Help Wyoming wild horses find homes away from slaughter

PM Steve Mantle

Adopt from Mantle Ranch. If you can’t adopt then share this to help the mustangs.

Steve Mantle was mentored by Brian Neubert who was mentored by Bill and Tom Dorrance.  Steve works with wild horses using natural horsemanship methods.

Steve’s ranch has a contract with BLM to adopt out wild horses. He has taken in many Wyoming horses to help them get homes. Recently he accepted many from the Rock Springs Corral that was being cleared out for the Adobe Town/Salt Wells roundup.

We recommend getting an untamed or halter-gentled wild horse from Steve and his sons.

When no one came forward to adopt Tibet, he went to Mantle Ranch where we picked him up. We had a positive experience with Steve and recommend him. Steve is a good horseman with vast knowledge who genuinely cares about the horses.

People like Steve Mantle help keep wild horses out of the slaughter pipeline but they need our help. If you or your friends can adopt one or two horses from Steve then he can help more wild horses.

Contact Mantle Ranch by email: and by phone: 307-322-5799

Meet Steve and his sons:




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3 thoughts on “Help Wyoming wild horses find homes away from slaughter

  1. He is so awesome, got one of my mustangs from him, wonderful to talk to , and just a great person and trainer, he really cares about the horses, and works hard trying to help others with adopting, answering any questions.. he is .top notch!

  2. This will be featuring horses that need homes on Sundays. Please tweet this hashtag #TweetEquine with stories, photos of any horse that needs a home on Saturdays.

  3. i put my to horses on a farm to live out there lives,the girl that has them is a Blessing she loves them as much as i do sends me pictures of them one is a TWH and my little truable maker is a rockie mountain never could break him so we just came to an agrement that horse (isaac) would do any thing ror me just when the time come i cant put another one down,i love them so much and think God for them.and God bless you

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