#StopWyRoundup Now!

Protect Mustangs and their members are calling for Congress to intervene and stop the CRUEL helicopter roundup happening in Wyoming right now!

STOP the Cruelty! #StopWyRoundup Tweet it. Contact your elected officials until this roundup stops! Meet with them. Email them and write handwritten letters requesting they stop using federal tax dollars to pay for this Wyoming roundup and others! You can find their contact information here: http://www.contactingthecongress.org/

TAKE ACTION! Peacefully protest. Write letters to the editor of your hometown paper. Remember the WY roundup is happening because PRIVATE landowners are requesting wild horses be removed from PRIVATE land but the corrupt BLM is taking them off all the Checkerboard (public & private) because the richest grazing association in the country doesn’t fence out their private property yet they complain there are too many federally protected wild horses.

The truth will reveal itself in a couple of years when the Checkerboard is swarming with fracked oil and gas wells, the ground water is poisoned and the grazing association has been busted as a Big Oil and Gas front group. Industrialization of the West is wiping out our iconic wild horses. Tell YOUR elected officials NO!