Are America’s native wild horses ending up as sashimi and ice cream?

Herd Was Slaughtered

Dear Friends of Wild Horses,

I didn’t know horses could end up slaughtered and used to flavor ice cream until today. They call it BASASHI ICE and it sells in Japan. YUCK!

In 2010, during field work in Nevada, I learned foals were being live-shipped over to Asia to be slaughtered for “fresh foal sashimi”. The BLM was not keeping good records of wild horses and there was talk that many were being sold out the back door from BLM holding facilities to kill-buyers. This was before the Tom Davis story was exposed. . .

Today the BLM claims they “don’t sell wild horses to slaughter” even though several members of their advisory board want them to. The truth is they still do sell wild horses to middlemen who buy “sale authority” mustangs. Citizens need to unite to bust this wide open.

Thanks to the WY14 incident we now know the BLM rounds up wild horses for the Wyoming Department of Agriculture who sells wild horses at auction to Canadian slaughterhouses. And those American icons are butchered and consumed abroad as a delicacy such as sashimi and ice cream!

As you know the WY14 were rescued after going to the slaughterhouse feedlot, hauled out to California and need ongoing donations for hay to grow strong so they can heal from all the trauma.

The last load of hay from all the money we raised has been eaten up and hay prices are going up in California. It’s expensive to feed the 14 orphans. Our goal to to create a sustainable eco-sanctuary in 2015 with grazing but until then they need your help to eat.

Your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation here makes a difference so they can eat and grow. Please donate today and please share this fundraiser on Facebook, twitter and via email. You can also go to our homepage to make a hay donation:

Feeding them is helping them. . . If they had been left alone with their families to live in freedom they wouldn’t need your help but now that they have lost their freedom and have no more family members over the age of 2–because they were all slaughtered–they really need your help.

The WY14 are grateful you care. Thank you.

Many blessings,

Anne Novak
Executive Director

10 thoughts on “Are America’s native wild horses ending up as sashimi and ice cream?

  1. Totally disgusted, disheartened & dismayed to read about such a barbaric practice. Humans never fail to amaze me. The ways in which we treat our animals.

  2. Foals live shipped for ice cream is disgusting. My heart breaks this is going on so very long.. What more can be done to stop the EXTINCTION of our Wild Horses and Burros?

  3. when will man wake up and see what he does to GOD S creatures for the ways he mistreats these icons American heritage icons and other wildlife is an insult to himself and a way of destruction to himself also we need to be more kind and strict on how evil mankind treats the innocent animals we need that strong voice for them and an even strong government to uphold their rights!

  4. The Cody, Wyoming, office of the BLM pre-sold the Wyoming 41 wild free roaming horses to Bouvry Exports, a Canadian horse slaughter company. There was never any auction. Health Certificates obtained showed some were filled out prior to the roundup. The owner’s name has to be on a health certificate.

    The horses were taken to Worland Livestock Auction, Inc., but they were never auctioned. BLM Cody made the whole story up about an auction. Thank you Protect Mustangs for stepping up to rescue the “Wyoming 14” — 14 out of the 41, from Bouvry Exports, which was no small feat, as Protect Mustangs is the only organization to have been allowed to work with Bouvry to rescue horses.

  5. Whether or not another culture condones eating one animal over another really isnt the discussion to be having. (Why? because many people will begin arguing that no animal should be eaten, therefore it is pointless to argue that horses deserve an intervention to protect them. I call Bull-Shit on that argument.) The most important thing is stopping government sanctioned round-up of our wild horses and burros using these brutal means. Shipping to slaughter, kickbacks and racketeering on the part of the US government agency, misleading the public, these are violations of law and only public protest or Congressional oversight will stop it. Right now the money is talking. We are these horses only voice, we simply must speak up. If we wait it will be too late. Are you p-o’d?? Good, tell your friends, tell people you never even met. Americans do not want to see our wild horses decimated. What will elimination of wild horse populations do to the genetic sustainability of horse populations in general? In-breeding leads to genetic flaws and weaknesses. Free association and distribution of genes, such as is found in the wild, permits a species to survive.

  6. Stop this insanity of terrorizing roundups of our wild horse and burro. PLEASE!

  7. This is disgusting it’s been going on to long now, no just the wild horses and burros but the crulity and killing dogs for human consumption in china. That country is so scary to me if they do this to dogs then they do it to human. Pam

  8. This is disgusting. May our numbers expand to such numbers that embarrassment for this terrible government agency that it is shut down and all fired. With a new agency with loving employees and our wild horses and burros as they central theme, we will be the loving, caring, and nurturing American society that we were supposed to be as God meant. And these animals are our treasured American icons.

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