Stop the war on wild horses

The War on Wild Horses

The War on Wild Horses

Icons of freedom are under attack

Take action against the war on wild horses by contacting your congressional representative today. Request an immediate moratorium on roundups before the herds are wiped out and symbols of the American spirit are trafficked to slaughter.

The evidence is in they are being sold to slaughter violating the public trust and the news story is going viral.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has been selling America’s protected wild horses by the truckload to kill buyers like Tom Davis, as revealed in the Inspector General’s report released October 23rd

Please sign and share the petition to increase the fine for trafficking a wild horse to slaughter to $50,000. Since kill buyers are motivated by profit, the fines need to increase to make buying wild horses and selling them to slaughter a risky and unprofitable business.

The BLM has plans to sterilize herds to manage them to extinction. This is a gross violation of the Wild Horse & Burro Protection Act and must be stopped. How? We need to start rallying to raise public awareness, write letters and meet with elected officials to demand the BLM stop managing wild horses to extinction. The clock is ticking . . .

Some mustang groups have bought into a belief that fertility control drugs like PZP made from slaughterhouse pig ovaries and others are needed to “control” population when the truth is there aren’t enough wild horses left on public land that has been ravaged by livestock overgrazing. Before you agree to PZP ask yourself, “Are there really too many wild horses left on public land?”

America’s wild horses are an indigenous species that must be protected to fill their niche in the ecosystem and inspire future generations with their beauty and spirit. Take action today!


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4 thoughts on “Stop the war on wild horses

  1. We are the caretakers of that which Nature and God has bestowed upon our fruitful and once abundant land. Our statements and hollow actions, belie those deeds we do upon mankind and the animals that inhabit our great land. Our country is great and has rich abundance! It is both a shame and.crime that those who are placed into position, ,not only do not.measure up, but.have totally and.utterly corrupted that office or agency they were assigned to. Notwithstanding, there should be charges made to all involved and as such be charged as the criminals that they are. To violate the public trust is a very large offense, and as such should carry a very stiff penalty. It is parallel to sedition or treason, and in many countries it would, and should carry a very.stiff penalty.Unless this government takes immediate action, than it is considered complacent and totally incompetent in not being able to deal with actions such as these. Should this be the case, there is no further reason to defend or even protect such a government, no matter what banner or flag it flies by!

  2. What will the future be for the wild horses and burros? Is the future already set and is to late? What will future generations say to the actions of those who were willing participants in the destruction of wild horses and burros?

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