2-Year Anniversary of Slaughter Bound Roundup!

PM WY14 Saved May 2014 Neutral Zone

March 19 2016

Today marks the sad 2-year anniversary of the stealth BLM roundup, at the request of the Wyoming Livestock Board, that sent the majority of wild horses to slaughter for human consumption abroad. You can see what the BLM’s cruel roundup must have been like in this video clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yF49csCB9qM

The whole herd, from near Greybull, Wyoming—on the way to the Pryor Mountains, was sent to a slaughter auction. The Canadian slaughterhouse bought everyone in the herd except for 4 tiny foals. All of the members of the wild herd over the age of 2 were quickly slaughtered for human consumption abroad.

Please light a candle in their memory.

Mark Boone Junior and I are grateful to have rescued everyone under the age of 2. These fourteen youngsters are known as the Wyoming 14™ (WY14™). The herd is named after them. They are growing up now. . .

In the past 2 years they have gone from the horrible roundup to the slaughterhouse yard, the neutral zone, layovers and to the Eco-Pasture with plans for them to live on the Eco-Sanctuary once it’s ready.

Today you can help the WY14™ stay in their 250+ acre rented Eco-Pasture now with a donation https://www.gofundme.com/MustangPasture4-16 for their board & security. They need to continue healing from the trauma of the roundup and loss of their families. Everyone in their herd–over the age of 2–was slaughtered for human consumption abroad. The youngsters felt the loss–especially the ones who were still nursing : (

Because of the haters and the stalkers, as of February 26th we’ve had to enlist an armed security guard for $1000. a month. He is basically doing a favor. His fee breaks down to $34 a day so he can just cover his costs. He has already caught one trespasser and prevented other incidents. God bless him.

Haters who are PRO-SLAUGHTER, PRO-BLM, PRO-PZP, PRO-STERILIZATION and PRO-EXPERIMENT advocates plus jealous haters are trying to disguise their hate group as a “watchdog” group. Alleged horse advocates are now working with PRO-SLAUGHTER advocates to libel/slander us because they want to interfere with our mission to preserve wild horses. The haters want to cause damage and harm for various reasons. We have consulted with lawyers, have alerted the authorities and will protect our ability to carry out the organization’s work.

Enclosed is the letter from the vet who inspected the WY14™ in response to malicious and false allegations as well as vicious lies spread around Facebook by haters. Dr. Peck D.V.M. started working with BLM wild horses in the 80s and now works with many groups, organizations, etc. who rescue wild horses. Dr. Peck says, “…I would grade the condition of these horses as excellent. They appeared very healthy and showed no signs of malnutrition.” and “In my years of experience, this horse holding area is the best I have seen.”

Please help make a donation to keep them in the Eco-Pasture:https://www.gofundme.com/MustangPasture4-16 or by PayPal to https://www.paypal.me/ProtectMustangs or mail to PO Box 5661, Berkeley, CA 94705
Sharing the WY14™’s fundraiser by email and on social network helps them too!

Transparent Costs: The Wyoming 14™’s April eco-pasture rental is $2,500. (GFM/WP takes about a 10% fee on top so we are including the $250 fee here). Security is $1000. a month (GFM/RP takes about $100 so it’s included). The total is $3,850. If there is any extra money that comes in, it will be used only for the WY14™–to buy things they need like grain for example. The 250+ acre natural eco-pasture is helping the WY14™ so much because it resembles their natural habitat and is slowly helping to bring them back into balance.

The WY14™ herd will live in the Eco-Sanctuary once it is ready. At that point we can have visitors for events, etc. Right now we are looking for land and donors for the sanctuary. Please contact us if you would like to help create the eco-sanctuary. We are developing our business plan and natural herd management plan with experts to avoid inbreeding and enrich the planet with a sustainable, biodiverse program. Once we have 501c3 status, we can apply for grants. Right now we are a California non-profit organization.

Your donations are going directly to the WY14™ April pasture board and security. Feel free to contact me with any questions at Contact@ProtectMustangs or by mail to:

Anne Novak
Volunteer Executive Director
P.O. Box 5661
Berkeley, CA 94705

Thank you for helping the youngsters survive after the horrible roundup and slaughter of their Wyoming herd (Dry Creek). The eco-pasture is helping them heal in so many ways.

God bless all the good people who help the WY14™ and are their extended family. That means you.

The WY14™ are so thankful their friends are helping them. They send you their love and blessings forever. Please keep them in your prayers.

With gratitude,

Anne Novak

WY14 grazing for the first time since the slaughter-bound roundup

WY14 grazing for the first time since the slaughter-bound roundup

Protect Mustangs is a nonprofit organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

14 thoughts on “2-Year Anniversary of Slaughter Bound Roundup!

  1. What an amazing effort to save our wild horses, persistence pays off. Never ending support from a large group of people for these young horses. Thank you for all you do, without you there would be none.

  2. The mustang is the symbol of America and the world know them as that and a symbol of freedom. What BLM is doing is criminal and Illegal. They have sold so many to slaughter under the guise of protecting them. The rest have been terrorized, ripped from their families, injured, abused and left in BLM pen’s without Any shade or shelter! This is Wrong! The horse has been our companion animal for so long and has giving humans so much HOW can this genocide be allowed! What will you tell the next generation when they ask where have all the wild horses gone? The horrible disgusting way they are going spay mares! The stallions that have died from experienced people gelding them with NO pain relief or antiseptic! Its beyond inhumane it is Barbaric and someone needs to stop the BLM from doing it! Why are they above the law WHY?????? Thank you Anne Novak for all you are doing. I really hope someone stands up and helps soon as it is already nearly to late . 🙁

  3. I hate the treatment from BLM and the pro-Slaughters groups, the bullying of Protect Mustangs have received. The WY14™ are in responsible hands. Anne Novak is providing love,caring and all that is needed to maintain the welfare of these horses. They are in safe hands.

  4. I am very happy that the wild horses have someone like Anne Novak, to speak up for them as They are the voiceless. I am very concerned for all of them especially the Wyo 14 . They where saved from slaughter all of their family where slaughtered. By law I thought that you could not send our mustangs to slaughter.That is what we get for trusting our government. Thank you Anne Novak for doing what you do.

  5. I live in Wyoming and have followed the Dry Creek 41 from the day the news broke. I was so happy when Protect Mustangs saved 14 of the babies whose families where sent to slaughter. I have seen them with terror in their eyes, confusion, sadness and now thanks to the dedication of Anne Novak and Protect Mustangs they are a happy healthy bunch of youngsters! I feel so close to them yet guilty because I was here and couldn’t do anything to help save their family from slaughter. I believe what the BLM is doing is going to be the end of the wild horses and we must do everything we can to preserve their bloodline whenever we can and these 14 horses are one step toward doing that. Please support Protect Mustangs and Anne Novak this is the best way some of us have to keep the legends alive and well. Please donate and help keep small herd of wild horses alive and healthy.

  6. Thank you so very much, Anne Novak and Protect Mustangs, for rescuing the WY 14. You were the only group that stepped up to do this. Thanks again, and thanks also, Mark Boone, Jr.

  7. Frankly, the BLM is made up of many uncaring individuals, who do not really look out for the great welfare of the good. Thankfully, there are those kind hearted unselfish individuals who take the time and money to help those horses, who should have been looked after by our government, in the first place. Frankly, as an American citizen, and a Vietnam veteran, I am totally disgusted and ashamed of how our Living National Treasures are being treated. If I could and would, I would scream it from every mountainside, every rooftop and every major point of our country for our government to stop abusing our horses! Do we have deaf ears in our congress? Is our government so dismal and absolutely corrupt? Private individuals are desperately trying to correct the pervasive actions being done by those who abuse our land, abuse the horses, and abuse our country. As a ex-military veteran, I cannot, and will not tolerate this any longer. I am sure many of my compatriots feel as I do.

  8. Today is my birthday and I wonder if this world where God chose for me to be born in, this magical sphere in the Universe called Earth, was the right one for me and the Mustangs. I don’t believe we should blame God for our adversities because that’s not how the Laws of the Universe work. We think everything is black and white and it is exactly the opposite. These beautiful creatures could have been saved from slaughter if there was enough money to buy the land they grazed on. There are so many millionaires and billionaires in America who could have made it possible for the Mustangs to live happily ever after. But obviously these very wealthy people simply do not care what happens to any animal or human beyond their ivory tower. So we cannot rely on them for our happiness and well being. There are humble people out there like Anne Novak, a compassionate and kind lady who will go beyond the call of duty to save these horses from slaughter. She saved the WY14™ the babies that were left behind after their parents were snatched from them and sent to slaughter. Anyone who writes hateful vitriolic comments about Anne will go to a place called hell together with those who are involved in the slaughter of these beautiful spiritual magical beings. I know many people do not believe there is such a place as hell but if in doubt please read your Bible. Jesus spoke about this horrific place and God help those who doubt His words. I am not a religious bigot. In fact, I am more spiritual than religious but I am extremely intuitive and sense situations as they are about to unfold. What I stated above stands and I have facts to substantiate my statement but this is not the appropriate place or time to relate what I know. For now we have to help Anne take care of WY14™, the babies that need to be protected and nurtured.

  9. Supporting the efforts of the care for the rescued wild horses such as the Wyoming 14 rescues seen here at Protect Mustangs.org are a good way to ensure that this breed is going to be around for your grandchildren’s children and so on. This is very important — Planet Earth is losing its animals because of us, I am sure you have seen those headlines – 48% extinction – very alarming! Efforts such as this are necessary if you take a moment to contemplate the path we are on with animal conservation on this planet. The wild horses are the most amazing breed I have personally ever encountered. They amass a spirit unmatched in their pedigreed cousins. Wild horses are in need of you and I since the BLM, the entity that we pay to manage our wild lands and the resources upon them, chooses to mismanage them in a multitude of ways, including looking the other way while they are shuffled away over borders in the dark of the night for slaughter and other nefarious reasons.

  10. This is a somber case study in BLM deceit and corruption. Thank the Lord for Anne Novak and Protect Mustangs.

  11. Anne Novak did a great thing rescuing the WY 14, My heart is broken for the herd sent to Extremely cruel slaughter. Wild Horses are Very intelligent and sensitive and Family oriented, in other words, herd mates stay together for life. Horse Slaughter is extreme brutality, done for convenience of humans. All Rescue groups Should support Anne Novak’s Heroic efforts protecting the Wild Mustangs from slaughter and insuring that no Government or Other Organizations will not experiment on them, and if it isn’t birth control it would be something else. Lastly, I along with 80% of America, am disgusted and Outraged that Our National Heritage and History, These Majestic, Sentient Beings, are being slaughtered for a few greedy dollars and pocket. The betrayal we feel by our American Government is unfathomable.

  12. It is a very base mentality, indeed, that would do this to the Dry Creek Wyoming herd of wild horses, ruthlessly round them up and send them to a horrible and excruciating slaughter, all to feed the depraved appetities of conscience-less eaters whatever nationality: France, Japan, Canada, Mexico, etc. This precious remnant of what appears to me to be Indian pony types have been saved for a special reason and it is my Easter/Passover/Spring renewal prayer that this lineage so heroically rescued by Protect Mustangs may live to see themselves vindicated and go on to repopulate and reinherit the beautiful land from which they were so ruthlessly ripped! Please get my book at the below website for much indepth information and background as well as vision for what must be done to restore the horses and burros to their rightful freedom.

  13. Vile and despicable are the words that come to mind when I think of the people responsible for this extreme cruelty toward OUR wild horses. How much pocket money exchanged hands to make slaughtering those horses a reality? How many people are benefitting financially, from Nazi-like PZP experiments being carried out on OUR wild horses? The United States does not have a “government”. What we have are corrupt liars that dole out favors to the highest bidder. As for those people who are stalking Anne and the WY-14, my my my, they sure are upset about someone helping the wild horses aren’t they? Could it be they are the ones who will profit financially from the extermination of OUR wild horses? Me thinks, yes! Thank you to Anne and her group for saving these horses. Thank you for being the ones to step up to the plate and say, “NO, you’re not getting your hands on these horses”! Thank you for showing love and compassion as our Heavenly Father calls upon each of us to do!

  14. Gathering wild horses for slaughter or experimentation is a crime, literally and figuratively. Our government should be obeying our laws which call for protection of wild horses. What BLM is doing with the horses is pure anarchy. They have taken the law into their own hands, and are doing what they feel like with the lives of these protected animals. No one is stopping them. The situation is just horrible, perhaps even hopeless. Thank you for saving these 14 young horses. You and those of us who write letters, sign petitions, write comments, and share posts, and donate as much as we can, is all they have to keep them safe. Thank you for all your good work.

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