2 thoughts on “Road to fracking or to study wild horses?

  1. Every day as more folks learn about what the BLM is doing to our wild horses, more people are joining our fight. Sometimes it’s very hard to not be able to comment on a one-sided argument that perpetuates BLM bull. Thank you for this opportunity to vent!

    We absolutely need to use harsher tactics than what was done before….since we can all see that previous polite tactics didn’t work. Now that the government has reopened again, does that mean more roundups and more of our wild horses being secretly sent to slaughter? Probably. If we try to do things legally, which takes a long time, we will have no more wild horses to protect. They will all be dead. Please everyone, get off your butts and get involved. I know it’s a lot to ask….we have many bad things to overcome…..welfare ranchers, mining & fracking, hunters. All these need to be stopped to protect not only our wild horses and wolves, but our public lands. Left in the hands of this greedy government, all will be destroyed and we’ll have nothing.

  2. I do think fracking our wild horses needs to be explored. Fracking appear to destroy clean water systems

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