Conversation about fertility control with Brett Hass, retired biologist previously with NSA (part 1)

Don’t let pesticides like Gonacon™, PZP or SpayVac® manage native wild horses to extinction. The Spin Dr.’s and some ignorant horse advocates are pushing fertility control on underpopulated wild horses. Know the truth and expose those spewing the spin.

PM Gonacon Pesticide Fact Sheet

Read the entire Gonacon™ Pesticide Fact Sheet


John Cox: Brett, you’re a retired biologist, previously with the NSA for how many years?

Brett Hass: 46 long years John. We met in Vietnam, when we a lot younger my friend (smiles). We were doing wildlife and vegetation studies in your AO (area of operations). That was my first assignment with the NSA, as a matter of fact.

John Cox: Let’s cut through all of that. What do you think of Gonacon™ and some of the other fertility controls BLM is using?

Brett Hass: As usual, and as government agencies do and BLM and DOI are extremely guilty, they pretend that science guides its wild horse and burro management strategies. So the agencies involved go forth and resolve issues, supposedly, with experimental drugs–in this case GonaCon™. The question is, in reality, does it resolve anything at all, or is it simply to further experimentations with this drug and the wild horses the most expendable of situations currently?

The problem is very obvious, with the first-time use of an experimental drug, they act like children with a new toy–but this toy is extremely dangerous, to not only the horses and actually lead them to extinction, but the environmental consequences are apparently neglected entirely? (shakes his head negatively). . .

But let’s get real, the very absence of science contradicts any time of sound reasoning for its use whatsoever. So once again we have a government agency, using a Nazi-Type experimental fertility drug on horses and other wildlife–without knowing, or even acknowledging for that matter, what the long-term consequences are–or in perception–the problems that will arise in its actual use.

There is no resolution, as I reviewed the population situation and see first hand there is no over-population if wild horses just within the BLM numbers alone; but livestock, that is a completely different matter, in reality.

John Cox: In your appraisal of the information you’ve read, would you, as a tenured Wildlife Biologist for over 50 years, use this drug?

Brett Hass: Absolutely not! There is no pertinent reasoning to use it right now and especially on wild horses or much of anything else for that matter. Our wildlife and environment is simply too important to be so frivolous with such activity, especially an unknown situation, as fertility drugs used in our natural environment. But as you say, ignorance is quite something, and our government seems to portray ignorance quite well, and frankly the only situation they seem to be competent to accomplish.

Much more on this discussion with Brett Hass later . . .


Below is the original PZP Pesticide Fact Sheet before HSUS seems to have lobbied the EPA to make changes to the chemical class. It’s still only approved as a pesticide to manage pests. PZP is made from slaughterhouse pig ovaries mixed with modified freund’s complete adjuvant.

PM PZP Test mares

(American wild horses used in fertility control experiments)

© John Cox, printed with permission

John Cox is a Vietnam Vet, living in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest who writes about the environment. He’s passionate about saving America’s wild horse herds and wolves. 

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Have you read about the Gonacon™ Experiment on the Water Canyon herd and the UNLUCKY 11 orphans? It all started as a PZP proposal and went down the slippery slope. . .  Read about it here:

19 thoughts on “Conversation about fertility control with Brett Hass, retired biologist previously with NSA (part 1)

  1. The U.S. government has always done things in an ignorant half added way, and then says “it’s all right!” The depth of stupidity in our government adtonds me, and the people go along and believe this garbage! As a veteran, I have seen the men come back from war, being exposed to agent orange. Many veterans died from it but the government denied responsibity. I am given for a blood thinner, Xerelto! Not a homeopathic holistic herb, because the pharmaceutical companies want to make money! Horses are self climatic, but the bastard government officials bunch them together and say they are overpopulated! I would take those corrupt government officials and those pharmaceutical con artists and push them off a short pier into the ocean of reason and common sense. Stop feeding lies to the public! It is nothing but brainwash garbage!

  2. Thank you Brett Hass
    I am not as well educated as yourself but I am well traveled in the experience of life and in the world of animal rights I have educated myself on these issues of when man interferes with mother nature it has never worked out well for our animals. They can’t mess with the natural make up of our animals nor their social structure and then tell me they did not know it was destructive. We are a sad species,, we have the ability to study history and learn from our mistakes,, but we never do. I remind everybody of the Delinquents (elephants) as such a case. Thank you Brett Hass and thank you John Cox. A link to the Delinquents,, there are videos about this online also.

  3. BLM why do you continue to lie and cover up the truth about why you are managing our wild horses to death? Using a pesticide? Slaughter? Not doing adoptions because of excuses. Who is making the money off the backs and lives of OUR America Heritage the wild horses. We will not go away! We want justice for OUR horses

  4. The use of these pesticides for controlling animals is the biggest, most foolish mistake our government has ever made. Not only is this irresponsible by our government in the safety of the animals its being tested on but the environment as well. There is also the irresponsibility of the ethics involved in the controlling of animals bodies and their ability to function normally. We do not have the right to sterilize these animals chemically or surgically…. this in itself is abhorrently arrogant and ethically wrong any way you look at it. This scientific approach…as the BLM calls it….is pesticides, poison.

  5. I too feel as Dee Mansfield and many thousands of others whom have observed this travesty unfold !! I can remember when we used to all ask , Why !! Thinking something was temporarily ascue ! Well my Native American friends in canada gave me a quick peek into what Cooperate Greed has done to their land , in my case removing all doubt as to why DOI & BLM want all the Mustangs & Burros Gone !! As a creator of petitions , many on the Mustangs & Horses , I have received comments from at least thirty-three other Countries observing this with Disgust .I personally have pleaded with the BLM & different Government agencies in any way I could , even going to the Capitol, last Sept . All to no response of any compassion in any way ! This whole sterilization effort, in my opinion is another stall tactic to eventual extinction !!! Very adhamed of the Government at this entire situation !! Respectfully, Linda Taschereau aka Adahya Linda

  6. I am opposing the use of Pesticides, such has PZP, Gonacon and spayVac on our wild horses.I just do not understand why we must continue to experiment on any animal? Why would we use a pesticide that is not even safe for us on our wild Horses? Explain this to me, explain why there is a need to sterilize our wild Horses when they are underpopulated? Who or What gives us this right to say what animal is allow to reproduced, or who lives or die? We are playing with life’s here and we are very disgusting.We should leave them alone, set them free where they belong and stop playing God,Stop catering to the Ranchers.If it’s not safed to use on humans then do not use it on our Wild Horses.

  7. 2016 has to be the year when the truth must prevail. Everything we write; all signs that we make; any speeches that are made; all social media campaigns have got to get the point across that the American public knows THERE IS NO OVERPOPULATION OF WILD HORSES! The spin must stop and real science must be used to create a new platform based on TRUTH, not lies. Our advocacy needs to amass some powerhouse, agenda-free scientists, knowledgeable on this issue, and we need to start using their voices. The voices of retirees, PEER testimony, any whistleblowers, and folks like Brett Hass need to be encouraged to come forward–maybe start a citizens’ panel of some sort to blow the lid off the sack of shit (sorry forgive me!) lies the BLM has dealt the public all these years. Everyone needs to get their hands off of these horses and allow them to live wild and free, under the protection of a REAL advisory board unlike the sham we see now. I am praying Senator Udall will provide the American public (very soon) with a restored 1971 Act, which will get everyone’s hands off these animals, to include anyone profiting currently from their “management.” Because when there is a buck to be made…

  8. Thank you Brett Haas and John Cox. So glad to see this info on Gonacon and PZP from you Brett Haas. 50 years of working in this field should be enough to stop the use of these drugs of destruction on any animals.
    To use them on our iconic indigenous horses is an act of cruelty and extinction.
    Can not be administered by pregnant women or be around children. Gonacon sounds like it should be illigal to use period for those reasons . Our wild horses are beinng used as lab rats. PZPIs as dangerous. I will share this widely. Coming from you maybe people will think about what they are doing.
    I wonder if it should be used on deer as humans eat them. Is there proof that autism, all these new diseases could possibly be caused by these and other drugs used on cattle. I think yes. Something must be done as we know. This should be on the media. People need educated.
    Thank you again for this studied information.

  9. it is unconscionable how the BLM seems to be searching for cruel and inhumane programs to subject these poor animals too. The BLM is a criminal organization founded by taxpayer dollars and needs to be shut down immediately! There is absolutely no scientific reason and no reason on this good earth that these animals should be poisoned at the wind and wishes of corrupt government officials, welfare cattle ranches and other big business interests that want the horses removed from public lands.that’s public lands! My land is your land the taxpayers land. It is not there for the private interests 2 line their pockets financially at the expense of the lives of the creatures that live there.

  10. The use of pesticides on our wild horses is immoral and unnecessary. Overpopulation is a myth pushed by government bureaucrats and welfare ranchers. Not so long ago there were two million wild horses living on our public lands in our western states, where now there are less than twenty thousand still living in the wild thanks to the extermination efforts of “mustangers” and government bureaucrats. The irony is that the horse developed and evolved in what is now the United States. They are native to this land and have every right to be here.

  11. After all the discussion we are told “gelding is the best way”. Best way to and for what? The 1971 legislation which was passed unanimously, hard to imagine in this day and age, because the Wild Horse population had declined to as few as 25,000. That was frightening and portrayed extinction, yet, today, it is unlikely that as many as 25,000 remain. The BLM who has the care and maintenance of the WH&Bs under their jurisdiction is destroying them.

    We must ask why? The board of the BLM is occupied by ranchers. The public lands are coveted by ranchers – Bundy’s are evidence of that – and there are companies and corporations vying for cheap leases to mine and drill. When evil happens it is mandatory to immediately look to see who benefits. Hunters, ranchers and energy companies make up the answer. They use this government agency for their own purpose. So the remaining question is what can we do about it?

    What about a class action lawsuit in behalf of all Americans who are being deprived of our iconic American WH&Bs and the use of the undisturbed public lands which were preserved for us – an attempt to keep nature in tact and a place where we as humans could visit or even live in or near where man had not meddled with nature. I would absolutely support such a lawsuit. Would you?

  12. Thank you Protect Mustangs for articulating the bitter Truth of America’s betrayal of our Wild Horses! So incredibly tragic that so many mainstream groups have sold out to the BLM Propaganda and completed the betrayal of America’s Sacred Wild Horses much like family members turning in family members in Nazi times. Thank you Protect Mustangs for having the foresight to see the ” Slippery Slope”, for having the Courage and the Tenacity to fight for TRUE FREEDOM FOR OUR WILD HORSES!

  13. I request full disclosure——to the American people—-how has the United States government used experimental procedures on our innocent wild horses and attempted to cover up the torture through round ups on our ranges? Without this transparency we must assume the worse—-as with other times in history when man committed genocide on populations of innocent life– who will stop the terror this time? What will it take to stop the murdering practice with our tax dollar?

  14. This is a horrid practice….they are wild, they are not going to over populate this country. What you’redoing is animal abuse!! These wild mustangs have a right to run free, without the government stepping in where it doesn’t belong !!

  15. Exactly how I feel .Mentioned the Nazzi thing while on air .This is just horrible ! They tried to keep this very quiet . Seems endless ideas of destruction.

  16. Wild Horses and Burros are protected.

    Yet, pharmaceutical companies are allowed to experiment on these protected animals and we as tax payers have to fund this absolute waste of tax payer money.

    Meanwhile, tragically the animals and herds of wildlife suffer unimaginable trauma and abuse that we are paying for….

    I want my taxes going to protecting and saving wildlife for future generations to enjoy not be extinct.

    What a travesty we are leaving for our children.

    BLM is no different than the big game hunters or poachers.

    This has to stop.

  17. Well I am devastated by the continual abuse our wild horses are subjected to. BLM and friends I have one thing to say to you there is no natural reason to doing these experiments on them. They have run free for long before the BLM and if you would just leave them to do that instead of sticking them in holding pens to be abused and yes what your doing is abuse! They know how to survive or die in their own way with the help of nature. God knows they do not deserve what you are doing to them. They are proud majestic animals and to see them in a pen or rounded up is so sad and they know because if you look in their eyes you will see defeat! They need to be left alone the BLM knows as well as we do that they are destroying the herd concept by leaving so few on the range and the ones left are altered. I’m sorry friends but these are wild horses no longer but experiments for pesticide fertility drugs. Leave them alone in the wild to live out their lives as God intended. WE are not stupid ,we know what you are doing to their land for the sake of money interests and I’m here to tell you you will pay for this shit some day. Save the Wild ones!!

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