Anonymous tip says wild horses are being slaughtered by the thousands


We are sharing this anonymous tip in hopes legal action or rescue will follow to save the thousands of horses who are still alive.

#TakeAction to demand horse slaughter stop now!

Email Secretary Sally Jewell ( ). The Secretary of Interior oversees the Bureau of Indian Affairs. You can also write her a letter. Here is her address:

The Honorable Sally Jewell Secretary of the Interior

U.S. Department of the Interior

1849 C Street,

NW Washington,

DC 20240E

Please Contact your Congressional Rep  ( ) to request they intervene on your behalf to stop the slaughter.

Join the movement to Protect Mustangs by liking the Facebook page: Check the page daily and invite your friends to join the movement to protect mustangs!

We are working for the wild horses on Twitter too so Join up at You can also join our Founder and Executive Director, Anne Novak, on Twitter at There is a lot we can do together to Protect Mustangs!

Please share this video so people will learn what is going on. Then they can demand change and legal action to stop the slaughter of thousands of wild horses!

Video Copyright Protect Mustangs, 2015, all rights reserved.  Photo copyright Christina Lynn Williams Photography

Go to for more information on wild horses.

Our non-profit mission is to protect and preserve America’s native and wild horses.


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20 thoughts on “Anonymous tip says wild horses are being slaughtered by the thousands

  1. Indians on their Rez have a Sivereign right.this began several years ago.maybe it has escalated.i hope we can stop it~

  2. I am very disgusted , embarrassed & angry at the slaughter & abuse that is going on at the hands of our own government…the American people want them to be wild & free! Leave our wild horses alone!

  3. This is horrible and is being done by the council chiefs. The regular tribal members do not want this. Cattle are taking over the reservation .

  4. Please, how do we stop this,we must increase awareness,and need a voice for them,if aspca can put the commercials that they do then we need to do it as well.we need to get our 4-h members. To learn more about it,and how they can help. This is madness..This is one tip brought to our as attention. How many more are out there.

  5. You, anonymous are a hero. Thank you for speaking up. I have one of thise orphans from the Yakima Reservation

  6. The Bureau of Indian Affairs (DOI) might be able to do something like SANCTIONS if the tribes continue to sell horses to SLAUGHTER. Public pressure is needed to save thousands of Rez horses from going to slaughter! Contact Sec. Jewell and your Congressional Rep today!

  7. The Honorable Sally Jewell,
    I hope this email finds you well. I am writing you today as it relates to Indian Reservations selling horses for slaughter. Horses in the United States can’t be sold to buy killers who transports these animal to Mexico and Canada. Laws were passed in 1971 prohibiting the sale to kill buyers. Horses are not safe for human consumption – due to medicines etc… that have been given to most horses over the years – this could be a liability to Indian Affairs and those who are selling these animals. I am asking that you put a stop to all for sale horses due to the illegal actions mentioned above. Respectfully, Terri Caldwell

  8. What has happened to America allowing our Horses to be Killed ? This world is becoming more Cruel every day . Please Goverment wake up and do something important for once and Save our beloved Horses !

  9. I thought the Indians had our backs on the protection of our and there wild horses. I am so ashamed of what is happening to our beautiful horses. Please help us stop this tribe in continuing to sell our precious ones for human consumption.. These horses are magnificent wild BEAUTIFUL creature’s that God has created to blend in with and go along with nature. Please help save them, I will pray for the wild ones and there protection. The Indians most of all should remember what it’s like to have your freedom and land taken away..Run free and wild mustang’s we love you to the moon and back. Please Lord guard and protect them….

  10. The American people want to Blm brought up on criminal charges immediately. These vile paracites our responsibal for this war on our Wild horses. We pay the taxes on the range .

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