Join the open forum: Using PZP on federally protected wild horses and burros, is it safe?

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The open forum on PZP for federally protected equids is held on Facebook here and everyone is welcome:


“If the good people of Nevada choose to use PZP to manage their wild horses on state land it’s up to them because that is a state issue. Americans across the country are concerned PZP isn’t safe and don’t want their wild horses and burros on federal land to be given the restricted-use pesticide hailed as “birth control” but known to sterilize after multiple use. If PZP advocates can prove PZP is 100% safe for native wild horse and burro herds, won’t sterilize them, ruin genetic variability or cause behavioral abnormalities then it could be considered as a management tool. Until then other holistic management tools must be examined. It’s time for a freeze on roundups, drugging and removals for scientific reevaluation. We need to get it right for our icons of American freedom.” ~ Anne Novak, Executive Director of Protect Mustangs

8 thoughts on “Join the open forum: Using PZP on federally protected wild horses and burros, is it safe?

  1. Forums are a good place to share and discuss issues. Its very important we understand any benefits and problems associated with PZP use on wild horses.

  2. Thank you, Anne. My thoughts are that with so few remaining wild horses and burros left out on the range, why use experimental birth control at all?

  3. I believe this forum is an excellent way to get good information out there. We may not all agree but we are getting the PZP controversy out there for everyone to make a informed decision on how they feel about it based on the facts.

  4. I am concerned that too many of the advocates are being manipulated into facilitating PZP treatment on herds whose populations aren’t even at the spurious level of viability that BLM often espouses, i.e. 150. What implications does this have for these herds. Are they to become dysfunctional and in decline due to inbreeding, and loss of vigor and vitality? I think too many of the advocates are being manipulated. We should be insisting on a better approach and an addressing of the Fairness issue here: what is a fair level of population for the original Herd Area in each region, what is a fair allocation of resources: forage, water, shelter, all the habitat requirements, etc. It seems the wild horse and burros are being subject to a continuing squeeze on their basic rights under the law, as is the public that supports them. As many of you know, I am an advocate of Reserve Design that would be tailored to each specific herd and would result in truly long term viability and true ecological adaptation, as well as natural self-stabilization. This can be done, but people must care enough to make it happen. It would be better all around in the long term in terms of expense, well being etc. The current policies are victimizing the horses and burros to accommodate the big exploiters of the public lands. All this is contrary to the core intent of the WFHBA. We must not throw in the towel here because in so many cases accepting and condoning PZP inhibition of reproduction send the message that you agree with the claim that these horses are overpopulated, though objectively they are underpopulated and just being blamed, or conveniently used as scapegoats. This is not “multiple use” nor is it “thriving natural ecological balance” nor is it “minimal feasible level” of management! See the points of law I have meticulously presented in my newly revised and perfected book The Wild Horse Conspiracy, available in print or as an eBook. I list 19 points of law that are being ignored but that are the law and that we advocates should be insisting upon. You should be able to see these points of law right after the Introduction by reading the sample pages on this link.

  5. PZP is not the answer. PZP22 is not the answer. Sanctuaries with only mares and geldings is not the answer. So what is the problem? Too many horses? One horse per 10,000 or more acres is not an overpopulation of horses. Zero horses in an HMA is not an overpopulation. Dig a little deeper as to the question. The government, every agency with any contact with wild horses and burros, is hell-bent on removal of wild horses and burros from our public lands. Roundups, or “gathers” in government-speak, is the current preferred way to get rid of horses and burros originally protected by the 1971 law passed unanimously by Congress. Public opposition to roundups has brought a more “humane” way of getting rid of the protected horses with the use of the PZP pesticide. Yes, pesticide. Not good for felids, not good for humans, disaster for horses. Some horse advocates have embraced the use of PZP and PZP22 as a way to cooperate with government agencies and forestall the hated roundups. Guess what, the agencies have used horse advocate volunteers to administer the pesticide to mares in the wild, and then do roundups anyway. Book Cliff is a case in point. Darting coopts the horse advocates into participating in the destruction of the herds and families. So what is the real question? Do horse advocates want to assist the government in this manner? The better answer is a moratorium on roundups, defunding all government efforts to remove wild horses and burros from their natural ranges, restoration of horse habitat within the HMAs, reduction or elimination of cattle and sheep grazing permits within HMAs, expansion of horse and burro HMAs to all federal public lands- especially the forests- not just those areas administered by the BLM. To do that we need honest legislators writing honest law supporting the intent of the original 1971 law.

  6. The BLM is NOT going to leave the wild horses alone. Birth control is a humane alternative to cruel round ups, warehousing and slaughter. Those things are definitely permanent. PZP and range mgmt will allow our wild horses to live free.

  7. The question is …………………….IS IT NEEDED???? There is no concrete evidence that it is needed…….. If there was then it needs to addressed !!!!!! It works differently on each and every mare !!!!! Is it safe not !!!!!!!!!

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