Documentary unveils the truth behind wild horse roundups



Watch Wild Horses and Renegades, a film by James Anaquad Kleinert. Share the film to educate people about what is happening to our wild herds. Drugging them is not the solution. They are underpopulated and at-risk of losing genetic variability. We need to FIGHT for their right to stay on public land.



You can watch the film here:

9 thoughts on “Documentary unveils the truth behind wild horse roundups

  1. The wild horses are being removed from their range. Because, the BLM is being paid to remove them. They get paid for every one of the horses they can ship for meat. I heard that most of the cattle ranches are owned by other countries. If that is true. Then they shouldn’t be getting welfare ranching rights. And that goes for sheep also. Put the wild horses back on the range running free and wild.

  2. Managing wild horses to extinction. . Way to go BLM
    please stop your mismanagement of America’s Wild Mustangs, you aren’t winning any friends and you are ruining our heritage.. No Slaughter for horses, no more roundups please. Remember our tax dollars fund you, how much longer do you really think this is going to fly with the American public?

  3. It angers and viles me to no end to see this battle to save our American Wild Horses, our heritage continue to be ignored. We are such a dead asleep society, a throw away society, FULL of ill information about what is happening to our country. So many who are aware of the planning of pipe lines or jobs, could not be more greedy and blind. They think WE will get the oil, the money, the jobs. Wrong. It will all be farmed out just as these horses that YOU own are, this land that is ours that is being raped by the BLM and so mismanaged on a mountain of aspects. You are so being lied to America. We all own these horses. Five million of your tax dollars are paying for 60,000+ to be held captive in BLM holding facilities each year without protection from the elements and yet again, another hard winter is coming. Today there are 50 cattle to 1 wild horse on public lands, yet the government, BLM and ranchers make false claims that it is the horses that are overpopulated and destroying the land. Most people do not understand the balance of our ecosystems enough to realize that it is the horse that re-grasses our lands because their digestive system does not destroy seeds like all other animals. They truly have kept our lands alive. Imagine what our open lands will be like in a few years, how other animals will suffer due to the lack of vegetation. It has been proven that our wild horses go to slaughter for foreign consumption when in fact horse meat is contaminated and causes cancer from medications they receive. Slaughter is a horrible death to these prey animals, the ones who have built our America, carried us thru battle, built our world, brought our mail, filled the heart of a child, and been faithful in our every growing needs. We are not only allowing this destruction to happen to the American Wild Horse, but we are also destroying ourselves, our land and the last bit of history we have left in this world that is OUR heritage, our symbol of freedom. Please share this with another person and ask them to vote on the ROAM Act S 1579 and ask your Senators for their support.

  4. How long is to long? The BLM continues to duck and cover under the burecracy of government

  5. Unfortunately, we all know that horse meat is being sold and shipped to slaughter in Mexico and Canada. Like most advocates our fear, and mostly founded, is that of the wild horses, where did they all go, from this massive BLM roundup. No where in this Act does it cover horse meat. Does not seem to be any regulations regarding horses being sold or shipped for the purpose of human consumption.
    Even though the Government has defined horses as “livestock” they are not mentioned in this act:

    Plus the reports that large quantities of wild horses were sold by the BLM to Tom Davis, who refuses to account for the whereabouts of the horses he purchased for $10 a piece. The whereabouts and availability for the public to adopt is not made transparent or accessible by many that are concerned, and definitely the public can’t adopt for $10 a piece, and are accountable for the whereabouts of their adopted horse.

    The wild mustangs are not listed as “Wildlife” either, so they are not protected in that manner either.

    The import and export of livestock as reported to the government is alarming, and no where do they mention horse meat, but we know it happens. Statement of Mr. Bob McCan, President, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association

    Bureau of Land Management needs to be accountable for the whereabouts of our captive wild horses.

  6. America, have Wild Horses not suffered enough??.
    It is a DARK & GREEDY WAR, BLOODY, CORPORATE GAS & OIL COMPANIES, RANCHERS, FRACKING, BLM WAR!! Our own voiceless Wild Horses are stuck in the middle of this DEADLY WEB!!! Where is America?? Why doesn’t our government help stop this horrific WILD HORSE GENOCIDE?? When in the world did it become okay with America to terrorize with Helicopters, shoot, burn, breaking legs, pregnant mares and baby foal ran to death, many trampled, left behind, families rounded up, marked, murdered, ripping apart families forever, tortured, thousands Wild Horses and Wild Burros illegally sold for Slaughter.So many of us feel their pain so much, this Angry, Bloody War against mans Heritage, our own Wild Horses must end now or else America will be broken forever for our Wild Horses are the heartbeat of America!! America they are almost gone forever, we never wanted them taken away in the first place!!
    Equine Advocate Tina Wooten

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