Ask @NYTimes to OPEN public comments on controversial article about wild horses


Where are wild horses?™

It’s Wild Horse Wednesday™ and your voice for wild horses is needed to Stop the CENSORSHIP in the New York Times!

Politely request the Times open public comments in this biased articleAs Wild Horses Overrun the West, Ranchers Fear Land Will Be Gobbled Up 

It looks like this spin piece has been placed in one of America’s best newspapers as part of a sagebrush rebellion campaign that is pro-slaughter. They want to sway the public into accepting the mass killing and slaughter of America’s wild horses in captivity and on the range. Even the headline is not factual. There are no “wild horses overrunning the West”. Just drive out West and you will see it’s hard to find wild horses. Most of them have been rounded up. Native wild horses are underpopulated on millions of acres of public land. The spin Dr.s want to fool you because they don’t think you will go out to see this for yourself.

Before moving to New York, Dave Philipps lived in Colorado Springs and worked at the Gazette. He has been to at least one roundup and has visited wild horses on herd management areas. Did he forge his alliances with ranchers and horse-haters in Colorado?

Philipps’ New York Times article seems to be part of a bigger election year publicity campaign paid for because some western politicians want to take control of federally protected wild horses so they can slaughter them to “dispose” of them. They can’t find a way to make money with them because they are owned by the American people, so they want to kill them to make room for the New Energy Frontier and their non-native livestock. All this is part of a bigger land grab. Some states want to steal federal public land.

Read Tobacco science scapegoats wild horses for livestock damage in the West, the critique of the Times SPIN piece:


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New York Times: As Wild Horses Overrun the West, Ranchers Fear Land Will Be Gobbled Up
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17 thoughts on “Ask @NYTimes to OPEN public comments on controversial article about wild horses

  1. it is hard to believe that someone with the inteligence of Dave Phillips would let an article like this be published. he should know that you have to do your research before you write an article like this is published. the truth is so easy to find, and he just ignored it and wrote a piece that was so far from the truth, it is laughable… a real let down from someone who should have known better. i am so disappointed in both of them, Dave Phillips and TNYT………

  2. This is the same reporter that wrote the Propublica article regarding the missing 1700 Wild Horses, why did he write this garbage?

  3. I think Dave Phillips should make a trip out west to see how many wild horses are on public lands. Hopefully he has a lot of time because he’s going to need it to find them. It will just be easier to visit the government holding facilities,because that’s where they are. A journalist has a responsibility to write factual information. This article falls short. How disappointing.

  4. Dear David, please accept an invite to come west and count the wild mustangs . The BLM failed basic third grade math and has Never given the same numbers twice!

  5. This article is Bull. I hope NY, the most vegan friendly city in the US, does not go on a foodie craze for horse burgers

  6. Dave Phillips, you are supposed to be on the side of ”saving” our wild horse population. Looks like you got sold out.

    @NYT open public comments on @David_Philipps article on Wyoming roundup #WarOnWildHorse #WildHorseWednesday

  7. Shame on you for condemning those who cannot speak for themselves. I am surprised that you with so little knowledge of the wild horses plight. And so far away from the actual brutal roundups, you dare voice your opinion. Go to the slaughter pens . How would you know anything living in New York.

  8. The Misconception here is that the Wild Horses and Burrow are ‘ALLOCATED’ TO PUBLIC LANDS. not cattle. Cattle are there on a ‘priviledge’ WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE REVOKING THE PRIVILEDGE OF CATTLE GRAZING OUR NATIONAL AND PUBLIC RESOURCES.





  9. I now live in Nevada, I previously lived in Rock Springs, WY. I had a friend who was a wrangler for the BLM in Rock Springs, meaning she helped manage the wild horses. She never once mentioned that they were a problem in any way. I never heard ANYONE mention at any time that the wild horses were problematic. The horses share the range immediately surrounding Rock Springs and other areas/towns of WY with mostly antelope, there are deer as well in some areas. There was plenty of water and feed for all these species on the ranges. The presence of the horses did not hinder the antelope population in any way, nor did it hinder the deer, or the rabbits. Wouldn’t you think that if the horses were indeed eating up all the vegetation and destroying the range that the antelope, deer and rabbit populations would have declined as a result? I would certainly think so, as well as the wild horse population. It would also leave the sage grouse out in the open with nothing to thrive on, they eat sage brush and insects. They eat mainly sage brush and they nest in. It would also cause the decline of the Sage Grouse species , which it did not. I lived in Rock Springs for 5 years and travelled around Wyoming extensively.

    Now I live in Southern Nevada, Las Vegas. I have gone down to the public areas used for rodeo activity to veiw the wild horses that have been rounded up and held in the corrals at this facilty. They were not scraggly, mangy, flea bitten nags, they were gorgeous, healthy, majestic creatures, picture postcard material, except they had been removed from the backdrop of the picture. Truly some of most beautiful horses I have ever seen. I only wished I had the resouces to save them and keep them here.

    I know of people in the rural areas beyond and in surrounding areas who have purchased back horses that were rounded up from their neighborhoods and released them back into thier natural habitat. These people who looked forward to seeing the horses come onto their property to graze and gambol about in the evening as the sun was beginning to set, it is soothing to the mind, heart and spirit to view the natural world around us, untouched by civilzation, and to view these majestic creatures. If you have never been priviledged enough to see them, I pity you, you have truly missed one of the most beautiful sights the west has to offer.

    As for the ranchers, I think that most likely the horses were already there when they came along and decided to ranch their particular area.The west did not become settled until after the journey of Louis and Clark. The horses are said to be descended from horses released by the Spanish Conquistadors when they came to our continent, that does place them there before the ranchers. The ranches came along and liked the look of the neighborhood and simply began to take over and had only the intention of ridding the neighborhood of the denizens previously there, such as the horses and the Indians. The ranchers had nothing but greed in thier hearts, self serving domination of an existing eco system. In my opinion, to this day, they feel the same, they want to be allowed to graze their cattle practically for free on public land and they want everybody else out of their way. Apparently they think their desires supersede anyone else’s. If they can’t make a go of ranching without help from the government, maybe it’s time to change occupations? They may physically occupy these regions of pulblic lands, but really, these lands belong to America and the American people, not just the ranchers. Maybe they have been allowed to use them for long enough.

  10. He used to live out West . . . in Colorado and has visited HMAs and been to at least one roundup. This is the guy that broke the Tom Davis story where he also called wild horses feral. Now he’s working for the New York Times.

  11. It seems that Dave Phillips broke the story of the sale of mustangs to Tom Davis before the investigation was complete. Now his biased New York Times story makes you wonder why he is writing about wild horses and seems to be siding with the horse-haters. The fact that wild horses are native is basic and I’m shocked an investigative reporter wouldn’t know the facts.

  12. Dave Phillips has been placed well and has taken from the wild horse advocacy information and trust and then betrayed all. He is connected through many such as Madeleine Pickens, Laura Leigh Schmidt, Deb Coffey and Ginger Kathrens. This man who betrayed us all was trusted with information that could have been used to create a National Push to stop removing and killing and our wild horses. Instead everything went where it always goes, behind the scenes, and there it became a worm that did damage for 2 years.

    Is it not amazing how fast Dave Phillips rose in the tricky world of Corporate Journalism?

    There are lessons to be learned here. Will anyone perceive them let alone come to realize we must actually fight back at BLM/DOI/Obama? We live in a treacherous time and wildlife and wild lands are at stake around the world. The choice I see people making is to do nothing unless it will give them more back. The people I know give their ALL! They are not PAID employees to anyone. They are not looking for a raise or a promotion. They are looking for success for the wild ones.

    Advocates who avoid the challenge and hope of a 10 Year Moratorium are being made to think the horses do not belong on their own lands with plentiful water and resources for Wildlife. Americans are even fooled into believing the “Overpopulation Myth”. They belong to us. Give in to the Salazar Plan for all wild horses to be on sanctuaries (was it not by 2015?) seems to be popular path; follow BLM; give in and maybe you too will be rewarded?)

    Anti-Slaughter will rage on and hopefully win, once and for all, but our wild ones have been sold out and will continue to be removed from their legal lands. This is a recipe for disaster. How can anyone with a sanctuary guarantee wild ones’ongoing freedom and natural behavior? They cannot. We may lose our premier National Parks to the frackers, just like we are losing our wild horses and burros to fracking. Only by remaining on their large HAs can our wild horses, our partners in history, play and modern scientific methods for management be protected and preserved and managed to LIVE!

    10 Year Moratorium. Just imagine the fun we can have actually saving our wild horses and their integral public lands; study them and learn things we never imagined, see things we are privileged to see. Stop the Roundups and removals.

    Stop standing there! DO SOMETHING!

  13. I am Australian and we are just as disgraceful to our wildlife who are culled because of supposed overpopulation and a general nuisance……… How people night when they make these cruel and callous decisions is beyond me. 🙁
    I am Vegan for the Animals. !!! All animals have the right to live, love and be loved.
    Please leave these beautiful mustangs alone……… We must be there Voice. !!!
    If not us, then who ??
    Mahatma Gandhi quoted ” The Greatness of a Nation and its Moral Progress can be judged by the way its Animals are treated “

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