Craig Downer endorses Anne Novak and Protect Mustangs

PM Craig Downer by Rona Aguilar

Testifying to integrity of Anne Novak and Protect Mustangs’ program for wild horses including rescued Wyoming 14

February 23, 2016

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known and worked with Anne Novak since 2009
and can testify to her integrity concerning the wild horses,
and to the integrity of her non-profit organization: Protect Mustangs.

She appreciates the great importance of maintaining the
natural vigor of wild horses in the wild. This includes keeping their lineages
reproductively intact. She has valiantly exposed the
hypocrisy of those who go along with partially or fully
sterilizing unique remnant populations of wild horses,
such as the group known as the Wyoming 14, which
she rescued from kill buyers. I have visited these horses
and consider them to be like the Indian ponies whose
numbers were extremely decimated in order to undermine
the original Native American culture and more nature-oriented
and nature-respecting way of life.

Ms. Novak’s organization Protect Mustangs
has courageously exposed the serious detriments of PZP administrations
on wild horse individuals and herds by citing and explaining scientific
investigations and publications that factually call these into question.
Also, she has currently exposed BLM’s plans to fund population control
experiments on pregnant mares and other wild horses, such as GonaCon™
and various methods of surgical sterilization. These are very much contrary
to the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act.
I have been involved with the Wyoming 14 project since it’s
inception and have earlier observed and photographed these wild
horses and advised Protect Mustangs on their condition and care.
I recommend that they be genetically tested in order to document their
unique heritage and to support their future protection.
I hope that they and their descendants can be reintroduced
into the wild in or near the area from which they were so thoughtlessly
removed. This would help restore the great
herds in this ecosystem where they possess generations
of natural adaptation. As an ecologist, generations of natural adaptation
is something I very much value and defend.

Finally, I would like to add that I have worked positively
with Anne Novak and her organization Protect Mustangs
and continue to do so at present. Contrary to rumors, there
is no “falling out” between us and I look forward to working
with Protect Mustangs to restore true integrity to our great
nation’s wild horse and burro program. This signifies restoring
the legal herds in their legal herd areas (BLM) and territories
(US Forest Service) as reproductively intact populations
at truly long-term viable levels and with minimal interference,
as accords with the basic mandate of the law. To this end and
as a professional wildlife ecologist, I am proposing a Reserve
Design approach that will also result in naturally self-stabilizing
population in the wild, free from gruesome chemical or surgical tampering.
This will truly obey the core mandate of the Wild Free-
Roaming Horses and Burros Act (contact me for more information).
I know that Anne Novak and her organization Protect Mustangs share
this wonderful and caring vision for the wild horses and burros with me.


Craig C. Downer

Wildlife Ecologist
President: Andean Tapir Fund/Wild Horse and Burro Fund
P.O. Box 456
Minden, NV 89423

PM Ghost Dancer WY14 Rescue



Ghost Dancer Oct 2014


WY14 grazing for the first time since the slaughter-bound roundup

WY14 grazing for the first time since the slaughter-bound roundup


4 thoughts on “Craig Downer endorses Anne Novak and Protect Mustangs

  1. I asked someone what her comment was about re not going to donate. I said I did not understand what was being said, I also said I wonder where the money goes. This was not in reference to Anne Novak. It was in reference to several horse rescue places where animal neglect took place. Charges were brought forward against these places. ANNE has done a lot of work saving Mustangs. THIS WAS NOT IN ANY WAY CONNECTED TO ANNE NOVAK.

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