female – Died 6/28/13 from stranglesB. #06619316 – 7yr old Gelding – Died 6/28/13 from Neck/Head injuryC. #10617585 – 3yr old Female – Died 6/30/13 from Unknown*D. #12619358 – 1yr old Female – Died 7/2/13 from Unknown*


* PVC’s Vet and staff reported no signs of heat-related symptoms prior to the deaths of #10617585 & #12619358. In addition,  these animals had a continuous supply of water, quality hay, and sprinklers present; therefore, there was no life or death issue present. It is not always possible to make a determination of the cause of death. But, if the BLM has any future deaths at PVC that are not associated with a particular illness or injury, a necropsy will be performed.