Meeting Dr. Peck while rescuing wild horses

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I first met Dr. Peck in 2013 when we were helping wild horses from the brutal Fort McDermitt roundup. Nevada advocates gave me his number to call. A lot of well known nonprofit organizations from out of state use Dr. Peck as well as Reno & Carson advocates. He has helped a lot of rescued wild horses.

One that comes to mind was a young Fort McDermitt filly who seemed to have vision issues in one eye. We were able to get her to a chute to have her and some of the other wild horses from the roundup examined thanks to a wonderful foundation who adopted her and saved hundreds of wild horses from slaughter.

Dr. Peck determined the filly was blind in one eye so at least we knew what we were all dealing with. The mare and filly went to Colorado and the little filly received the best of care thanks to a fabulous adopter.

As a veterinarian, Dr. Peck has a lot of experience with wild horses. We might have some different points of view on certain issues but as adults we can agree to disagree. . . I’m very grateful he came up to the eco-pasture and evaluated the WY14™ herd.

Many McDermitt wild horses were wounded somewhere between freedom and the Fallon Auction parking lot. I heard a lot had to be put down because they were so bashed up in transport : (

It’s sad that these days more Fort Mc Dermitt wild horses are being rounded up and sold to slaughter and no one is doing anything to stop it. In 2013, PROTECT MUSTANGS stopped 2 years of McDermitt roundups, partnering with Jordan Beckett’s org, because the feds violated NEPA. Sadly now they are back at rounding them up. I bet the KBs are getting the horses fresh from the roundup. . . Have you ever wondered why this issue is so quiet?

Anne Novak

Volunteer Executive Director for Protect Mustangs

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Protect Mustangs is a nonprofit organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

10 thoughts on “Meeting Dr. Peck while rescuing wild horses

  1. That these horses ancestors had fought amongst those who helped build this great nation and are presently being treated as shabbily as many of our veterans who helped defend this nation of ours, does neither speak kindly of eithernour government or those who are administrating it’s policies! As a Vietnam veteran who was treated badly as well as my comrades who I had served with, when returning to this country, I can sympathize with what is happening to our horses and I deeply hate both the administrations and those perpetrating these horrific acts. Frankly, there should be an immediate and instant correction concerning these highly abuse policies! I, for one will no longer will stand by! If immediate action is needed, rest assured, many will feel as I to justify this!

  2. There need to be serious questions ask about this situation. We know what the BLM does and now they have added GonaCon to there arsenal of weapons to torture the horses a little more! I hope someone with money steps up and stops this roundup so the horses will be safe at least a little bit longer. The BLM has used GonaCon in the past and are using it again along with PZP and they have no intentions of stopping !!

  3. Yes, I have wondered why this issue is so quiet. It is disturbing. Thanks for shedding some more light on this subject.

  4. Supporting the efforts of the care for the rescued wild horses such as the Wyoming 14 rescues seen here at Project are a good way to ensure that this breed is going to be around for your grandchildren’s children and so on. This is very important — Planet Earth is losing its animals because of us, I am sure you have seen those headlines – 48% extinction – very alarming! Efforts such as this are necessary if you take a moment to contemplate the path we are on with animal conservation on this planet. The wild horses are the most amazing breed I have personally ever encountered. They amass a spirit unmatched in their pedigreed cousins. Wild horses are in need of you and I since the BLM, the entity that we pay to manage our wild lands and the resources upon them, chooses to mismanage them in a multitude of ways, including looking the other way while they are shuffled away over borders in the dark of the night for slaughter and other nefarious reasons.

  5. There are a few who actually work to help wild horses, they deserve our support and gratitude.

  6. I am so proud of Protect Mustangs and all the individuals helping our wild horses survive. It is time to stop the slaughter pipeline for all horses. Our wild horses have been so vunerable and abused, separated from their respective wild horse families, torn apart by these massive wild horse round ups. We have to bring back a sense of positive direction and try to repair so much damage created by our Government run bureaucracy, BLM.

  7. Further degradation of our society, by those who were foolishly elected by an unsuspecting public. This one slips pocket money to that one, that one slips pocket money to another one. And who is more than happy to carry out the vile deeds? The BLM. I am embarrassed to be an American amidst all the corruption that defines the so-called “government” of this country. I thank our Father every single day for Anne and her group. If only there were many more like her.

  8. Yes, it is so wrong what is happening in Ft. McDermitt and why is this not on the radar of the wild horse advocacy groups? This is just wrong. They are an amazing herd and should not be treated like so much butcher meat. This is a sin!

  9. I have been standing with Protect Mustangs and Anne Novak and will continue to do so. Our wild horses gave their all. They are so much a part of America. These Big oil corps with the welfare ranchers and BLM must be stopped. I can not imagine a west without them. Stop to take the time tk tell your representatives. Call them. Sign petitions. Ot is our duty.

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