Death at Utah roundup

PM Conger ©Arla Ruggles FB

Photo slide show by Arla Ruggles

Why aren’t people fighting for their freedom? Where is the civil disobedience? Thanks to Arla Ruggles for bearing witness to the cruelty of BLM and roundups.

A death a day at Conger HMA. Wild mare (paint) was driven into a fence panel, breaking her neck as her mate and very young foal looked on in horror. (Not graphic.)


BLM’s vet report:

5 thoughts on “Death at Utah roundup

  1. This disgraceful and abhorrent handling of beautiful wild animals. Inhumane, cruel. Are you in fact members of the human race. Does not need to happen. I cannot believe what I am seeing.

  2. BLM at it again, your tax dollars at work. Civil disobedience is deserved and called for, yet BLM roundups are generally held in remote, hard to get to areas, with the goings-on protected by armed BLM agents who are there to make sure nothing interferes with BLM plans.

  3. Why does the vet report say ‘no deaths’ ???????? I’m so disgusted…

  4. Horrific, they should all be fired. I have 3 mustangs and they deserve to have freedom and safety.

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