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Dear Friends of Wild Horses and Burros,

We have been using the East Bay dry pasture since 2011 for the wild horses in our outreach program, Blondie, Tibet, Val & Sol who were at risk of going to slaughter after being rounded up by the BLM. We rotate them in and out according to training needs and funding to board them at a training facility since we don’t have our own. This is a way we cut costs and stretch dollars.

Right now Blondie and Tibet are there. Val and Sol will come back to join them once Val has healed from his injury. It’s a wonderful place with trees, bushes, birds and quiet only 45 minutes from downtown San Francisco.

When Lennox (Fort McDermitt roundup and slaughter auction rescue Aug 2013) gets some sponsors we can bring him over to the pasture. We have worked with trainers who have helped halter-gentle him so as long as we can catch him, he is ready to come to the pasture. Lennox hasn’t been outside a corral since he was caught in the brutal BLM McDermitt roundup where most of the stallions went to slaughter.

Above is a photo of Lennox taken 2 weeks after the slaughter auction. He had several horrible wounds from being shoved in the trucks with the studs who beat him up. He had a huge bloody gash on his face above his left eye. We took care of him and he only has a subtle scar left on his forehead.

The day Lennox comes will be a beautiful moment to set him free on 14 acres. It will fill his soul as it does for all the wild horses who come to this natural pasture. The WY14 will love it too! But none of this will happen if we lose the pasture.

Please help with a tax-deductible donation today. Here is the link to the fundraiser to email to friends and share on social media.

Send us an email if you would like to sponsor a wild horse and be a special part of their life. Our address is

Thank you for caring so much. The wild horses know they have helpers out there like you and are grateful.

Many blessings,

Anne Novak
Executive Director

9 thoughts on “Help Save the Wild Horse Pasture!

  1. Wish I could do more to help. Anything will help with the care of the horses. It wouldn’t take long for it to add up. If everybody send what they could. GOD BLESS

  2. Everyone, to include myself, who has a rescued horse has extra expenses when doing so. Just a fact of life — rescuing many horses, then the expense times the amount of horses saved. Saving a life of any animal is a tremendous venture of the heart and soul — and also taking part in this adventure is simply, whether it be directly or indirectly by contributing time, money, supplies or whatever, is just good for the heart and the soul as well — However you may do it, you’ve helped save a life, and that is just very important indeed — significant especially to those you helped save. . .

  3. These horses deserve the very best we can do for them and now is the time they need this pasture to heal from the terrible wounds they have suffered mentally and physically. The trauma they have suffered is beyond our comprehension but we have to do everything we can to heal them. This pasture is the very best thing they need to heal their wounds. God bless all of you who step up and give this to them.

  4. We are all so grateful that Protect Mustangs was able to rescue these 14 Mustangs heinously sold to slaughter. Thank you!

  5. Supporting the efforts of the care for the rescued wild horses such as the Wyoming 14 rescues seen here at Protect are a good way to ensure that this breed is going to be around for your grandchildren’s children and so on. This is very important — Planet Earth is losing its animals because of us, I am sure you have seen those headlines lately – 48% – very alarming! Efforts such as this are necessary if you take a moment to contemplate the path we are on with animal conservation on this planet. The wild horses are the most amazing breed I have personally ever encountered. They amass a spirit unmatched in their pedigreed cousins. Wild horses are in need of you and I since the BLM chooses to mismanage them in a multitude of ways. If you can’t help today at least sign the petition, it only takes a moment of your time.

  6. “The day Lennox comes will be a beautiful moment to set him free on 14 acres. It will fill his soul as it does for all the wild horses who come to this natural pasture. ” That is so beautiful- I know all of us can relate to this- being free again in a Natural Space, instead of a Corral, and breathing a huge sigh of happiness, while rolling on green grass! Every successful Sanctuary has strong Sponsorship by amazing people. Sponsoring Lennox or one of the other Horses Saved by Protect Mustangs, is extremely rewarding! You will be able to follow the progress of these wonderful horses and be making a HUGE contribution towards saving the Wild Mustangs of America, who have been so horribly disregarded. We save one horse at a time, its meaningful to all of us and Horses rescued and Sponsored is at the Heart of Saving Wild Horses and Burros for future generations!! Thank You!!

  7. Your work with the Wyoming 14, Lennox, and the others in your care is a positive inspiration. We are all proud to know you and wish you well.

  8. Animal rescue and protection is the duty of every man, woman and child, its a must for all. The people who have power and can make changes for animals should be standing up and doing so. Protect them, fund them and most of all love them. Do not let this SCAM continue stop the round ups, stop the greed and the cheating and STOP the slaughter. Its disgusting and barbaric. To everyone else, keep up the good work, fight the good fight and never stop, never back down and keep doing what is right, its on you to take your stand, educate others and fight for them, be their voice. With respect always James Howie.

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