Pine Nut wild horse herd has low Genetic variability

2004 report from E. Gus Cothran, Ph.D., Director Animal Genetics Lab at Texas A & M 

PM Pine Nut genetic Viability P1 Oct 2009

PM Pine Nut genetic Viability P2 Oct 2009

PM Pine Nut genetic Viability P3 Oct 2009

PM Pine Nut genetic Viability P4 Oct 2009

PM Pine Nut genetic Viability P5 Oct 2009

PM Pine Nut genetic Viability P6 Oct 2009

PM Pine Nut genetic Viability P7 Oct 2009

PM Pine Nut genetic Viability P8 Oct 2009

PM Pine Nut genetic Viability P9 Oct 2009

PM Pine Nut genetic Viability P10 Oct 2009

PM Pine Nut genetic Viability P11 Oct 2009

PM Pine Nut genetic Viability P12 Oct 2009

PM Pine Nut genetic Viability P13 Oct 2009

PM Pine Nut genetic Viability P14 Oct 2009

PM Pine Nut genetic Viability P15 Oct 2009

15 thoughts on “Pine Nut wild horse herd has low Genetic variability

  1. This indicates how close the Pine Nut wild horse herd is to being managed into extinction by the BLM. Each roundup, each PZP darting brings it one step close to the brink of no return as a viable herd !
    We must not let this happen !

  2. Exactly the BLM’s plan. The absolute destruction of this herd is inevitably close. PZP is a death sentence for these horse. Their unique bloodlines will be forever lost.

  3. This is proof of dereliction of duty by an agency mandated to minimally manage the wild horses. It is criminal.

  4. It bothers me that Dr Cothran keeps referring to the horses as “feral”, it must be the BLM influence. This report clearly states that the viability of the herd is threatened, and he recommends young mares to be added to the herd. So what does the BLM do? Completely ignores the advice and removes more horses and ad insult to injury, they want to PZP the whole herd? This is outrageous and proving that they manage for extinction! This report needs to be submitted to the Judge!

  5. I have a 2009 Pine Nut colt so will send blood sample to Dr Cothran, as the colt very obviously displays early Iberian characteristics. In- breeding, if it occurs in the wild has it’s positives; Mother nature takes care of the defective ones, and the survivors are supposed to be genetically superior. This was the case with the Cerbat strain in Arizona. I have a couple of horses from that strain, and indeed they are superior, healthy and display strong Andalusian characteristics. It is a joy to work with them.

  6. This should serve as evidence enough that the blm is in it to wipe out the herd.genetic viability seems to be worse than just low. Time to step up and defend the only ones left and try to help them survive. Blm should be ashamed of their selves for this holocaust on horses.

  7. BLM needs to be closed down when it comes to the Wild Horses & Burros they can’t even manage the ones they have in pens right now, they go without shelter, the ones they round up they don’t give the total #’s of the ones found dead from the roundups, PZP I believe is another way for BLM to get rid of them. They need to be called what they are, which is Wild, not Feral, or watch them try to put a saddle on one and ride it.

  8. We have to expect this. We have small islands of horses with no creative management aimed at the future. The agency In control wants to manage all public lands to their detriment and the poisoning of water and life from neglected and unrecognized ecosystems. The Wild Horse and Burro Program would fly if given its own control and horse professionals and the same budget to see it through a transition. Back away, BLM, Officially youhave failed and broken more laws than you have ever upheld.

  9. No, James Olson. We can’t let that happen. Shane, you are right. This is how close we are with so many herds. They are so tiny a few shots and some neglect and off. They go, forever lost to us when we barely know them, their lands and their histories. The FEDS will have them gone before we knew them. If the middle class had not been destroyed we would never have allowed this to happen. This will take sacrifice and if you cannot do that then go away, stop talking. Stop this with every action you can take.

    DON’T GIVE UP! Stop the abuse and roundups. Prepare for action to prevent removals. Sue the hell out of the Feds! Watch and stop. Watch and save.

  10. Proof of the Salazar plan in action folks.
    The slow dwindling down of herd count and PZP extermination.
    Wake up!

  11. The title page is incorrect horses are not feral they are indigenes. The BLM including this report is guided by the BLM influence. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know what the BLM is doing. The numbers were low then add PZP and there you are what they call coach roaches are gone. The wild horses belong to me and the people of the US. They deserve more than hand scribbled notes, chased by helicopter till they are shoved down, babies are run till their hooves are run off. We have the PZP issue now. Are we to believe this is going to save OUR horses from the big bad BLM and Cattlemen? NO. Herds are already low and PZP will only make it lower NOT VIABLE. Cattlemen are already trying to stop the PZP treated from being released.

  12. I see this to be compared to the following: A nightmare where there is no place to hide the horses and the monsters with blood on their hand (BLM) can’t stop filling their pockets

  13. It is so revealing what BLM was about to do to ensure the genetic tailspin of the unique Pine Nut wild horse herd! Hopefully they will start caring about these horses instead of always conniving to do them in.

  14. I wish the BLM would read the information provided by many and stop the destruction of our American free-roaming wild horses and burros.

    Thank you, Protect Mustangs, and publishing this information.

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