Lies, subterfuge and PZP

PM PZP Dr liu

Forcibly drugging wild mares with PZP at the Carson Prison


Carl Mrozek

Unfortunately, the secret mandate to turn our public lands into vast oil, gas and coal fields–interspersed with millions of cattle under Bush–Cheney has continued unabated under Obama with geothermal fields, plus solar and wind farms being added to the mix of revenue generating initiatives, many on lands reserved by law for primary use by wild horses and burros.

Even as their herds diminish under constant assault by all of these special interests on public lands, wild horses continue to be scapegoats for degradation of public lands due to overpopulation, by the BLM which over-counts then by at least 200% while greatly exaggerating their rate of population  increase–based on optimal conditions and zero mortality.

BLM’s solution to this fabricated overpopulation explosion of wild horses and burros has been massive roundups which are now being replaced by large-scale birth control with PZP (porcine zone pellucida) which results in sterilization after multiple applications. While their tactics have grown more sophisticated, BLM’s overall management program is much the same: Management for Extinction–only slower and less visible than before. Many herds have achieved balanced population levels with little or no management but today all the $$ is on fertility control, short-term and sterilization, long-term–not on natural population control, because this won’t eradicate the herds as ordained by the power brokers in DV. Alas if we don’t wake up, expose and oppose the lies and subterfuge re: the widespread use of PZP soon, our iconic native wild horses may join blue and bowhead whales in the waiting line for extinction–sooner than later.


PM Burros Wild © Carl Mrozek

Carl Mrozek

Carl Mrozek’s nature clips are seen often on CBS Sunday Morning News. He is currently making a documentary on Wild Burros.

Palomino Mustangs on CBS News:

Pine Nut Wild Horses on CBS News: (BLM tried to roundup and decimate this herd but Protect Mustangs stopped the roundup in court)

Red Rock Wild Horses on CBS News: (BLM removed them)

Cold Creek Wild Horses on CBS News: (BLM rounded them up and took them away)


11 thoughts on “Lies, subterfuge and PZP

  1. Unfortunately, the “mental retards” of that infamous government agency, is going hands over heels in animal abuse, saying it is pharmaceutical tested yadda,yadda,yadda. The BLM is like a rotten egg, you don’t have to eat it to know it is bad. What ever the BLM and associates either says or does, is pure rubbish and corrupt!

  2. This is a tragedy that cannot be undone. It must stop now. The herds of wild horses have already been damaged, hopefully not beyond repair.

    It is disturbing that we have laws to protect wild horses and burros, as well as, it is now a felony to abuse animals and yet the Bureau of Land Management is not being prosecuted for these criminal acts.

    It is almost as if BLM is a cartel and untouchable.

    Meanwhile, we as tax payers are paying for this abuse.

  3. This is a great article. Those who applaud it are killing these indigenous horses. If we do not stop this now the only iconic horses meaning wild ones will be in pictures.
    Please stand by these indigenous horses read the dangers of PZP also gonacon. When the HSUS stands beside this it is because they have money in it. They are the Inhumane
    Society of The United States. Blm is out to slaughter snd kill our hores. Please feel free to comment.

  4. I am happy to see there is finally some truth coming out about the secretive way the way the BLM go about their business of destroying our Wild Horses. Using PZP on them to sterilize them sending token horses back into the wild when everyone knows the Wild Horses have their own system of keeping viable herds and yes the BLM will tell you that isn’t true and they will also tell you there are way to many horses on the range these are all lies so they can continue to eliminate the horses forever. I think they are trying to make way for the oil,fracking, gas and mining on the land that the horses were promised in the 1971 Act that was pushed through congress by Wild Horse Annie. Now there is a Burns Amendment that virtually gives the BLM free rein to kill our horses. They have gone to far but continue to get away with it and continue to lie about what they are doing.

  5. We the people of these United States, need to put a stop to this. We do not, nor did we vote to have our hard earned tax dollars used to experiment and exterminate OUR WILD HORSES. Please educate people that these horses do not belong to the Government, BLM, USFWS, DOI, Congress, Special Interests, Lobbyists, AWHPC or the USHS to use as lab test animals, these horses belong to We the People of These United States. Every round up, everyone of them in holding, everyone of them being used for experimental birth control is paid for and funded from our tax dollar. We must unite, come together and tell the Government, Representatives, Senators, Congress, the Vice President, the President, BLM, USFWS, DOI, USDA, that as the sole support for all of what is happening to our Wild horses, we DO NOT APPROVE!!! We will not accept any answer other than releasing the ones in holding, a 10 year moratorium on round ups and birth control until actual biologists, ecologists, and scientists study the the actual growth rate of a herd as we are being lied to on a constant basis. The agencies listed above are inflating the actual number of our herds by 200% and are decimating them. They underestimate the mortality rates due to predators, illness, age and Mother Nature. We will settle for nothing less than an unbiased study of the actual number still remaining in the wild!!! This needs to stop!!! I ,for one, as a tax paying citizen DEMAND that round ups, fertility control, including but not limited to PZP, Gonacon, field spaying and gelding be stopped immediately. All horses being help in holding be released back into their natural environment, pull grazing leases on Our Horses land and allow them to live in peace!!!

  6. Thank You Carl for
    All you do for our Equines .
    Until we get an Adjunct Advisory
    Board Adjunct to the BLM
    This insanity will continue .
    We need to Press for a
    10 year Moratorium and more
    ‘Real ‘ accounting of the HMA’s
    2 million in 1950 to
    Approximately 25,000 free
    roaming Horses in the U.S. .
    The total in holding is yet to be
    Determined .
    Many ‘Disappear ‘
    During the acessment and
    No more Roundups
    Ive opposed PZP since its
    Inception .
    There is no need for PZP

  7. In the whole of this discussion is the reality of our government sterilizing our American Wild Mustangs. This not only comes with side effects of herd socialization and behavior, but also their inability to conceive within that herd. In essence you are looking at the extinction of our Wild Horses. If the Wild Horses cannot choose the fittest of the herd that is predominant in that herd, then you are looking at man-made pick and choose which goes against nature and what is right for that species. Science as the BLM professes is not science…this is an attempt to extinguish their responsibility for this species. Get rid of them! they do not have the best interest of the Wild Horse Species in their corral.

  8. Mr. Mrozek has captured the issue exactly: BLM is driving the herds into extinction through fraud. First, BLM presents us with a false illusion of excess wild horses. BLM declares an “overpopulation” as if it were a fact when it is actually a farce. Inspection of BLM’s own data shows implausibly-high birth rates, which are compounded to produce even higher cumulative rates, which are then improperly equated to herd-growth rates, which are not adjusted by death rates. Thus, the premise on which BLM declares a problem — overpopulation — is a fraud.

    Because BLM’s overpopulation-tale continues to be left unchallenged by mainstream advocacy groups, those groups have latched onto a fairy-tale solution — an allegedly safe and humane birth-control method — PZP. They push to “vaccinate” the herds to reduce the supposed overpopulation and to keep the herds within non-viable arbitrary management levels (AMLs). Problem is, wild-horse herds are under-populated, and PZP is neither safe nor humane. PZP “works” by destroying the ovaries. PZP can sterilize mares in as few as three treatments, and fillies in just one shot, if administered before they have reached puberty. Further, PZP antibodies pass through the placenta, and they also show up in mare’s milk. Thus, the unborn filly-foal and the nursing filly receive PZP treatments when their mother is injected.

  9. Leave our horses wild !!!! You can’t even geld a stud without killing them ..what makes you think you can spay a made without doing the same !!!

  10. I’m so sick and tired of the BLM lies, based on the 1971 act these horses are not to be rounded up harassed or branded. All of which is taking place, members of Congress condone this behavior along with the minister of the Interior. All members that are involved in this corruption which includes ill gotten money from sources other than their paychecks, should be arrested. If the horses are sterilized WE THE PEOPLE WILL SUE THIS GOVERNMENT FOR BREACH OF THIER FUDUCIARY RESPONSIBILITES. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE REPEATEDLY SPOKEN AND ARE IGNORED. The fact is at the prisons the horses are dying from non existent proper care….no licensed vets on site. This corruption has gone on long enough. I will see about facilitating a civil suit against BLM AND ALL THE OTHERS. We will also be requesting a reimbursement of all monies since 1971 and damages to ecosystem and loss of the lives from horses sent to slaughter.

  11. The politicians are just catering to the ranchers and any other special interest group that wants the land where the wild horses and burros should be roaming freely. It is criminal to the political donations knowing full well the horses and burros will suffer. I’m disgusted to see the BLM round up.these beautiful animals.and put them in corrals with no shade. Let them out to live in the plains like they were always deserved to be free.

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