Princess Anne and World Horse Welfare suggest eating horses to help horse welfare

Princess Anne.   Photo credit: NHC_UHI : : CC BY-NC-ND

Princess Anne Photo credit: NHC_UHI : : CC BY-NC-ND

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According to CBS “Princess Anne made waves Thursday when she suggested the United Kingdom should take a second look at eating horses — primarily, she argued, because it could lead to better treatment of the animals.

The statement from the renowned horse advocate sparked headlines in the U.K., protests from other animal lovers, and more than a few cringes in the U.S., which shares its British ally’s distaste for equine dishes.”

Horse slaughter is inhumane and causes great suffering. Why are alleged equine welfare groups and advocates suggesting slaughter to solve abuse?



World Horse Welfare is on Twitter here @HorseCharity

What other articles can you find about Princess Anne suggesting eating horses as a solution to horse welfare issues?

5 thoughts on “Princess Anne and World Horse Welfare suggest eating horses to help horse welfare

  1. She has this belief that horses will no longer be abused or starve to death because people will see worth in their horses. Yep! People will steal horses and sell them to the slaughter houses for a quick money. No one is the wiser.

  2. I am utterly disgusted with Princess Anne, as a respected equestrian she should be highlighting the cruel method of horse slaughter. Unlike cattle (which I also disagree with) horses are a flight animal. Slaughter situation creates an atmosphere which is full of fear and panic.. Horses in a state panic will not hold their heads still enough, for long enough to be bolted successfully. I have heard of horses needing to be bolted up to 11 times! This after gruelling and lengthy journeys often going without food or water. Pregnant mares or nursing mare are not spared this heinous act. Babies are pulled from their wombs and left to die.. Please educate yourself on the process of horse slaughter before you pine for that pound of flesh.

  3. Let’s be honest. How humane is any animal treated at the time of slaughter? Horses, cows, pigs, lambs, turkeys, chickens? Anyone ever been inside any meat processing plant?

  4. Princess Anne,
    Is out of her mine, I would say. She could not be possibly suggesting that eating horseflesh is ideal????! She is just nasty and gross!!!!

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