Shelter urgently needed for captive wild horses in Nevada and elsewhere

Palomino Valley Center near Reno, Nevada and all other holding facilities must provide access to shelter from the elements. Denying shelter is abusive.

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“Now it’s time for BLM facilities in Nevada, Colorado, Utah and other states to stop making excuses and provide shelter for captive wild horses in their care,” states Anne Novak, Executive Director of Protect Mustangs.
“Contact your elected officials and ask them to intervene to bring shelter to America’s indigenous horses trapped in pens,” urges Tami Hottes, Protect Mustangs’ Outreach Coordinator for the Midwest and South, who was pleased to discover shelters at the Nebraska BLM holding facility.

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4 thoughts on “Shelter urgently needed for captive wild horses in Nevada and elsewhere

  1. Inhumane practice…once again by our f-d up government. I Am ASHAMED TO BE AN AMERICAN…at least my daughter isnt.

  2. I am applaud at the great injustices being done to these magnificent creatures, when is it going to stop??? This is America, we are a civilized nation aren’t we? All of God’s creatures deserve respect and to be treated humanly , especially those creatures whom are such a part and symbolize our American heritage!!! I am so sick and tire of the disgusting, SICK individuals being allowed to abuse, torture and kill God’s creatures……For God’s sake, give those poor creatures shelter, you have taken away their freedom and dignity already….What really worries me is that once we have killed off everything wild and free, what next??? Humans that are deemed undeserving or unfit or a neusence??? SHAME ON THE HUMAN RACE…I AM DISGUSTED

  3. The folks that work at Elm Creek were very friendly and they take good care of the horses. A vet comes out every other day and they go through all of the pastures and do a wellness evaluation. The place was clean and there was plenty of fresh water. Joe, an employee, can actually pet several of them! Nevada could learn a lesson on being humane from these people….

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