Smear campaign launched to coerce voices against cruel experiments on pregnant mares

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“After coming out strongly against the Feds funding $11 million for cruel population control experiments on pregnant mares, we are under attack from those who push for experiments and population control. Members of BLM support groups on Facebook have intensified their slander, online-bullying and stalking to the point of trespassing and breaking the law to further their campaign of hate. These people want to manage America’s wild horses to extinction.” –Anne Novak, Executive Director of Protect Mustangs
Protect Mustangs is a nonprofit organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

12 thoughts on “Smear campaign launched to coerce voices against cruel experiments on pregnant mares

  1. The Amrrican people had better get their heads out of the sand and listen up..
    The BLM is and has never been trustworthy that I can recall.
    To attack Protect Mustsngs
    and Anne Novak is proof of how crooked they are and the depths they will sink to for revenge for telling the truth to America of the experimentation on our under populated wild horses. This is scarey. Wake up people. You will be next. I am slready hearing from my own family that pictures are giving them panic attacks. (Not my immediate family) And making them feel bad.
    Where are the American people who stood for what was right. Extinction is forever.

  2. Sadly , there are a those who live for creating drama on facebook, who are ooo so tough on the keyboard, who will attack those who are the real warriors, because they know in their hearts, that they are afraid to confront the REAL ENEMY, the BLM and the Livestock Industry, and members in our Government who are the ones selling OUR Wild Horses Out! Instead, they make deals with the enemy, at GREAT EXpense to Our Wild Horses lives! and point fingers at those of us who do NOIT COMPROMISE.

  3. We need people that care about horses and all animals in charge of blm not in the cattlemen’s pockets !!

  4. Thank you, Protect Mustangs, for standing up strong in the fight to keep our few remaining wild horses and burros free from torture, terror, capture and death at the hands of the BLM.

  5. As with honesty in America today, it apparently has become a set-aside, and these BLM Support groups, who the BLM refer to as assets, have taken the term “Dishonest” and prodded, twisted, and poked until more donations could be received to them.

    Legitimacy to them is to essentially hide the contrast between truth – honesty and deception – lies (often called within a legal term “Scam” or worse), as most contempt-filled organizations and groups of people do. Yes, they quite often attack the honest folks in a perpetual conundrum of confusion, misinformation in the shroud of dirty-politics, all the while they shun truth and promote lies.

    So when we do look at their actions, these groups of distain that apparently assume their perspective the only perspective, despite the continued roundup and death to Wild Horses (a truth they do not want to accept nor see and fail to explain it as well) they march under the guise of, well, an ignorance that prevails and Wild Horses Die.

    Pesticide as birth control is apparently, to many, simply a complex set of lies to be used as birth control, which promotes Wild Horses going extinct – Ignorance, and those who follow ignorance within this stylized pursuit of subjective reasoning, illusory superiority, and comfort-complex of psychology at its utmost definable term, exemplifies this psychology very well indeed.

    We keep in mind that the superiority attitudes illusory at best, as their life as well as their actions denote far less than a superior circumstance, as the overall evidence does provide quite well – but then, is not ignorance the root to all of this – as we as a society simply try to define and defend our actions, most often at the sacrifice of someone else, because certainly it cannot be ourselves in the wrong – Can It?

  6. I totally agree with Ann Meeker & P. Souza .Furthermore I have encountered a taste of attempted bullying via my support on this issue & it has been reflected on my FB posts ! Wake Up People , extinction is forever !!

  7. Thank you Anne, for your tireless efforts for the horses! That bunch of goons is amusing at best! They remind me of another bunch of goons I’ve had the displeasure of meeting. Creating fb pages to be used for lying, attacking and slandering is ignorant and childish. And their support of the BLM and it’s blasphemous experiments on wild horses, only shows us their true colors. What a pathetic bunch they are!

  8. All I can say is when people begin to undermine other peoples efforts of speaking the truth, they are only hurting themselves! Truth always brings out the people that know they are doing wrong and they absolutely know that; there is evidently a big hurry to shut the truth out from the publics eyes and ears… do their dirty deeds before it is exposed and before anyone can do anything about it. I as well have been attacked on my views and speaking up for America’s Wild Horses; I will continue to speak the truth and I am proud of you Anne, you fight for the horses bravely and not without sacrifice. Keep up the good work and God Bless You always!

  9. … hello all who read here. I do not expect people who are outside of alcoholics anonymous to understand the literal need of unity, yet, this is the ingredient needed. Now don’t. Blow me out of the water for mentioning, for I do only. B E C A U S E We in the fellowship know beyond any doubt that united we stand _ divided we fall. I personally see in this world as most of you do : one upmanship is an egotistical approach. For sure there are differences in views. H. O. W. Stands for honesty openmindedness & willingness. To apply these qualities to this present friction _ to ask ourselves are we honestly seeking salvation for the wild equines, beyond our own personal agendas. I accuse no one _ I only ask that “you” ask yourselves. There is a gift given the alcoholic, a strangely powerful gift _ it is the gift of desperation _ when all else has failed. This gift allows/ compels each member to seek to be honest open & willing. It is Lincoln’s United We Stand for : the equines still living & yet to be born. * note : any fellow a A’s could attest to this. If we all choose conscience over self will then all living things shall benefit.

  10. BLM is way out of line, but I have no idea on how to stop them, have written letters, left comments. I want all this cruelty stopped. Stop spending the tax money on this cruel experimentation, and roundups. Leave the wild horses on public land, not cattle.

  11. People need to wake up and see whats going on here and how these idiots go about business, ganging up on someone that’s doing good and going after them, stalking them, lying about them are the same people supporting PZP and wild horse slaughter, people who are willing to kill and experiment on protected wild horses and if the people don’t stand no one will. I stand by Anne and Protect Mustangs as should everyone else.

  12. We are so glad that we adopted our “Angel” and she will forever be safe from these sick and twisted people. I had no idea that these depraved individuals exist to only create ruin, destruction and death for America’s wild horses. These abusers need to be locked up permanently to not only protect the wild horses but also to protect the innocent victims of their bullying and smear campaign. We as taxpayers pay thousands of dollars to protect these wild horses and burros only to see the money wasted and it put in the hands of callous and ruthless individuals. These people need to be identified, loaded in a trailer and sent to a slaughterhouse in Mexico as their punishment. And even that would be too good for them after the destruction that they have knowingly caused.

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