Wisdom mare needs partner

Sage #0399 PVC Headshot March 25 2014


Sage #0399 and Friends PVC March 25 2014


Sage #0399 PVC March 25 2014 C


Help find Sage (#0399) the 2-year-old, a loving home. She is the essence of the wild and wonderful Diamond range in Nevada. Sage holds a lot of native wisdom. We feel she would be a wisdom/lead mare in the wild similar to Blondie. She is a rare keeper of their secret knowledge who needs the right home and partner.

She’s very friendly and longs to be with someone who will love and respect her. Sage will be easy to gentle through partnership and respect because she is so friendly, curious and has been in captivity for about a year.

If you can take Sage and a friend then she would be so happy. We have found that gentling 2 at a time keeps them stress free because they have a buddy for comfort and it’s fun.

This horses should not be confined to a barn for all her life. She will need a pasture with other horses to be truly happy.

Sage is located at the Palomino Valley Center near Reno Nevada. Their number is 775-475-2222.

You will provide transportation for Sage to get to you. One way to save transportation costs is to buddy up with other people who are adopting–get your friends to adopt some and share the hauling cost.

You only need to provide tall fencing while she is being halter-gentled. Once she is gentled you can put her with your other horses. If you send her to a trainer to be gentled then the trainer needs to have the tall fencing not you because once you get her from the trainer she will be able to go with your other horses. Keep this in mind when you fill out the BLM paperwork.

Training wild horses takes time, patience and love but it’s not rocket science. It is an amazing bonding experience of a lifetime.

If you encounter BLM’s discouragement to adopt her please contact us. In the past the customer service at PVC has been bad. Let’s hope it’s getting better.

We will mark her adopted only when the adoption has been approved by BLM Until then it’s important to keep sharing until Sage finds her partner.

Remember Sharing is Caring. Thank you for helping Sage!

URGENT! Help save 3-year-old McCullough the WY #mustang ! RT Plz


UPDATE March 14 at 12 noon: Steve Mantle has confirmed McCullough has a bidder!!! YEA! So grateful that now he will be safe YOU ALL MADE THIS HAPPEN! Thank you for caring and sharing♥

Original post on March 11th:

Please share to find an adopter for McCullough # 0336! He is now a 3-STRIKES Wyoming wild horse and just turned 3-years-old. He is at-risk of going to slaughter!

You might remember McCullough because we shared him on December 5th, after the previous internet adoption but he didn’t find an adopter that would take him home and now he’s at-risk!

Transport & pick up info: Because he’s on the internet adoption he can be picked up at Mantle Ranch, WY; Elm Creek, NE; Pauls Valley, OK; Piney Woods, MS; Mequon, WI. or Archdale, NC (Apr 18) and Springfield, OH (Apr 25).

McCullough wants to be loved! Save him♥

Now his life is in danger because of the 3-Strikes provision. BLM Policy claims they won’t sell to slaughter but the LAW (2004 Burns Amendment) gives them the legal right to “unlimited sales, euthanasia, etc.” Policy-speak out of BLM’s forked tongues is just that. Read about 3-Strikes wild horses who loose all their protections and can be legally sold by the truckload to middlemen who sell our national icons to probable slaughter in Canada or Mexico: http://protectmustangs.org/?p=2811

ADOPTION Info to bid on McCullough: https://www.blm.gov/adoptahorse/howtoadopt.php

Please share to find someone who will save McCullough. He will gentle up with love and patience. He’s a sweetie who wants to LOVE you back

Info on McCullough:

Sex: Gelding Age: 3 Years Height (in hands): 14.0

Necktag #: 0336 Date Captured: 01/23/13

Color: Bay Captured: McCullough Peaks (WY)

Notes: McCullough now is a 3-Strikes wild horse!
#0336 – He just turned 3 yrs old. This nice bay gelding, captured Jan 2013 in the McCullough Peaks Herd Area, WY.

Mantle Ranch staff says, “He is very easy going in the corrals, and gets along with the other geldings very well. He is untouched as far as training.”

Here is his page on the BLM internet adoption happening now: https://www.blm.gov/adoptahorse/horse.php?horse_id=6309&mygalleryview=

This horse is located at the Mantle Ranch in Wyoming right now. The Mantle family contracts with BLM to board and gentle a lot of wild horses. McCullough belongs to BLM until he is safely adopted. The BLM could sell him off if he is not adopted because he is a 3-Strikes wild horse.

For more information about McCullough, email Steve Mantle at: mantle9@wyomingwireless.com or call 307-322-5799 evenings. You can also call Anne Novak at 415-531-8454 or Debbie Collins 405-790-1056 at BLM or email her dacollin@blm.gov

Together we can help save McCullough!

Remember Sharing is caring

Contact us if you run into any BLM red tape: Contact@ProtectMustangs.org

Link to share on Facebook to save McCullough: https://www.facebook.com/ProtectMustangs/photos/a.240625045996522.58710.233633560029004/658147077577648/?type=1&theater

Follow us on Facebook for updates: https://www.facebook.com/ProtectMustangs

BLM announces 12 million in budget for helicopter roundups. Share the petition to stop cruel roundups!


Protect Mustangs.org (Photo © Cat Kindsfather)

Protect Mustangs.org (Photo © Cat Kindsfather)


Watch what a roundup looks like:

Please sign and share the petition to defund the roundups: http://www.change.org/petitions/defund-and-stop-the-wild-horse-burro-roundups

It reads:

According to a press release from National Academy of Sciences released June 5, 2013, “The U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) current practice of removing free-ranging horses from public lands promotes a high population growth rate, and maintaining them in long-term holding facilities is both economically unsustainable and incongruent with public expectations, says a new report by the National Research Council.” 

The NAS report states there is “no evidence” of overpopulation. Only tobacco science and spin backs up BLM’s population claim to justify roundups and fertility control/sterilizations.

We request an immediate moratorium on roundups for scientific population studies.

Wild horses are a returned-native species to America. Rounding up federally protected wild horses and burros has been documented as cruel. Warehousing them for decades is fiscally irresponsible. Clearing mustangs and burros off public land–for industrialization, fracking, grazing and the water grab–goes against the 1971 Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act put in place to protect the living legends of the American West. They must never go to slaughter.

We request you defund and stop the roundups immediatly.

There is no accurate census and the BLM figures do not add up. We request population studies for each herd management area (HMA) and each herd area (HA) because we are gravely concerned there are less than 18,000 wild horses and burros in the 10 western states combined. More roundups or fertility control/sterilizations will wipe them out because the majority are no longer genticaly viable herds.

Wild horses are not overpopulating despite spin from the forces that want to perform heinous sterilizations in the field. Humane fertility control could be looked at as an option only after scientific population studies have been conducted for each HMA and each HA. Right now it’s premature.

Field observers have noticed a worrisome decline in wild horse and burro population since the BLM’s rampant roundups from 2009 to this day.

Kindly allow returned-native wild horses and the burros to reverse desertification, reduce the fuel for wildfires and create biodiversity on public land–while living with their families in freedom.

Urgent call to save young wild horse from probable slaughter!


Posted on Jan 27, 2014 @ 8:38 PST

Great News! BLM’s Debbie Collins has told us Cinnamon has been adopted this morning! We are so grateful for everyone’s help sharing her info so she can be saved from getting a 3rd Strike! Congratulations to her adopter.

Posted on Jan 26, 2014 @ 13:57

We followed up on Cinnamon to make sure she had been adopted only to learn the little filly now has 2 STRIKES and is in Oklahoma!

Share widely to find an adopter so she doesn’t get a 3rd STRIKE, be sold to a kill buyer and get shipped to probable slaughter in Canada or Mexico.

If she’s not adopted ASAP then Cinnamon will get her 3rd strike, when passed over again. 3-Strike wild horses loose all their protections and are often SOLD by the truckload for $10 a head. The buyer signs a paper saying they won’t sell them to slaughter. This middleman or kill buyer sells them into the slaughter pipeline. Then the horses are BUTCHERED in Canada or Mexico while the BLM claims they don’t sell wild horses to slaughter.

Currently the Nevada Farm Bureau is suing BLM to DESTROY (kill) all the alleged “unadoptables” like Cinnamon so they can roundup more.

Here is the BLM info on Cinnamon from November 2013:

Sex: Filly     Age: 1 Years   Height (in hands): 13

Necktag #: 12618764   Date Captured: 08/01/12

Color: Sorrel   Captured: Desatoya (NV)

#8764 – yearling Sorral Filly, Star, rounded up August 18, 2012 from NV0606 Desatoya Herd Area, Nevada.

BLM says, “This horse has always been very friendly. She was always the first one to come to the fence to greet the public. Tag# 8764 has been in a pen by herself for two weeks. When we took the pictures on 9/18 she was introduced to her halter, she lipped it for a few minutes and then let us put it on her without any hesitation. She lets us brush her and run our hands down her legs. 8764 has not offered to kick or bite. 8764 is very willing to learn new things. 8764 has not been worked with a lot, she is just a very loving lil filly.”

Contact Debbie Collins to adopt Cinnamon:

Debbie Collins
BLM National Wild Horse & Burro Program
Marketing and National Information Center


Cinnamon appears to be halter gentled so her stabling requirements might be different. Normally once a horse is halter-gentled they can live with other horses in pens or barn with normal fencing and don’t need extremely high fencing. Please email Debbie Collins about this. Keeping everything written down prevents confusion and misunderstandings.

Here is the adoption form: http://www.blm.gov/or/resources/whb/files/adoption_application_4710-010.pdf

Please contact us if you are having difficulty with the BLM and if they are not helping solve potential problems. We will do our best to help create a positive outcome. Our email is Contact@ProtectMustangs.org.

Thank you for helping Cinnamon!

Gary King Calls on the Governor to Have State Do the Right Thing on Horse Slaughter

Protect Mustangs.org

Protect Mustangs.org

January 8, 2014

(Albuquerque, NM) – Candidate for Governor Gary King today called on Governor Martinez to take immediate steps to block the proposed horse slaughterhouse in Roswell by directing her Secretary of the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) to take into serious consideration the opinion of the state environmental hearing officer who yesterday recommended that the operational permits to the Valley Meat company be denied.

“By waiting to block the permits, Governor Martinez has not only endangered these majestic horses, she is wasting thousands of taxpayer dollars. She could end this highly controversial project now by instructing her cabinet Secretary in charge of granting or denying a permit to the Valley Meat company to consider the strong evidence against this project,” said King.

“Horse slaughter is wrong. Human consumption of horse meat that may contain drugs could be dangerous. Discharging thousands of gallons of waste every day from an industrial horse slaughter operation would harm the environment,” said King. “Governor Martinez could have taken action long ago to address this controversy. This isn’t about politics – it’s about the humane treatment of horses and good stewardship. The only question is whether she will finally make the right decision. ”

“I am grateful to the many thousands of people from within New Mexico and around the country who have signed my petition, asking Gov. Martinez to stop the horse slaughterhouse. While the state court will hopefully make the right decision, this has gone on too long,” King added.


Horse slaughterhouse wants to file lawsuit against hero


From Gary King:

Right now I am doing everything I can to protect our majestic horses by blocking the horse slaughterhouse in New Mexico. Our latest victory was last Friday, when we won a 10-day temporary restraining order in court that keeps the horse slaughterhouse from opening in violation of our state laws.

Now, the same people who want to slaughter horses are coming after me.

It was reported today that they’re now going to sue me for slander and harassment.

Why? Because I’m leading a national fight to keep them from opening, a fight that has mobilized people both inside and outside of New Mexico who simply won’t give up on our horses. And I will not be intimidated.

I grew up in a ranching family. I love these animals and I know what’s at stake. I’m not going to stop fighting – and when I become Governor I will continue to stand up for our New Mexico values.

Thank you for joining me in support of this endeavor. If you live in New Mexico, I need your help to gather signatures for my nominating petition to appear on the ballot for governor in November, and ensure that I can keep working on this important issue. Please click here to download the petition, print it out and sign it, and please get any other New Mexico registered Democrats to sign as well. Then mail it to my campaign by January 20th at:

Gary King for Governor

PO Box 40
Moriarty, NM 87035

Thank you for all your kind notes and support of my campaign.

Gary King

Democratic Candidate For Governor
Gary King for Governor

AG King Leads Fight Against Horse Slaughter in New Mexico

Gary King

AG’s Request for TRO Granted; In Effect Until Jan. 3 Hearing

(SANTA FE)—New Mexico Attorney General Gary King applauds the efforts of his office as they together continue working to stop Valley Meats from beginning commercial horse slaughter operations in Roswell, New Mexico.

At AG King’s request, First Judicial District Court Judge Matthew Wilson has issued a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) that stops Valley Meats from opening as they planned January 1, 2014.

Attorney General King sought the TRO because Valley Meat had stated it would begin operating even though it lacked the required regulatory approval. With the newly scheduled hearing, the court can now more fully consider the dangers posed by commercial horse slaughter and Valley Meat’s long history of non-compliance with existing laws.

The hearing on AG King’s request for a longer-term injunction is January 3, 2014 in the First Judicial District courthouse in Santa Fe.

The filed TRO is available on the AG’s web site, www.nmag.gov, under news releases.

On December 19, Attorney General King filed a lawsuit against Valley Meat Company, its owner and two related companies that want to bring commercial horse slaughter to New Mexico.  Commercial horse slaughter is a new, untested enterprise that poses health and environmental risks to New Mexicans. Horses in America are not raised to be eaten, and are widely administered drugs that are forbidden for use in food animals.

# # #

Princess Anne and World Horse Welfare suggest eating horses to help horse welfare

Princess Anne.   Photo credit: NHC_UHI : Foter.com : CC BY-NC-ND

Princess Anne Photo credit: NHC_UHI : Foter.com : CC BY-NC-ND

D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000″ id=”ep_336″>

According to CBS “Princess Anne made waves Thursday when she suggested the United Kingdom should take a second look at eating horses — primarily, she argued, because it could lead to better treatment of the animals.

The statement from the renowned horse advocate sparked headlines in the U.K., protests from other animal lovers, and more than a few cringes in the U.S., which shares its British ally’s distaste for equine dishes.”

Horse slaughter is inhumane and causes great suffering. Why are alleged equine welfare groups and advocates suggesting slaughter to solve abuse?

COMMENTS HERE Plz: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-201_162-57612657/eating-horse-how-about-kangaroo-unusual-meats-carry-risk-and-reward/#addcomm

CNN POLL Here http://eatocracy.cnn.com/2013/11/15/princess-anne-says-give-horse-meat-a-chance/ 

World Horse Welfare is on Twitter here https://twitter.com/horsecharity @HorseCharity

What other articles can you find about Princess Anne suggesting eating horses as a solution to horse welfare issues?