Protect Mustangs comments against spaying wild mares in Wyoming

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Subject: IMPORTANT White Mountain & Little Colorado EA Comments
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Date: Thu, January 14, 2016 4:02 pm

BLM Rock Springs Field Office
WMLC Scoping Comment
280 Highway 191 North
Rock Springs, WY 82901

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Fax: (307) 352-0329

January 14, 2016

Dear Public Servants at the BLM:

We represent thousands of supporters who love America’s wild horses in Wyoming and request you halt your plans to spay wild mares for the following reasons and others:

1.)  We object to using tax dollars to experiment on, forcibly drug with PZP, SpayVac® or Gonacon™ and / or sterilize America’s wild horses on the White Mountain herd management area located in Wyoming ( or elsewhere.

2.)  We do not want federally protected wild horses to be used for research experiments using radio collars, devices in tails and spaying America’s federally protected wild mares. Research and Sterilization is a form of harassing wild horses. This is heinous and cruel. The public is outraged and they are calling for nationwide protests to bring awareness to this wrongful act against American wild horses.

3.)  Wild horses found in the White Mountain and Little Colorado HMA’s are not “excess” according to the Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971. For example, there is only 1 wild horse per 6,000 acres in White Mountain. The BLM fraudulently inflates population growth (see: and never performs a real headcount.

4.)  We support natural selection and we are against fertility control especially before reintroducing the natural balance of predation because America’s wild horses deserve to live on public land set aside principally but not exclusively for their use according to the law. Allowing more than 50 to 1 units of livestock to wild horses is unfair and goes against the 1971 wild horse protection act. We request you follow the law and give America’s wild horses and burros back all the public land you have taken from them since 1971.

5.)  Fertility control, such as spaying and/or PZP, will destroy the beloved White Mountain herd’s genetic viability, wreck havoc on their behavior and social structure–so therefore we are against it.

6.)  PZP sterilizes after multiple use and we do not want these wild horses sterilized by way of PZP either

7.)  Spaying to sterilize a wild mare can cause complications, infections and death. Even petMD advises against it. Below is an except from their article:
Why You Don’t Spay When the Animal Eats Hay
by Dr. Anna O’Brien

“Spaying a mare is a more complicated medical procedure than gelding, involving entering the abdominal cavity. Although there is more than one way to spay a mare, each resulting in the removal of the ovaries, the procedure tends to be painful and there can be scary complications, such as bleeding from the ovarian artery, which can be difficult to control.

More recently, many veterinarians elect to spay mares using laproscopic methods, which means using small incisions and inserting small cameras on the ends of lasers to view the ovaries and remove them. . .

. . . Then comes the question of population control, since I feel this is the strongest argument to spay and neuter dogs and cats. Although there is the problem of unwanted horses in the United States, you simply don’t have the hoards of stray horses roaming the streets as you do cats and dogs. Rare is the kid who comes in saying, “Mommy, look what followed me home. Can we keep this horse?” ‘


8.)  BLM has been inflating wild horse population estimates to justify removals and appears to be fleecing the American taxpayer. The Appropriate Management Level (AML) is a biased number favoring the livestock industry and does not represent the true carrying capacity for wild horses on public land. AML needs to be updated and management needs to be revamped to utilize the wild herds to reverse desertification. They are an asset.

9.)  Where is the accurate and detailed headcount to justify BLM’s claims of excess? Where are the videos and/or facial recognition photographs cataloguing each individual wild horse in the herd management areas to ensure no double counting occurs?

10.)  Tourists come to Wyoming from around the world to see the wild horses at White Mountain. They are easily accessible and inspiring. Experimenting on this herd or any other herd is wrongful, cruel and against the majority of the public’s wishes. Any claims you may eventually produce stating that you have not received thousands of hands off comments is a direct result of your poorly publicized proposal on a national and international level.

11.)  In 2011, we sent one of our founding board members to Wyoming to study the White Mountain wild horses because we are interested in this treasured and accessible herd. Here is a slide-show on YouTube of the White Mountain Herd before the 2011 roundup:

12.)  We want to be able to come to Wyoming to see, photograph, study and film the White Mountain and Little Colorado wild horse herds with foals exhibiting natural behaviors–without radio collars and other devices–and definitely not sterilized.

13.)  We are also against radio collars because they are dangerous for wild horses for various reasons including but not limited to hooves getting stuck in collars causing injury or death, EMF related sickness, stress inflicted on federally protected wild horses which lowers their immune system and makes them more susceptible to disease, etc. The public will hold BLM accountable for any injuries or deaths related to radio collars or any other assault on the bodies of America’s wild horses during experimentation that is being white-washed as “research” or “studies”.

14.)  I am making a documentary on wild horses and want to film the White Mountain and Little Colorado wild horses exhibiting authentic natural behavior. My documentary might end up being a series so I want to be able to come back to the White Mountain and Little Colorado herds to film them years later and document how the foals have grown up and joined their own family bands with foals of their own, etc. The public likes these sort of nature films.

PM Checkerboard ROundup Sept 20 2014

15.)  The proposed roundups for your proposed spay research / experiment would contribute to global warming with all the motorized vehicles used. The environmental cost is too great for this proposed research. The Bureau of Land Management must take actions to reduce global warming–not contribute to it.

16.)  America’s wild horses are a native species having been returned to their native lands–if they ever all died out in the ice age. Fossil findings are pushing back the die out date. Now the theory of wild horses going extinct is being questioned. These are exciting times.

17.)  Wild horses contribute to the ecosystem, heal the land and reverse desertification. They must not be sterilized. America’s wild horses are a resource who must be protected in genetically viable numbers to ensure survival–especially with environmental challenges ahead of them.

18.)  The public is outraged about the BLM’s proposal to research and experiment on the White Mountain herd using Little Colorado as a control group. It’s clear the American taxpayers don’t want their tax-dollars to be used for cruel roundups destroying family bands, engaging in experimentation, sterilization and birth control assaulting their right to freedom. More than 20,000 people have signed our petition against the roundups and more are signing every day. (

We officially ask you to immediately stop your proposal to spay the White Mountain herd which you allege is research. Americans and citizens of the world do not want iconic wild horses of the West to be used as laboratory test animals.

Anne Novak

.Anne Novak
Executive Director
Protect Mustangs

Read about native wild horses:

In the news:
Protect Mustangs is a nonprofit organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

14 thoughts on “Protect Mustangs comments against spaying wild mares in Wyoming

  1. let wild horses live on the land that rightly belongs to us the tax payers and the horses that have lived and cause no harm to any human. Do not spay or use harm full drugs for birth control ,no harm full tracking devices .No round up’s ,. No more abuse

  2. The BLM inflating wild horse populations and justifies removals and is fleecing the American taxpayer I would like for BLM to show the number of wild horses, We the people want to hire our own people to get the numbers BLM can’t be trusted too many of them are suspected of being paid off, if wild horses are protected by BLM then why are they hurting them and why do you want to continue to hurt them with PZP I say no to PZP or any sort of sterilization no spay

  3. I am an outraged citizen who demands that BLM stop the fertility plan for wild horses. This plan is a ruse to ultimately eliminate all our country’s wild horse herds. I expect my tax dollars to be spent for the lawful protection of our wild horses and not for an extinction plan.

  4. Wild Horse HMA’s are not overpopulated. There is no overpopulation of wild horses. There is no need for birth control or spaying of wild horses. Wild Horses are wildlife and are being managed to extinction by the MISmanagement of the BLM. Wild horses are not “lab rats” for human’s eugenics experimentation. In 50 years Earth has lost almost half its animal species.

  5. Please stop these round ups. Let the ones in ur horrific pens free to live there lives with families. Set them free this is Orr labs we pay for our taxes. We want them where theybelong running free n happy on there lands this fertility is not needed stop killing our horses BLM needs top be stopped we r outraged

  6. The BLM should announce their entrance into the circus business! Is there even one BLM or Federal employee who is even using their head? Spay mares are you kidding me? PZP is not all they claim it is it is more and that more is dangerous! BLM you can lie all you want the American people are smarter that you think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What does it have to come down to for you to stop this witch hunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I will never understand the treatment of these beautiful iconic wild horses. There are few left and it is an out and out lie that there are too many.
    They must not be spayed or neutered in any way. My taxes paying for this and birth cotrol by drugs, some pesticides
    Outrages me. Who in their right mind would want more prairie fires as these horses die off. It is called extinction for the horses. By doing this it will be extinction of the west as we know it and love it. We the people of the USA are tired of our taxes killing our wild horses,it is not humane to harm them in any way. Why then does the HSUS allow it? If we the people did this we would be arrested, our horses taken from us, fiined by humane societies.
    We we are just asking for humane
    Treatment for our wild horses who are being mistreated in this way. I demand
    our iconic horses, that we the people all love, be granted amnesty from being falsely accused of ruining the west. A west they were born to. A west they belong too. Federal land is ours. the taxpayers of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
    These actions are criminal and justice is demanded.

  8. I consider the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) a criminal agency whose goal is to destroy all the beautiful iconic horses in the West. Now it is Wyoming’s turn. Who gave the right to BLM to spay wild mares and stop them from reproducing? Who gave the right to BLM to treat wild horses like guinea pigs? The American people are against BLM’s initiative to spay, cull, kill or butcher our beautiful American wild horses. Have we no voice? Have we no rights? We, the people, are protesting BLM’S inhumane treatment of our wild horses but it appears no one is listening. Maybe what we need to do is take BLM to court and the Supreme Court if necessary to reveal the lies BLM is spreading through propaganda about these beautiful spiritual animals. This is the most unprecedented and disgusting attempted extinction of wild horses in the history of our country and we, the people, are prepared to do something about it. We will expose BLM to the entire nation. Make no mistake about it. It is time BLM’s deeds become public knowledge throughout the United States of America. This is election year and everything is on the table, including Secretary Jewel’s replacement with a more humane and compassionate person who listens to the American people’s voice and takes a closer look at the wild Mustangs’ numbers in Wyoming and the entire West. The lies have to stop and the truth has to come out once and for all.

  9. Excellent input and pray BLM will listen! Yes, it is so hypocritical and really monstrous to give the cattle and sheep ranchers the enormous preference in this legal wild horse area in Wyoming and then to have the idiotic audacity to claim that it is the very under-populated wild horses who are overpopulated. This is simply “The Big Lie”!

  10. I am so enraged by the BLM right now and the Wyoming state government, all they care about is getting the land for anything that will be in more money. You would think thery would be proud to have these icons of the West to promote Wyoming!! THE COWBOY STATE!!!! Our ancestors were proud of the wild horses and enjoyed seeing them run free across the state. I guess the sad fact is the people in office could care less about the horses their interest lies in the oil and gas industry. All three of our people in Washington have no desire to help they think we are over reacting and that the wild horse population is over crowded because someone told them so. I have ask them to get out on the land and have someone show them what is really going on but they just don’t care. I have ask them to go to a roundup and to the holding pens nothing works. So in the mean time the BLM is going to wipe out all but small nonviable herds. This so frustrating and very very sad.

  11. I am outraged and I am protesting the torturous BLM Helicopter White Mountain Roundup. BLM is planning to round them up for research and very dangerous castrations and spays, this is so horrific and unnecessary!! Leave them alone, we can use the Reserve By Design Program created by Craig Downer. Please stop this Animal Torture, the radio collars are so dangerous, it has been used before on Wild Horse Herds and many suffered death, they were getting the collars stuck in branches and trees, also causes them to fight and be kicked and bitten by other Wild Horses. So wrong on every level, leave them all alone!! NO BLM ROUNDUPS, NO MORE BLM WILD HORSE PRISONERS, NO MORE MARKING THEM, AND SELLING THEM OFF TO BE SLAUGHTERED AFTER THREE MARKS!! NO MORE RIPPING WILD HORSE FAMILIES APART FOREVER!!!!


  12. It’s the horses land, first and foremost… I want our government to stop this killing over land, they just can’t help themselves. It belongs to the wild horses! And speaking the deer to control population in Cayuga Heights didn’t work and it was led by Cornell University so why would it work here? It’s wrong, the horses do not hurt anyone, they never have. As far as fast greedy ranchers go, well they could try using their own land for farming instead of paying dirt cheap prices to use tax payers/wild horse lands to graze cattle, they don’t even grow enough feed for their animals so it’s not the horses that are the issue.. There is tons of land that sits untouched all over this country and there are no animals to compete with to grow crops or graze cattle. It may not be all in the mid west but the only thing that makes it good for farming is it’s more flat than other areas, so learn to drive a tractor on a hill, it’s not that hard and crops aren’t that picky… So again, there is no reason to kill the horses

  13. Please retain from taking the FREE AND WILD out of our horses. NATURE in itself keeps them.down, and if one.most just use birth control to keep the hers controlled. WE NEED TO HAVE THOSE HORSES STAY WILD FI ROUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN. SO.PLEASE PLEASE.LEAVE THEM ALONE

  14. Using PZP or any form of sterilization on America’s Wild Horses today is absolutely ludicrous. These horses are being mismanaged to extinction. We do not have a wild horse over population in this country. What problem we do have is a rogue government agency caving to special interest groups and selling out for money, at the expense of America’s Wild Horses. Disgraceful.

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