Legally BLM can sell wild horses by the truckloads


The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has the legal right–under the 2004 Burns Amendment passed by Congress–to dispose of America’s legendary wild horses through “unlimited sales”. People buying truckloads of wild horses generally sell them to slaughter. In August 2011 one such truckload was busted on it’s way to slaughter.

BLM claims it does not sell wild horses to slaughter directly at this time. . . In effect, the middle man buys the truckloads of wild horses and sells them to the slaughterhouse.

It’s time for more eyes on roundups and more eyes on wild horses in holding.

The public wants to re-protect America’s wild horses especially with horse slaughter plants scheduled to reopen in the U.S.A.

Ask Congress to STOP the roundup$ now.

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